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Golf Mania


Everyone knows that the Scots invented golf. I was never too interested in it: I took lessons for gym class in college, but getting by bus to the public links and back to the university took three times as long as we actually got to play. 152 more words

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Stirling Castle


I visited on a Sunday, but rather late in the tourist season. There were visitors, but no crowds. As I noted in a previous post, the castle is sited a bit less than three quarters of mile uphill from the train station. 1,005 more words

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11 причин причин съездить в Стерлинг

Если вы любите фильм “Храброе сердце” или, по крайней мере, хотите поржать над его историческими неточностями – поезжайте на пару дней в Стирлинг. Вы увидите поле, на котором, согласно фильму, произошла знаменитая битва за независимость Шотландии.

Stirling Castle and the Scottish Wars of Independence

Stirling Castle sits on top of a huge dolomite rock, overlooking not just the surrounding landscape but the River Forth.  Because it commanded the river, any conqueror who wanted to “take” Scotland had to take the castle.   410 more words

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Definitely + rain and + tea - not sure about the potatoes yet

Hello! Long time no blog.

I have officially moved to Stirling, in central Scotland. I have begun a new chapter in my life and a new adventure in the UK that I wish to document online (here) and offline (in scrapbooks decorated with ‘fancy but useless stuff’ like a friend of mine likes to point out). 654 more words


Spanish Churros Master: Bringing Iberian authenticity to Stirling

When I walked into Spanish Churros Master for the first time, I was a little worried that my concerns about its location had been valid. It sits on Cowane Street, sandwiched between a couple of drab flats, and opposite a set of billboards. 742 more words


Stirling Castle...

Coming here on a Sunday turned out to be a great decision. I’ve already posted how well the transportation worked out. There was one bit potential snag: once I got to Stirling, there were neither buses nor taxis available, at least not right off. 204 more words

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