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Boys Are So Gross...........

….and stinky!!!

Socks and a mildewing towel used over a month ago for the swim unit at school!


That is all!!!


Perfume Smells

To all you people that don’t shower and cover yourself in perfume, cologne, or harsh scented lotions – don’t do it in an enclosed public space like a 6 hour train ride. 32 more words


Bedroom Confessional: This is so UNSexy in the Bedroom ...

You guys were telling me the things that are UNSexy in the bedroom. Here are your top answers:

Bet On Black

feeding dumpster cats

    Yall want to know about that picture  ? Its some scum bag going to a apt accross the way.   There used to live a fat mexcan with a oxygen bottle there.   23 more words

Bog Man

Stink Bugs in the House

Click Here to Stop Farting! What creeps many people out is finding stink bugs in their house. These small bugs are a nuisance and the spook many folks out because they crawl in your walls, inside your laundry, inside the curtains and often inside your bed. 10 more words

No Need to Raise a Stink

I knew a loud lady from Wink
She was always dressed in pink
Eating garlic at lunch
And onions a bunch
She was always quite the stink… 107 more words