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getting comfortable

I left the room, after the amazing sex we had, last night.
When I came back, I was assaulted by a smell that would not be ignored. 143 more words

Throw a big Stink!

So I have given it quite a bit of thought and I would like to do a piece on, aromas.  You know, nothing to obscure of course.  1,147 more words

U Block lets out a stink bomb

For more than three months U Block in Seething Wells has caused its residents to gag and complain about its killer smell.

The smell is extremely potent as soon as the main door is opened and creeps up in the corridors and up the stairs. 251 more words


Scientific studies show that Monday’s do suck.

“File this under things that we already knew, but a confirmation by science doesn’t hurt. A scientific study by Marmite has revealed that Mondays do indeed suck.” 590 more words

Learn Something

914. Deodorant

Beverley and her husband, Torrie, were going out with Janine and her husband, Lincoln. Beverley and Janine were work colleagues.

“The trouble is,” said Beverley to Torrie, “Lincoln doesn’t use any deodorant. 73 more words