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Asking A Lot Of Questions

This morning I turned off the alarm clock on my mobile phone when it went off and I went back to sleep to get a few more minutes of sleep because I was sleeping good and I did not get enough sleep, normally I wake up automatically after this, but something happened this morning where a combination of things in the dream world and in the real world led to me not waking up on my own so someone had to wake me up; and I had to rush to get ready for work, and I barely made it to work on time so now I can only barely remember part of three dreams from last night. 791 more words


Make It Stink!

Lord, I know no one is above temptation.
It knocks at the door of every heart…
Oft times it is disguised as something desirable;
And sometimes, we are just weak… 78 more words


Species Spotlight: Shield Bug

Ok, so today’s species spotlight isn’t very seasonal, but during the spell of mild weather in the middle of December I spotted a beautiful shield bug on our waterbutt so thought I’d find out a little more about them. 304 more words

Species Spotlight

the gag game

Now here this all u worm heads,big pot bellies, limp logs,roustabouts at star of hope. Thats right KTRH tells all about yall star of hopers. Once drinking port wine yo cant stop. 92 more words


Smelly Business

I heard about a couple of fellows who had separate run-ins with skunks that proved to be quite unpleasant. The first guy was riding on a lawnmower close to the woods when he got hit by a shower of stink before he ever saw the culprit who sprayed him. 139 more words

Christian Living

Michigan woolverines got robbed against Ohio state

yeah the game was  great and a instant classic

and it went into double overtime, however a michigan woolverine


those refs suck and badly. its bad enough on the professional ranks… 62 more words