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How to stop excessive armpit sweating?

There was a transitional period when I was 17 where I couldn’t find an anti-perspiration that would stop the river of briny fluid flowing from my pits. 205 more words



On my drive to work I was overcome by that glorious odor of Pepe Le Pew!!  aka Skunk.

The skunk gets a bum rap.  ;-)  So today I’ve decided to celebrate the Skunk and share with you what the symbolism of the Skunk is.  419 more words


Upcoming Panel Discussion: 3 Ways to Take It to The Man

As some of you may know, I’m pretty engaged in the bicyclist community. I serve as the Vice Chair of the Holyoke Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Co-Chair the Steering Committee for the… 833 more words


What is the worst thing you've smelled?

I’ve got a pretty sensitive nose and I’ve always smelled everything since I was a kid. Have no idea why but whenever I pick something up no matter what it is I smell it. 301 more words


February 3: I hate slime.

The slime craze that has been all the rage in elementary schools for the past couple years? I hate it. I wish I could love it because Annika (and apparently every other kid) loves it, but I can’t. 262 more words

Stinky plane aborts


American spokeswoman Katie Cody said Flight 1965 from Charlotte Douglas International Airport was heading to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, on Wednesday when it turned around and returned to Charlotte. 76 more words


Morning 1290 (of being married).

Soon husband shall be returning from his trip. This will be excellent in raising morale around the house. As you can imagine our phone calls each day leading to his return are filled more and more with excitement. 258 more words