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Erin - The Birthday - April 2000, cont. 3

The priest arrived two hours later, to baptize our baby boy.  Erin was still lost in a Demerol fog; she could barely participate in what was going on around her. 516 more words


Eerily comforting

Some days are better than others. Today happens to be a “some days” kind of day. I do feel bad that it is eerily comforting to hear someone say that they too have lost a child. 442 more words

A Poem for Thatcher

I have survived my first three days back in the office. Thankfully enough today was actually a fairly decent day, I was even able to talk about Thatcher without falling into a million pieces. 860 more words

Dear Joanna (3.23.15)

Dear Joanna,

I went home to PA to visit family and friends this weekend. You would have liked it there. The weather was pretty mild, though of course it snowed on the first day of spring. 598 more words

Baby Loss

A Nurse's Wish in Labor and Delivery - by Shelly Lopez Gray (Registered nurse)

As an obstetrical nurse, I am surrounded by beauty every single day I come to work.

What people who don’t work in obstetrics don’t know is that labor and delivery can also be incredibly sad. 1,462 more words

Kindness - Real-life

Dear Joanna (3.17.15)

Dear Joanna:

It’s me. Your mom.

37. That’s how far along I would be if you were still here. 37 weeks today. Full term! You could have safely come at any time and likely been perfectly healthy. 346 more words

Baby Loss

Losing Everything

Typical Tuesday evening. Watch NCIS with Bill. Walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes. Clean up and a quick change into pajamas. Lay down. Set the alarm on your iPhone. 612 more words

Baby Loss