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Ripples, compassion, and re-singularity

And along comes the first test of my new serenity; the divorce is final. I feel a bunch of things about that — liberated, relieved, and sad, and a whopping big dose of never-again. 762 more words

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Hackaday Prize Entry: Catch The IMSI Catchers

An IMSI catcher is an illicit mobile phone base station designed to intercept the traffic from nearby mobile phones by persuading them to connect to it rather than the real phone company  tower. 242 more words

The Hackaday Prize

Makan Place - Hai Wai Yuen Sambal BBQ Stingray

Sambal Stingray (Ikan Bakar in Malay) is a dish that has been significantly localised. It was created by Eurasians who were descendants of Portugese traders and local women who created a fusion dish between the two cultures. 181 more words


Zina Sterling Silver Drop Wire Earrings with Sting-Ray Texture In Silver

Get the sexy look you’ve always wanted with the Stingray Texture Drop Wire Earrings by Zina. Cast in 925 sterling silver, these unusual earrings curve delicately, dangling from simple sterling fishhook ear wires. 73 more words

The feds are totally OK with @AnaheimPD's unrestricted no warrant spying on cell phones

Enjoying your Police State? Here’s another great example of it.

The U.S. Justice Department has sided squarely with the Anaheim Police Department in an ongoing civil liberties legal battle over clandestine cellphone-tracking technology that is increasingly being deployed by law enforcement agencies. 196 more words

Sacramento Update

Fun Fact Friday: Stingrays

Question for ya… how awesome are Stingrays?

Answer… pretty damn awesome!

Here’s a few facts for you this Friday:

  1. There are around 200 species of stingray, with the largest coming in at 358 kg and almost 2 meters¬†in length…
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