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Crying Everywhere

Monday and Tuesday were ‘good’ days. You know what I mean by this, not good in the way that days were good before Isobel died, but good meaning less crappy and more positive than other days. 537 more words


Stalking Amelia K Yoga

I’m not sure how, but I found Amelia K on Instagram after Isobel was born. Amelia is a Canadian yoga instructor who, when I started to follow her, was pregnant with her rainbow baby after losing her first son at full term last year. 473 more words


5 months in heaven

I wrote a letter to God on 11/19.

Sometimes my emotions are on constant alert and I get so frustrated that He doesn’t hear me. I get so passionately annoyed at grief and the fact that I am in a constant state of disbelief, hurt, and confusion. 326 more words

Almost 1 and 1st Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us, if your not from Australia then let me describe what our Christmas is like; there is no ‘white christmas’, instead we have 40 degree day that makes you sweat and wonder what life would be like in the snow, the aircon is fully pumping and kids are usually out by the pool with their bathers(or togs, or swim wear depends where shouts in oz you are from)on. 234 more words


Losing Precious Astrid and Keeping the Faith

These days I start to pray, and I don’t know what to say. I feel the need to lean on God more than ever, but at times I don’t know exactly what I’m putting my faith in.   554 more words


Baby from viral pregnancy announcement video turns 1-month old

Kaleb Graves is affectionately known around the nation as “Baby Buns.”

When his mother, Dana Griffin-Graves, announced she was pregnant in a now-viral video, she put a literal bun in the oven to tell her husband, who burst out with emotion and disbelief. 183 more words


our guardian angel...

a friend made me cry this morning.

she was telling me how she had missed work yesterday and spent the day in the ER.

when she woke up, her 17 month old daughter walked into her room holding a pill in her hand. 421 more words