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The Funeral

When Lentil died the hospital asked whether we wanted to arrange our own funeral or if we wanted them to do it for us.  We knew that we wanted to arrange it ourselves.   1,496 more words

The Saleswoman

Meenakshi looked out of her window. The skies looked bloated, ballooned with summer rains and storms. The wind, gusting around the neat row of bonsai that garnished her balcony, carried the smell of wet earth and she knew that the norwesters were coming. 1,457 more words

July 25th

July 25th.

When our son was handed to us by the nurses, I could not get over how beautiful he was. His cute little button nose, his soft black hair, his gorgeous cheeks – he was perfect! 390 more words

Death Of A Child

The Birth

Lentil was due on the 24th of June but I always thought that he would come a bit early. This was mainly me being optimistic! I’m fairly small and my bump was fairly large so I guessed that he would run out of room at some point before 40 weeks. 1,093 more words

Things That Could've Been

9 weeks 3 days.

My heart hurts. I am sad. I don’t know where to begin to describe these feelings. The hurt in my heart is unreal and the emotion comes in waves. 237 more words


Show Them That You're Stable..

9 weeks.

An invitation came around for a birthday party for baby cousins first birthday on August 15th. I decided to decline the invite for a couple reasons – 441 more words


Lost Without You

I’m not going to lie, today has felt brutal, just a crappy brutal day and what I really would like to do is throw myself a pity party. 206 more words