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Throw Mommy from the Train

When I started commuting this week to a new job, so many people told me that commuting by train is “oh so easy & fun!” And taking the train to work is “Wonderful, because you can sleep all the way!” 325 more words


The Heat-wave ready, BO-butt-kicking, all-day daisy-fresh DIY Deodorant

I am just too darn excited to share this recipe with my fellow stank-sters. Seriously. I just. can’t. wait!

If you have wanted to use natural deodorant before but found you couldn’t because it just wouldn’t pull its own weight or, if like me, you did it anyway and hoped–nay, prayed–no one got in olfactory range by the end of the day, then this is probably going to make you pee your pants a little! 1,292 more words

Essential Oils

The Day A Putrid Poltergeist Visited My Home...

So I had a friend come over to my house today, he wanted to borrow a weighted work out vest of mine.  We sat around for a few minutes talking about Cats and Women, You know a typical guy conversation.   651 more words


Stinky Stan

I met a man who had a smell,

His clothes they were a mess,

I swear that I could taste the smell,

It stained the air no less.


Rosebud Challenge Week 2 - Day 12

Rosabelle and Pawel are now  living together, this means that Pawel can start contributing to the household funds and help to earn a million simoleons! 366 more words

Rosebud Challenge

Sole Cleaner & Deodorizer

Confession: I used to wear tennis shoes without socks as my primary footwear as a kid.
My mom always warned against it.
“You’ll never be able to get the stink out,” she’d say. 313 more words