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The High Price of Coupons - and Other Rantings

Originally Posted on 7/12/13 on Blogger

I love my children. But sometimes I am discouraged as a mom that I have just dropped the ball so low I’ll never get it back. 851 more words

Nicole Krube

The Bargain

I wasn’t 100% honest about my testimony I shared last week. I left out one important detail- the bargain.

Four years ago today, my family experienced a devastating loss. 1,186 more words


Her Heart and Mine. Together. [The First Day I Didn't Cry]

I recently stumbled upon the story of Alana Marie Banerjee – a sweet baby girl who was born still at 39 weeks and 5 days. Truthfully, though I am living life as a baby loss mom, I can’t imagine the pain and sorrow felt by this mama. 829 more words


I Still Miss You: My Grief Journey

Originally Posted 7/6/13 on Blogger

I never asked “Why me?” because I already know.  It will strengthen my ministry- I can say to others who are experiencing this loss that it doesn’t hurt this bad forever.   399 more words

Nicole Krube

The Worst Day

July 24th was the worst day of our lives. I have struggled immensely with the grieving process and I have struggled even more with finding an outlet for my feelings, thoughts, and emotions. 885 more words

Death Of A Child

Good day

My older sister just sent me a text message that read, “Grief never ends but it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is neither a sign of weakness nor a lack of faith… IT IS THE PRICE OF LOVE.” It was a quote she saw someone else put up and sent to me. 1,195 more words


Tears Tucked Away

There are some lost souls who stop parents from mourning babies lost through stillborn births and miscarriages. These lost souls deny us the right to weep our grief, and dream a life of what-ifs. 277 more words

Death Of Child And Grief