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Shhh...We're talking about ADHD medication and church

We’re going to plunge headfirst into a topic that I’ve never seen addressed anywhere in books, articles or seminars on working with families of kids with ADHD…the use of medication for the specific purpose of helping kids function better during church-based programs and activities. 846 more words

Key Ministry

Decision Time

Having a week of finishing off and making final decisions this week feels rather unproductive despite it being one of the most important of my project so far. 137 more words


Stimulants vs Alcohol

I went to a party the other week. At this party half the people were only consuming alcohol and the other half were taking stimulents. 248 more words


Are ADHD Medications Safe for Kids?

I see a troubling trend in the pharmacy that has been going on since I started working with a license. And it’s probably no surprise since if you clicked on the link, you already know what I’m going to be discussing today. 1,061 more words


Reports of Molly drug use raises concerns among campus administration

Aaron BerkowitzNews Writer 

Reports of 11 Weslyan students being rushed to the hospital with “life threatening complications” due to an overdose of the street drug “Molly” which is also more formerly known as ecstasy has raised some concerns for SCSU faculty. 615 more words


The point of no return

Having reached this 6 week point into my work there is no going back on what has already been done. Now is the time for design. 96 more words


Caffiene | The Mug of Life.

As I dismally stare at my computer screen in an attempt to formulate an interestingly unexceptional starting point for this first blog post, I realise that without this steamy hot cup of black magic by my side, I would not have been able to kick start my cerebral into action. 565 more words

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