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How Do I Not Hate Myself For Having Unprotected Sex?

Hey Ginzo,

I did something stupid last week and I am flipping out. Long story short I ended up hooking up with a stranger. The problem? 635 more words


Boner-watch and jizz-watch 

The morning after our 2nd date, the Bearded South African Man (BSAM) texted me, just a few minutes after leaving my flat.

I find this screenshot hilarious – I think it perfectly captures a date that has gone well. 2,121 more words


Birth Control: is it in you?

At a recent meeting of the Sexual Health Network of Ontario, health care providers came together to examine and extol the virtues of the Intra Uterine Device (IUD).  988 more words

Sexual Health

The Keratin Chastity Belt

I recently had my second date with the Bearded South African man (BSAM).

We had discussed me going to his for dinner, but somehow that didn’t feel right yet. 2,190 more words


Take sex education out of the classroom and restore it where it belongs

Being just 21 years old, I well remember my secondary school education. I often walk past the school I went to, bilateral (operating grammar and comprehensive systems simultaneously) and located in the north of Kent. 572 more words


STI’s 3 Year Dollar Cost Average Return of 6.3% p.a. | SGX My Gateway

(Source: sginvestors.io)


30 May 2017

30 May 2017

  • RSS Plans provide an alternative means for investors to build gradual STI exposure, make use of dollar cost averaging with performance measured by return rates.

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