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Tahu Busuk (Stinky Tofu - 臭豆腐)

Ini juga salah satu kuliner wajib dan populer di Taiwan, tahu busuk. Saya masih bisa tahan dari aroma tahu busuk dengan tahu yang digoreng, tapi agak kurang tahan aroma jenis tahu busuk kuah ataupun sup tahu busuk. 112 more words


How a Bite of Stinky Tofu Moved Me to Tears

Changsha is the capital of my ancestral province, Hunan, the site of many major battles during the Sino-Japanese War and where Mao Zedong converted to Communism. 518 more words


Lazy days AKA day #9, day #10

In these days I am not doing much, we just meet the other Exchange students and go around, trying to find new places to discover. … 107 more words

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20 Dishes you should try when visiting Taiwan

No matter if fresh or fermented, if grilled, cooked or fried – Taiwanese cuisine shows a huge variety of fantastic flavors. One reason for that lies in Taiwanese history and culture with a lot of influence from immigration from China, Japanese occupation and indigenous cultures. 1,810 more words


Alfredo AKA day #2

I woke up at 8 a.m., sleeping only 14 hours in a really comfortable bed, and it took me a minute to understand I was in my new bed, in my new house, in my new country. 403 more words

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Memories of China: The Stinky Tofu

Several years ago I lived in the lesser-known Chinese city of Nanjing for about a month to study Mandarin. Nanjing is quite a nice city, and smaller for China at “only” eight million people. 522 more words


Dreams Do Come True

Travel can be hard, tiring, and sometimes downright frustrating, but it is all so rewarding. It’s been two weeks abroad and I feel like it has been a lifetime already. 1,383 more words