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Cancer and Glutathione

“Cancer is the battle no one would choose.”

Cancer is a universal word that everybody knows, but very few who fully understands. I don’t have cancer (thankfully) neither do I know someone, at least not in my circle. 309 more words

Every day I'm shuffling...for coffee.

It seems that these days I mostly live off of coffee and beta frequency binaural beats. I no conneseur of either, but at this rate, I figure I will be before I graduate.

Binaural Beats

Antidepressants in the Herbal Kingdom--SCELETIUM TORTUOSUM Part 4

As promised, here is the final part of the abridged thesis. Kanna has enormous antidepressant potential that, in my opinion, can rival anything the pharmaceutical industry has to offer, but that does not mean this plant does not have its own share of side-effects (all herbs do)  more research is definitely needed. 1,862 more words


5 Charts That Show How Bad America's Drug Problem Is

President Obama addressed the National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin summit in Atlanta Tuesday, calling further attention to the drug epidemic in America just two weeks after the… 237 more words

Antidepressants in the Herbal Kingdom–Kanna (SCELETIUM TORTUOSUM) Part 2

OK, so here is, as promised, part 2 of my abridged thesis on Kanna. This part explains its mechanism of action pertaining to anxiety, depression and insomnia and also touches upon the recently published research. 2,130 more words


Sildamax Viagra 100mg

Manufacturer info:
A recognized drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction, Sildamax is a generic medication containing the active ingredient sildenafil citrate. The drug is generally used by male patients suffering from impotence to help them perform sexually during intercourse. 140 more words


ICE "Gatorade" speed pills

Manufacturer info:
These very popular little gatorade pills will boost your confidence, alertness and concentration. They are also effective appetite suppressants. They have a mild side-effects, smooth comedown and are a good substitute for Adderall / Ritalin for people with ADD. 20 more words