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Deep Grief and Great Love.

A constant state of emptiness surrounds me. A hole, now larger than the size of Sam ripped open to make room for Lion, exists within me. 270 more words

Inside I'm Screaming.

Do you remember being a child and wanting something really bad?  Then your parents tell you you cannot have it and immediately, your response is to break down.  114 more words

And then there's this...

Today, I received an IM from a senior manager in a group I used to work for. I’ve been at my company for a long time but never really worked directly with him. 293 more words


Embracing the Here and Now.

Welcome Back!

I am truly blessed with all of the support that you have sent my way! I panick that I won’t have the experience needed to give you what you came here to read but then I tell myself that you just need to be yourself, write like yourself and share and embrace your experience and life. 1,106 more words


Our Son (read at Eli's funeral) 

Friday the 2nd September will be a day that we remember for the rest of our lives. The day that our beautiful baby boy Eli Britton was born. 923 more words

January in September 

Today feels a bit like January 1st New Year’s Day when you start making plans for the rest of the year. Yesterday with Eli’s thanksgiving service marked the end of a season. 115 more words