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I had always heard mixed reactions to the consumption of the notorious king of stinky fruit, the durian. Locals in South East Asia say it may smell like hell, but it tastes like heaven. 269 more words


Peyoung Yakisoba Natto - ぺヤングやきそば納豆 [Food]

Penyangu is a famous yakisoba brand in Japan. They have a lot of different flavors. They have Normal (white), Super Spicy (Red), Curry (Yellow), Wakame/Seaweed (Green), Garlic Max ( Black) and this newest iteration of wood which is Natto. 126 more words



This moron decided that it was cool to bring his stinky mystery

meat concoction and chips onto the upper deck of the 340 and dine out. 36 more words

Do Not Tell Me The Sky Is The Limit Because I Am An Astronaut

By An Astronaut

You will stop right there when you are addressing me. I have come out into this vile café for peace. Perhaps I expected a request for an autograph, perhaps I expected adoration, perhaps I even expected some respect, but I have received neither, and especially not from you. 491 more words


A Ticking Time Bomb:A Lesson In Proscastination

We have someone who mows our lawn and at the end of the summer season or actually more like some time in fall he came for the last cut. 210 more words

This And That

Join the National March Madness Citizen Science Project to find the BMSB

University and USDA Entomologists are teaming up to map the location and population density of a newly invasive insect, the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB), Halyomorpha halys. 786 more words


J.05: The Sense Of Poison Smell


Sorry I disappeared for a few days, I was rush my homework (as usual). (ง ´͈౪`͈)ว

Meanwhile, I finally completed the fan!! Yay!~ If you didn’t see it on my… 297 more words