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The Parable of a Camp Fire

Two boys were camping one night and their campfire needed more wood. Since Mike started the fire, Ben thought it would be a gesture of goodwill if he took on the chore of resupplying the fire with more wood. 715 more words

Pardon My Politics

Budget stimulus, reforms to put economy on track post note ban: Expert

Latest News – As the cash crunch issue following demonetisation seems to be over, the government needs to use the upcoming Budget to provide stimulus and pursue structural reforms to accelerate growth, said Columbia University economics professor Pravin Krishna. 93 more words

The Penultimate Day of a Dreary Eight Years

Today is President Barack Obama’s last full day in office, and it’s been a long wait. We were loudly grousing about the man back when he was first elected on a waft of hope that he was some sort of messiah, we groused again when he ran re-election on the argument that his opponent was some sort of devil, we’ve been grousing ever since, and we feel obliged to grouse once again as he leaves office with unaccountably high approval ratings. 981 more words


Trump's stimulus plans could prompt US to rapidly hike interest rates

WASHINGTON – Federal Reserve officials, who boosted a key interest rate last month, said they might need to accelerate future rate hikes if a faster-growing economy pushes down the unemployment rate farther than currently expected. 556 more words


Threats and opportunities for Canadian investors in 2017

With 2016 about to fade into the rear view distance, investors look forward to 2017 and try to make an educated guess as to where the threats and opportunities exist in the global market. 1,051 more words

Midas Letter

Gotta Admire The Guy Sitting In The Middle Of The Swamp On His Gold-Plated Toilet

Who among us does not aspire to sit on a gold-encrusted toilette, surveying the swamp that one has just filled with…but let me not descend into unseemly details. ¬† 309 more words

China: Panicky investors sell securities -- Donald Trump could have more leverage over China than he expected

 Donald Trump could have more leverage over China than he expected

President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence meet with leaders from the technology industry in New York on Wednesday, December 14, 2016. 307 more words