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THATS RIGHT. THIS IS FOR THE PIG ON THE FLOOR YEARS AGO.  Going to that place then the pig pussy decited to lay on the floor . 28 more words


Sniffing Butts

Max likes to sniff the butts of other dogs. And I’m going to go ahead and embrace my inner 5-year-old and give that a good chuckle. 660 more words

Do You Stink?

The Dead Sea lives its name. Water goes in, nothing goes out. The water becomes stagnant. You’ve seen water pool – it turns all shades of ugly, breeds dastardly varmints like mosquitos seemingly to serve no good purpose at all. 198 more words


When you are riding horses all the time (especially in this hot California heat) it is almost inevitable that you will get stinky feet. So for my first product review I thought it was appropriate to talk about Mary’s Botanicals Helmet & Boot spray. 250 more words

Boot Spray

Blow The Stink Off

Having lived quite some time in Appalachia

And other rural areas

I often heard we need to go outside

To blow the stink off.

I must be doing it wrong. 11 more words

Life Chatter