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Here's that cat-skull multiview you ordered

The process of reassembling my cat skull continues. I now have the sphenoid and both nasals now back in place, and the time has come for the now-traditional multiview. 59 more words

Stinkin' Heads

Things to Make and Do, Part 16: cat skull

Just under a year ago, the children across the road, who know I’m interested in comparative anatomy, told me that they’d found a dead cat by the side of the road, and asked whether I wanted it. 451 more words

Stinkin' Heads

The world's best Tenontosaurus skull

As stinkin’ ornithischians go, Tenontosaurus is near and dear to my heart. For some reason beyond the ken of mortals, the Antlers Formation of southeast Oklahoma has yielded only a small handful of… 934 more words

Stinkin' Heads

Natural History Museum of Utah: wall of ceratopsians

Now that, faithful readers, is a monument to evolution and its endless forms most beautiful. I’m talking about the wall of ceratopsian skulls at NHMU… 101 more words

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Vertebrates and invertebrates of Nova Scotia

Last week I went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for the twice-yearly meet-up with my Index Data colleagues. On the last day, four of us took a day-trip out to Peggy’s Cove to eat lunch at… 113 more words

Stinkin' Heads

The Felch Quarry brachiosaur skull

A couple of months ago, Darren (the silent partner in the SV-POW! organisation) tweeted this photo …

… describing it as “Skull of the Morrison Formation… 432 more words