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1971 Mulsanne Blue Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Roadster LT1 V8

When it comes to historians and purists, Corvette people are some of the most difficult to please.

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5 Things I Like: SOUNDS

Hi everybody!

So for this week I decided to do sounds, 5 sounds that I LOVE and makes me feel all happy and fluffy inside. These sounds that I’m going to list is just in my opinion the best, they should get like a award for best sounds ever! 218 more words


Satisfying lunch out + Starbucks!

My sister and I was left alone at home since morning. No track down of where our father could possibly be. Since we were uber hungry we decided to go for sushi. 149 more words


Johnny Englishman in Korea 2: Trying fermented stingray

Johnny man’s up and eats some fermented stingray. My wife, who is Korean, says that even she wouldn’t eat that.


Bucket List Series: 37. Dive with Stingray

Whilst I was home in the summer break of my Sophomore year at university, I found out that you could do a dive with sharks and as a bonus, sting ray, at The Deep aquarium in Hull. 29 more words