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Cabinet of curiosities: a visit to Peter Dodson's office

I’ve known who Peter Doson was since I was nine years old. A copy of The Dinosaurs by William Stout and William Service, with scientific content by Peter, showed up at my local Waldenbooks around the same time as the… 1,084 more words

Stinkin' Mammals

Death and life in the woodshed

Years ago, the roof of our summer-house suffered some water damage and had to be replaced. So I converted it into a woodshed which I attached to the side of our house. 152 more words

Stinkin' Mammals

Sauropod neural canals are weird, part 1c: unfused Giraffatitan dorsal

Remember this broken Giraffatitan dorsal vertebra, which Janensch figured in 1950?

It is not only cracked in half, anteroposteriorly, it’s also unfused.

Here’s a better view of the broken face, more clearly showing that the neural canal is (a) much taller than wide – unlike all vertebrate spinal cords – and (b) almost entirely situated ventral to the… 445 more words

Stinkin' Mammals

Cool things happening elsewhere: three links

This will be a short and mostly navel-gaze-y collection of links.

Back in November, 2016, I posted here about my “Twelve Steps to Infinity” article in… 657 more words

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What it's like to watch a Hugo-winning artist draw your dinosaur

So, here’s a cool thing that happened at Norwescon. On Saturday afternoon, there was an autograph signing session. Probably to the surprise of no-one, a lot more people were interested in having things signed by the other two guests of honor, … 310 more words

Stinkin' Mammals

Keep your dumb ole T. rex

Here at SV-POW!, we’re just not having it.

Photo by Liguo Li, at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

Also, because it’s only fair: Giant Irish Matt, to go with… 26 more words

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