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Our little Butterfly

I have been noticeably absent in my writing the last few months, taking some time to seek out different levels of support since losing Quinn. I have been to a couple of different support groups, which, to my surprise, have been helpful for me. 499 more words


Earlier this morning Landon handed me a seashell, and said he got it for me. This seashell sits on my buffet next to his baby picture. 760 more words



We daily ply that highway
cheering our teary eyes with smiles
as we spot our dreams
now caked to fossils
float by with the sewage… 70 more words


Who are we trying to please? Learning to Grieve on My Own Terms

After Ainsley died, I went through an initial period where I simply couldn’t participate in life. Even as family members tried to engage me in their daily activities, I was crippled both mentally and physically from going there. 1,391 more words

What made me cry this week

…first day of school pictures – because my daughter will never have a first day of school. I’m not even on facebook..if I was, I’d be at the bottom of Lake Michigan. 568 more words


Schrödinger's Fetus

My first pregnancy, I didn’t feel this uncertainty so acutely.

Wait, “my first pregnancy”? Can I even say that? My only pregnancy. The only one with any certainty.  276 more words


Lately, I’ve been wanting to see more/new photos of Kenley. The problem? I can’t see any new photos of my sweet girl because I’ve seen them all. 97 more words