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Vile Beast of the Swamp!! [Episode 16]

Yes, l am very visually sticking my tongue out and laughing my paws off at my two leggeds! Revenge is ‘sweet and sickly!’

Vile Beast of the Swamp! 1,365 more words


imminent recreation..

Alfonso thought about it since he was twelve….

Today, it is imminent.. Yes; it should be now before it is too late..

He is just not so sure where or when to start…and… 110 more words


Friday's Hunt, V 4.11

It is almost the weekend so that means it is time for Friday’s Hunt.

For the week of September 15th
1. Starts with K
2. Stinky… 215 more words

Friday's Hunt

Diaper daddy pt 1

When it comes to cleaning up “the dookie” I must say I have been quite commendable at containing myself from gagging/near vomiting, and making immature remarks, except for the odd super stinky dump or the dubbed “polipo (octopus)” poops that resemble a brownish hue octopus tentacle creeping out of your baby’s rear end—yea I know cool huh? 950 more words


The Black Scorpion...

Disgusting as she stands critical while he brushes his teeth;

At the bathroom door step she stands on one leg screaming

Blaming and vowing for revenge… 111 more words


What Would Happen If You Never Showered?

Ewwww! Gross! Why would you ever stop showering?

Sadly, you’re probably sitting next to someone right now who hasn’t showered in a few days. Let’s pretend for a second they continue down that path. 16 more words