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​Makan Apa di Taiwan?

Sepulang dari Taiwan, mereka yang tahu jadwal kepulangan saya langsung tanya: gimana makanannya? Ya, Taiwan memang terkenal dengan makanannya yang lezat dan food streetnya atau area jajannya. 2,452 more words


Guide to Rao He Night Market

Raohe Night Market is one of the most famous night markets after Shilin Night Market. We started with a random place for their stinky tofu. It was alright – not worth eating again. 249 more words


Stinky Tofu

A classic Chinese street food, Stinky tofu (臭豆腐, ChouDouFu) is a kind of fermented tofu that is supposed to have an odor. I have never had any that actually smelled bad, but I see how tofu that has been fermented and then deep fried would deter some from eating. 72 more words


The Food of Taiwan, Part II

Here comes more food from my adventures from Taiwan! Get yourself ready for street food from Taiwan!

First up, we have one from the street food, which is the all famous deep-fried chicken cutlet. 857 more words


10 Chinese dishes that foreigners find gross

The other day I read an article on WeChat that was called “10 Chinese Dishes Foreigners Can’t Stomach”. This type of articles are usually not too objective, as what someone dislikes, the next person can love, but nonetheless I sometimes find them entertaining. 1,136 more words

Life In China

Falling in Love with Stinky Tofu

China has a unique food culture compared to the West. For instance, my wife loves noodles. I’ve followed her down narrow Shanghai streets to a well-known won-ton and noodle shop on the corner of Chang-le and Shang-yang Road. 254 more words