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The Stench of My Middle Finger

All day my middle finger does a job

Keep a hole open while my colleague extracts valuables

When the job is done and I remove my middle finger I know the next six months will be stained by a stench which sticks with me tirelessly… 216 more words


Gearing Up 101: Homemade Stink Bombs - Why & How-To

This will leave a mark, and a Stink.

Stink bombs are not quite harmful, but could be very effective when used with strategy. First and foremost, Stink Bombs are efficient, handy to produce, and unexpected. 516 more words


De-scented Christianity

Last night, I was enjoying my state of unconsciousness when something woke me up. My eyes were burning, my nose was protesting, and I could even taste something nasty in the air. 272 more words

Natural Shoe Deodorizer Foot Deodorant Spray for Athletes Removes

4. Nike has evolved applause from worldwide as its concern of the international clientele. The makers have realized the nuances of world brands in the processing of Air Max shoesand tried to implement to the best with their own abilities. 345 more words

That moment.

When someone farts on the bus. Why must it smell like poop. The baby kind. You know how babies can stink up the roomwithout much effort. 26 more words

That Moment

Bucket of Errors?

Bucket of Errors?

Everyone can feel guilty about something.  If you don’t have anything to feel guilty about, then you probably should.  Yet, there ae limits to this.   998 more words


Sorry about that

I really didn’t want to start out like this but here I am again. After such a wonderful intro my flesh is once again in the way… Here we go again