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The Competitive Profile Matrix: A Favourite Model

Last week, while running a project kick-off session with a client I used the competitive profile matrix model. I don’t know how many times I’ve used it over the years and I couldn’t estimate how many different scenarios I’ve applied it to – I… 1,105 more words



eyes turn on when it’s moving, its subtle but if you focus you can see it a bit 12 more words


Mentoring The Next Generation Of Socialists: The Salt Lake Chamber Of Commerce

I read this about a week ago and don’t have much to add (nor the time) so I’m wimping out and just posting a teaser excerpt. 354 more words

State Government

Improving Vocabulary

Research Question

If I give a physical stimulus, will the quality of vocabulary chosen improve?


Clare Chen
R A Butler Academy Infant & Junior Schools… 44 more words

Action Research Report

Our Perception of Time as We Age

The days are long and the months are short. One day, you’ve graduated high school, the next day you’re married with children. Work feels mundane and repetitive because it is, and the time you have off flies by like it was never there to begin with. 528 more words

Mental Health

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light sensor

int anaIn = A0;
int anaOut = 9;
int lightIn;
int lightOut;
int digOut1 = 5;
int digOut2 = 6;
int digOut3 = 7;
// ^ states these exist and that they connect to certain pins… 485 more words


Collaborating through Interdependence...the Mindset (2)

In my previous post I described the choice that is made to be Interdependent and to collaborate. This choice is the foundation stone of all effective relationships (interdependent collaborative relationships being the most effective form of relationship you can have). 388 more words