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Transport turmoil for all

By Amy Beveridge

Trips home are supposed to be relaxing – a welcome break from the stresses and strains of university life. But what was meant to be a quick overnight stay has turned into Mission Impossible – Stirling. 1,189 more words


Catch Up - 04.11.2016 - University of Stirling

Another morning where I struggled to get back to sleep, another morning I found myself out at early o’clock to take some photos while the sun is coming up. 14 more words

Amateur Photography

Catch Up - 05.10.2016 & 10.10.2016 - University of Stirling


I had been to the photography society’s GIAG and decided to use some skills I learned on framing photos of wildlife a shot and pretty happy with the results. 67 more words

Amateur Photography

Catch Up - 02.10.2016 - University of Stirling

I remember this day pretty well, actually. it was really warm. After the last time I went out to take some photos, it was like we went from Winter being round the corner to one last little breath of Summer 2016. 29 more words


28.11.16 - Playing with the New Camera - Part 4: Trees and Wild Flowers


I find something majestic about trees sometimes, especially at this time of the year. They either have firely leaves that are just gorgeous to look at, or they have lost their leaves and their framework is just laid bare for all to see, the network of branches visible and highlighting pretty complex structures. 252 more words


28.11.16 - Playing with the New Camera - Part 3: Scenery and the Wallace Monument

I knew my new camera would be great for scenery shots so this was pretty much just having a little fun with it and seeing what I could get. 620 more words