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ugh stinky people in public

besides being an introvert this is the other huge reason why i hate going out in public. by stinky people i mean perfume and cologne. by excess i mean i can’t walk behind those people without suffocating. 561 more words


My DIY deodorant- day 14

I read online: allure healthy deodorant coconut: that coconut may help A LITTLE with odor on pits but not a lot. The ingredient that would help make it work better is baking soda which I’m allergic too. 317 more words


An Uncompensated Endorsement

Happy Friday to you all, and a happy coming of age day to my glorious 18 year Mecca career!  Yes, kids who were born on the same day I started keeping the local store shelves full can now legally buy their first $8 pack of cigarettes.  856 more words


stuck stink

why do only horrible smells get stuck in my nose? whenever i catch a whiff of a baby’s dirty diaper or a scared snake or a bag of blood that’s been sitting on the kitchen counter for a few days, i can’t get the odious stench out of my beak for the rest of the day. 124 more words

Watch Where You Step

Pooper scoopers are one of the truly great inventions of the past century. They are a real necessity if you have more than one bulldog. Or even if you have only one bulldog. 368 more words

May 2, 2016: "Back to Minneapolis"

Back to Minneapolis and


I sat in a boat.

The crappies were biting.

Erasure A Day

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