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almost finished. 

The care packages are coming together finally! My stickers came today, along with a “you are not alone” card. The sentiments on this card were written by a fellow loss Momma. 159 more words


When I was younger I used to lay down at night and be paralyzed by the thought that one day I would die. The thought of being engulfed into eternal nothingness terrified me. 462 more words


Blame Game

One of the toughest obstacles to navigate after child loss is the self blame. When your baby passes in the womb, it’s hard to not blame yourself as you were the only one to carry your child. 297 more words



Its good to know that we are loved, but its even better to know that our baby boy was loved. to all the people who reached out, the old friends, the new. 28 more words

Angel Baby

When you carry a baby in your womb for most of a year and you suddenly lose him because life decided so, a piece of yourself dies at the same time. 368 more words