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Out and About - SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium at MOA

On Thursday, March 19, SEA LIFE Aquarium opened its new $2.2 million sting ray exhibit “Meet the Rays.” It’s a bigger touch pool allowing many families to experience the sting rays up close all at once. 324 more words

Twin Cities

Okay, class. Optical orbits up front, and remember, we keep our subesophageal ganglion to ourselves

Now that I am never going to look at marshmallows the same way again we are moving right along to sting rays. Sting rays and ‘mallows have nothing in common with one another and I have no story behind why I chose sting rays this week. 283 more words



“Try scuba diving” my 52 year-old brother, Jeff, suggests. “No, I’ve done it already and I’m always cold,” I reply. Frustrated, he changes the topic. A shame, his arguments are convincing; I may put up a stubborn fight, and I usually do, but I always think about his points. 539 more words



Cayman Islands – three islands in the Caribbean Sea. Paradise. A part of UK, photo of the Queen, the Prime Minister is David Cameron, weather is not typical British! 767 more words

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The Last Time I Was Happy

I have developed a passion for paddling. It pleases me to the point that I get a bit anxious if I can’t go out. I wonder if it is a shadow of my childhood happily playing in and around the duck and frog filled Northwest Washington swamp that bordered our yard. 792 more words

Happy thoughts

We keep happy memories filed in the the back of our minds so we can bring them out to remember when you need a smile.   Have you ever been someplace beautiful or experiencing something absolutely breathtaking when you think silently to yourself   … 760 more words