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The Nightmare

I wish I could forget that day; it plays in my head daily. Walking all night not getting no sleep from the contractions, packing my hospital bags for Weston and I. 969 more words




  1. New England. a wooded, uninhabited area.

The breeze shifted slightly, drawing lose curls across sun-washed skin. Lina shook the strands away, peering beneath her hand into the thrush. 832 more words


future appointments.

I had an MFM appointment today at 11. Just a basic check up, nothing really special. I however knew I had to talk to my doctor about my increased anxiety, and fear that something is going to go wrong. 288 more words


A Nightmare Reality.

When your fairy tale comes crashing down, this is when you realize the only thing you have left is to hit your knees and beg for mercy. 1,230 more words


It's ok not to be ok 

This blog is my way of sharing positivity and offering support, it’s very much therapy for me to think positively and look forward through my writing – however, one thing I feel like venting today is that not every day is good vibes and rainbows, there are days which are down right fucking hard, and today is one of them for me, so in true Nicole style, I’m writing about it. 772 more words

From Nicole

Birth certificates for babies born too soon.

This is a topic that is going around and around a lot of the angel mummy sites/groups at the moment. I think there has been a story in a soap where a baby has been born before the date of viability and it has not been allowed a birth certificate. 385 more words

When the boys met Lottie

So, we had told the boys. We’d seen their faces go from excitement that the twins had been born to complete devastation at hearing that their baby sister had died.   517 more words