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Nothing is enough

My psychiatrist prescribed me Nuvigil last Wednesday, 150mg. I took it Thursday, in the morning, it was alright. Certainly not as energizing as Vyvanse, but Vyvanse is real strong at first, so I wouldn’t mind a step down. 323 more words


Ode to Cigarettes

I hate being a non-smoker. It is so boring! It occurred to me the other day that I really would be a lot happier if I smoked. 644 more words



This either gives me energy

Or makes me feel like I have energy
But either way


ADD, Pregnancy, Medication, and Me

I have Adult ADD and have been 100% medication-free for about three months now. For someone who has relied on the miraculous clarity of mind that stimulant medication can offer someone with ADD, and relied on it since the fifth grade, this is a big deal. 593 more words


I want to feel alive or be dead

I don’t want to blog. I don’t want to do anything. Why me? I should be stronger, but I am tired of being strong.

Yesterday I got the results of a full psychological examination I completed. 512 more words


Experimenting with drugs (in the loosest sense of the word)

Broadly, the ingestion of non-food chemicals by humans falls under one of three categories: health (either treatment or preventative), recreation, or performance enhancement. The last category causes most to think about scandals in sporting events or muscle-bound steroid users, but the use of drugs to enhance mental performance (now called nootropics) has a long, if quiet history. 704 more words


How life-enhancing are your habits?

When DID chocolate become a food group in our household?

I remember a time when a square of dark chocolate was a treat now and again. 549 more words

Healthy Eating