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Desperately Needing To Take Control

Therapy was literally just me venting about my living situation, but we did delve into other things. The new psychiatrist here is willing to give me an Adult ADD diagnosis in order to try me on stimulants. 481 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Help your depression, abuse your prescriptions

I’m scared. Right now I am scared of it coming back. Nuvigil is at its peak. I feel a bit more capable, not lost in the negative whirl that is my mind. 619 more words


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A Bob Dylan Mother Teresa sandwich

“If you ain’t where you are you’re nowhere.”

It’s a line I recall from a Rolling Stone interview with Dylan. 30 years later it’s a warning I am still learning to heed. 53 more words


Fragile exuberance of the newly converted

We tend to overemphasise the importance of that which we have just learnt.

It’s a good thing too. The exuberance gives a chance for the lesson to work its way deep enough into our being to not be lost. 26 more words



A friend has six kids. He and I joke that the perfect number of children is ‘one less’.

All it takes is for one to be on camp and everything feels so easy. 116 more words


A road trip

When Bilbo Baggins is called by Gandalf out of his safe, cosy hollow he finds that wrapped up in the danger, insecurity and unknowing is a life of purpose, adventure and love. 103 more words