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Stilts and stumps

“Hunting for food, ants roam haphazardly. But when they find it, they use celestial cues, perhaps from the sun, to head back to their nests more or less in a straight line – rather than retracing the tortuous journeys they’d made on their outbound searches. 162 more words


FLOWERS: March Collection

Hey guys. I got a chance to photograph some beautiful flowers over the weekend so I am sharing my photos with you. I apologize as I am a starting photographer. 41 more words



In Old Havana, by the Palacio Segundo Cabo, this man worked his way about the square, entertaining tourists and local school children alike. This was no mean feat given his stilts and the uneven condition of the walkways in Havana. 37 more words


"Free fallin'" -- with guest artist Tom Cherry!

I’m so glad to feature Tom Cherry‘s drawings this time around (in addition to all the scripting help he’s given me with this run); once again he took my germ of an idea & grew it into a better comic than I could have! 30 more words

Tom Cherry

Day 99 - Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Day 99 – Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Amazing pictures of our plasterers on stilts!!!

Quite funny really, had  a Viv, a Matt, and a Tom working here today! 14 more words

More than a Balancing Act

The United States has been trying to balance its budget for many years. Most households try to balance a check -book or balance work time with family time. 256 more words