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"Bruh dur"

This morning Samuel was on his changing table, where he’s been millions of times, and he pointed over at his shelves and said “babies”. I said “yes, babies. 153 more words

I'm looking at you through a glass

“No one will ever care to the depths that you do.”

Those were the words from my longest friend. A friend who has walked through a lot of life events with me and never wavered in her support. 516 more words


Almost a year

We are now into May, the Month we lost Rory last year and his angelversary is fast approaching.  When we lost Rory, time seen to stand still and the days and weeks seemed so long.   524 more words


"Unless you lost a child..."

My life has been spans of normalcy punctuated by improbable events.

At 28 I was married and living abroad in Munich with my husband. We were at that point where things were going very well, we had stable jobs, had done a ton of interesting travel, and were seriously contemplating how great maternity benefits in Germany were, perhaps it was about time to start trying for a child. 812 more words

Clothes For A Baby Boy

We opted not to know what gender our first baby was. The clothes we bought for Isobel were therefore gender neutral; white and grey mostly and we didn’t buy much. 556 more words

Kid, You'll Move Mountains 

Leo’s life will not read: Leo Phoenix, stillborn, full stop.

Normally there’s a story after the word born.

They were born and became something, they did something – even if it wasn’t of note, or worthy, or even legal – it was still something. 204 more words


Remember When Reassurance Used To Be Reassuring?! 

I had my weekly antenatal appointment with my consultant today as usual. The baby continues to be a giant (growing over the 90th centile), fluid is good, blood flow is good and my doctor assures me all is well. 362 more words