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From Flickr: "Safe stimulants" by Toronto Public Library Special Collections

A Gentle Reminder not to Overindulge over the May two-four weekend. On Monday, the library will be closed in observance of the statutory holiday.

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"Cold turkey...well, sort of"

It’s 10h20, Wednesday

The last coffee I had was yesterday at 10am. I napped twice yesterday. A bit ratty but otherwise, I felt fine.

I slept early last night…10pm. 456 more words

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It's 10h20, Wednesday The last coffee I had was yesterday at 10am. I napped twice yesterday. A bit ratty but otherwise, I felt fine. I slept early last night...10pm. I do believe that sleep is my best weapon against this coffee addiction I’ve developed. This morning, I had to get up at 5.20am. I had Rooibos first thing, and felt fine about it: I was well-rested. I made sure my electric blanket was switched on and had one muscle relaxant (“Norflex Co”) before leaving to take the kids to school, so that I’d easily be able to sleep again when I got back home. I knew I’d get sleepy soon, because I know pretty well what I’m in for when I stop drinking coffee: my brain won’t shift into gear, I feel sleepy often and I have a dull headache for 2-3 days. I had a little puff of my current joint in my car driving home, just because I could...why not treat myself a little, considering? I avoided the maid and went straight back to bed. As I lay there, something told me I should replace the coffee with caffeine fizzies (“Berocca Boost”) for a while, just to get over the loss of the comfort of the coffee and also because I have them and it would be a waste to never consume them. Hmmm. I suppose it can't hurt to try. So I slept from about 7.45am til 9.45am. I woke up by myself, well before my alarm. Didn’t know where in the world I was, for a few seconds J I lay there and checked all my social media and eventually got myself to my computer, to plan what I need to do today. I told myself, I’d blog first and that got me up. I so enjoy it. Usually the headache only sets in later in the day on my first day cold turkey, but I definitely woke up with a dull headache, now.  It's probably come sooner because I’m addicted to good strong cappuccino now; the instant Nescafe hardly does anything for me except make me ratty. I got myself some leftovers for breakfast/brunch and spied the pre-mixed cocktails from the other night in a container, so I poured myself one and downed it. Then another. Then another. Then I stopped before I fucked up my whole day. But the dull headache wouldn’t subside. So I popped one anti-inflammatory painkiller (Myprodol) and I thought I’d see how I felt. But that was 32min ago (I made a note) and it's still bothering me. It might be the worst part of the rehab, for me. Let me have a fizzie and see how it goes. 10h46 just downed the caffeine-fizzie. Let’s see.   Thanks for reading! Follow me on Facebook if you like: Mia Southafricanwhitegirl Valenti        

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What does a life without stimulants feel like?

How much energy do we create through our activities (exercising, sleeping, things we love, time with friends etc), and how much energy is derived from what we eat and drink, such as healthy nutritious food vs. 401 more words


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Drug Analysis

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Final photos from my shoot for this work, I am very happy with the result because it reflects the haunting yet vulnerable atmosphere of my project as well as communicating the fact that everyone is vulnerable. 11 more words