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On getting tested

Fun fact: 1 out of every two people will contract an STI at some point in their life.

This can lead to some pretty nasty consequences. 433 more words


What's an At-Home STI Test Like? - Surprisingly Glam

The glam side to peeing in a cup is doing it beside a scented candle you saved for such a special occasion. 800 more words


Gential Warts

Good morning everyone! hope you’re all having a good start to the weekend. It’s bank holiday on Monday!!! I hope non of you are having to work. 577 more words

Sex, Age & Me: What everybody ought to know

Two years ago I wrote about the Sex, Age & Me project that we had launched in Australia. It is a national study of sex, sexual health, and relationships among older people led by the… 280 more words

Genital Herpes

Hello, hello! we’re back again. Third week in a row now! how time flies…
So STI Saturday this week will be looking closely at Genital Herpes… 782 more words


The Clap, The Drip, The Dose… are some common and uncommon slang terms for our next STI Saturday post; Gonorrhoea. This Saturday, you’re going to learn about what this weird sounding infection is, how common it is, what the symptoms are, how it’s treated and what can happen if you just leave the infection to do it’s thaang (spoiler alert: do not just leave it). 606 more words

Bệnh đường tình dục: Lậu (Gonorrhea)

Disclaimer: Nội dung của blog này mang tính tham khảo, không thể thay thế việc đi bác sĩ cũng như được chữa trị theo hướng dẫn của bác sĩ. 2,126 more words

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