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Day 3 extra: No Durians

The hotel where Pati and BeeBee are staying has a peculiar sign posted at the entrance to the restaurant and beside the elevator doors on the ground floor. 208 more words



Tessaratomid Giant Shield Bug (Tessaratomidae) by itchydogimages

Via Flickr:

Pu’er, Yunnan, China

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(Source: https://www.flickr.com/)

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Fifteen Men or a Rat?

Irony. Who doesn’t love a good irony? So let me ask you. If you could choose one of these to be in your basement, which would it be? 326 more words


Tip of the Day: Continue!

Continuity is something I lack these days and I don’t want to blame it on the timetable. To make up for this, I get rid of two things. 156 more words


You stink!

Look!  I haven’t seen people invent, fiddle with, admire, or worship something or someone, that Mankind didn’t eventually turn into a useless, environmentally UN-safe, pile of junk, and blogging is no exception!  764 more words


A Lot of Poop

During the mowing season, I clean up the dog poop in the backyard every week, because that’s part of my mowing preparation. When there’s snow on the ground, I obviously let it go. 346 more words

My Life With God