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Stirling Castle

After leaving the Isle of Mull, we stopped in Stirling for a visit to its old town and Stirling Castle. I think I’m a bit spoiled when it comes to castles (nothing is ever quite as impressive to me as Conwy) but Stirling does have its own charm. 227 more words


Exploring Stirling Castle - Edinburgh Day 7

After a week in Scotland, we left Edinburgh for the day to head over to Stirling and visit the astounding Stirling Castle. About an hour’s train ride away, it was nice to relax on the train and watch the Scottish countryside go by while we were brought to our next destination of adventure. 445 more words


Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle was one of many residences of the Kings and Queens of Scotland and played an important role in Scotland’s Wars of Independence.

The present castle dates from the 12th century but what remains can be dated from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries.


Scotland 2016

May 17 2016

Stepping out of the airplane just after 01am a cold breeze welcomed our faces.

We had arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland.

   The airlink 100 bus was our way off the airport and after a while we were strolling near by into the peaceful night towards the hotel. 944 more words

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Bittersweet Memories

…continued from Breakfast with Bruce

Stirling.  I had first come to this village in Scotland when I was twenty-five years old.  I was wide-eyed with wonder on my first European adventure and had made my way north via train from London.  574 more words


Watch out for fairies!

I’d been very excited to head to the Scottish Highlands, mostly because I was convinced we’d find a fairy glen and fairies. We left Glasgow early in the morning, but made a quick-ish stop at Stirling Castle before heading north. 129 more words