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Week 2 Over

Week 2 has finally come to an end. I wish I could say that there was an end in sight but it doesn’t really look that way. 666 more words

Falling In Love Again 

I was thinking of how to describe how I feel about Theo and the above quote from one of my favourite books ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ came to mind (if you haven’t read it, please do!). 645 more words

Photo courtesy of CarlyMarie, taken at The Seashore of Remembrance (Mullaloo Beach in Perth, Western Australia).

I'm OK.

I saw this photo and found it fitting.

I’m broken, it reads.

It resonates with me on so many levels.  So often I answer, “I’m okay” when someone asks me how I’m doing.  625 more words

Flood Yourself with Love.

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend and he asked me how I was with God.  It didn’t take much time for me to respond, “For the first time in my life, I’m really not sure.”  I shared with him that often times I wonder – why me, to which his voice returns in my head from a conversation we had years before Sam was born about something unrelated where he asked me, “Well, why not you?” 277 more words


There’s a saying in the infertility world- PUPO (Pregnant until proven otherwise).

Well, that’s what I am 💜

Everything went well, and our embaby survived the thaw beautifully. 42 more words


Stillborn but still born. Kalila Jade.

I checked the time to see how long I had left until Dave had to go to work, 4.19 pm. He was on night shifts so we were left with a few more hours. 1,554 more words