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Animals By Accident – The Accidental Doolittle

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Animals By Accident Series

Pepe Twas NOT Heavenly Scent!

My first real ‘contact’ with a skunk came about in 2003 in the animal sanctuary l used to volunteer for in Lincolnshire, it was and is still remarkably fresh and memorable in my mind. 1,112 more words

The Thing That Happened When I Looked Out Of the Window and Farted

Ok, so I felt a fart coming on as my husband, Klaus, was getting ready for work. I thought, “Just hold tight for a few minutes. 109 more words

Crazy Stuff

DIY Foot Stank Spray

If you have boys, then you probably don’t have time to read a long story about the time when the smell from my boys’ shoes made me want to jump out of a moving car. 322 more words


My Nose Smells Like Curdled Cheese

How’s that for a title?  As if there are not already enough reasons to ignore my blog posts, I just gave everyone a reason to avoid my drivel simply by reading the title.  635 more words

Riding A Horse And Getting Attacked By A Dog

This dream took place late in the afternoon or early evening, and I was possibly walking up the street toward The BP Library.

Close to the library I saw my cousin Mrs. 640 more words

Dream Journal