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It's A Boy's Life

I love our life with three boys.  While they are a loud, rowdy, and a somewhat stinky bunch, I’m glad I have them.  God gave me these dudes and my life sure has grown with them in it.  633 more words


My Cats Are Filthy!

For the past few months, my cats have been in and out of the garage on a daily basis! They spend more than half their time there, and it’s a struggle to bring them back in for bed time… 186 more words


Smelly feet

At what age do children stop embarrassing their parents? At some point the tables turn and parents become embarrassing to their children instead of the other way around. 71 more words


June 19 Durian - Fruit of the Gods

“No matter how faint the light of distant stars, be amazed with me that it has traversed a universe to reach us.” William C. Hannan… 489 more words

Fucking 420!

I got another great used game in the mail today, Gladius on the PS2, and it had a small but very noticeable burn hole in the front, one i recognized immediately. 180 more words

Video Games

FITness stinks 

I can’t argue that umpteen aspects of health and FITness matter of factly STINK. As in literally SMELL.

Several years back, my Mr. Chicken Fry began to point out all of the stenchy foods I consume. 588 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back


Geese are interesting birds. One better be very careful when observing these animals because they will chase after you if you are not taking caution. Every time I am taking pictures of the geese, especially if there goslings, one of the parents keep their eyes on me to ensure I am not a threat to their family. 104 more words