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A Rational Analysis of Curiosity

Rachit Dubey, Thomas L. Griffiths
(Submitted on 11 May 2017)

We present a rational analysis of curiosity, proposing that people’s curiosity is driven by seeking stimuli that maximize their ability to make appropriate responses in the future.

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Even by Keynesian Standards, Cash-for-Clunkers Was a Clunker

Keynesian economics is fundamentally misguided because it focuses on how to encourage more spending when the real goal should be to figure out policies that result in more income. 691 more words



I find it amusing how vulnerable we are to triggers.
How some events can act as stimulus and put us in automatic mode.
It represents in a way, how much our brains want to go to the autopilot mode. 215 more words


Economic development investment fund would let Calgary pick winners and losers: taxpayer group

A public-purse watchdog group is critical of a proposal to create a $10-million economic development investment fund.

A report going to city council says the fund is to create jobs and revitalize Calgary’s downtown core. 381 more words


Writing: Stimulus/Response

Okay, I am going to be frank here. I suck at this aspect of writing. Fanfiction ruined me. So poor Chester had to try and fix the mess I’d made of my own writing style. 984 more words


The Keynesian Blunder Down Under

Time for an update on the perpetual motion machine of Keynesian economics.

We’ll start with the good news. The Treasury Department commissioned a study on the efficacy of the so-called stimulus spending that took place at the end of last decade. 822 more words