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Highest STI rates found in young adults

Ireland has experienced huge changes in society over the last thirty years. While traditionally Ireland was a predominantly catholic and conservative country, attitudes and behaviours around sex are changing and with a more liberal contemporary Irish population emerging, our sex lives have transformed along with this. 942 more words


Comprehensive School-Based Sex Education is an Effective and Efficient way to Educate Adolescents

Addressing the sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents in Sub-Saharan Africa is vital, given the devastating impact of AIDS, the high rates of unintended pregnancy and the risk that those pregnancies may lead to unsafe abortions. 247 more words


Older people and sexual risk-taking: Combating rising STIs among older Australians

I’m excited to tell you about a project that has just started which will explore older Australians’ knowledge of, and safe sex practices in relation to, sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 140 more words

HIV 'Can-Opener' Molecule Exposes Virus's Most Vulnerable Parts; What It Means For Vaccine Development

While testing a recently developed molecule, JP-III-48, on samples from HIV-positive patients, researchers at the University of Montreal in Canada observed something groundbreaking. The molecule had the ability to open up HIV “like a flower.” Although this finding is still in its early stages, the team hopes it may set the foundation for new preventive HIV measures and even possibly a way to eliminate the virus from those already infected. 447 more words


Society launches new play about STIs

Last month, the Society launched the next leg of the tour of If It’s Not On, It’s Not On, our educational play about sexually transmitted infections. 230 more words


Adolescent girls more at risk of getting HIV/AIDS

Teenage girls in sub-Saharan Africa are five times more likely to be infected with HIV than boys, a new UN report says.

Nearly half of all the adolescents living with HIV globally are in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in East Africa, according to the report by the United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAids). 364 more words


International Condom Day "CondomsareCool" FLASHMOB by PHAU

Condoms have played a central role in Uganda’s official HIV prevention strategy for over two decades, but the country has yet to get it right, with condom use declining and the government unable to meet what demand does exist. 467 more words