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My heart hurts

Oooh, it’s been almost 3 weeks and my heart hurts just as much today as it did the day I found out my beautiful boy passed. 476 more words


Being Happy

It’s so strange to feel like you can’t be happy, but that’s often the case – and not just for mums and dads like us, who’ve lost their little ones and are coping with grief and life without them. 281 more words

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Job 3: Job wishes he had been stillborn

Job did not simply wish he were dead but rather he wished he had never lived. He cursed the day he was born, wishing he had been stillborn because then he would be at peace. 342 more words


Fitness Comes First

Having a PT as a hubby is bittersweet; bitter because you’re more likely to get dragged/guilted out of bed for an early training session and sweet because you get free programs, training sessions and motivation. 265 more words

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Learning to Live After Loss

Here I sit at 4:40am and think to myself if this was 3 months ago I would have been up right now to go pee, not thinking about the what-if’s. 198 more words


Her Pain

her soul cried out

it hurt so much

I tried to listen


you can never understand my pain

don’t EVER say you can ! 27 more words


Back To Reality: First Day Back At Work

So today was back-to-work day. Considering we’ve only had just over two weeks off, the equivalent of a summer holiday, I felt like I’d been away for months. 298 more words

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