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Once in a lifetime opportunity: The Corpse Flower in Bloom

The Denver Botanic Gardens was lucky enough to have one of their Corpse Flowers (Amorphophallus titanum) bloom this week. You may have heard. Not only was it all over the local news, a quick search turns up articles in the… 839 more words


'Stinky' the foul-smelling corpse flower brings interesting odor descriptions from visitors

DENVER — Shakespeare wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.”  But what if it isn’t a rose.  What if it’s a flower that folks call a stinky corpse.  241 more words


'Corpse flower' that resembles smell of rotting flesh blooms at Denver Botanic Gardens

DENVER — The smelliest flower on earth was blooming in Denver late Tuesday night. It is called a corpse flower because it is said to resemble the smell of rotting meat. 196 more words


It'll Soon Smell Like Death At The Chicago Botanic Gardens (On Purpose!)

If you’re at the Chicago Botanic Garden and something smells like rotting flesh, well, it’s suppose to!

It’s a smell coming from the amorphophallus titanum or corpse flower called Spike that’s about to bloom. 47 more words


Systems Naturally Conditioning Pet Deodorizing Mist Vitamin Packed Leaves

6 11, a large team of law enforcement to fight received a report that Baijiantan livestock farms are killed by feral dogs, fresh evergreen led three law enforcement members,Moncler Outlet, killed livestock at farms kill wild… 316 more words

Monday You Stink!

Do you remember the allergic reaction that I had to my closet Saturday night? My nose is still on overdrive, clear as a bell but super sensitive. 367 more words


The Total Insanity of Catching a Bus

Why can’t a bus driver call for another bus when it is incredibly fucking full?

It is insane to catch a bus as well as it is to be surrounded by people, some even stinky, and still be alive! 14 more words