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Platinum Magic

After writing a vagina post that went over a lot of people’s heads two years ago, we going back in now. Take the pun or leave it, it’s up to you. 407 more words

Three Tips to Having a Great Valentine's Day

Well, well, well…the day of amour and adoration is almost upon us my dear old chaps. And since I’m an honest fellow, I have no shame in saying that I simply revel in all that is Valentine’s Day. 483 more words

Doodles in the patient notes

Warning! You might see a male genital organ doodle in this post…

Working with a collection that covers a sensitive and stigmatised subject such as Sexual Transmitted Infections has its challenges. 271 more words

STIS: Tes Masuk STIS dan Tips Mengalahkannya

Saya sudah memperkenalkan STIS. Sudah pula memaparkan syarat-syarat untuk diterima sebagai mahasiswa STIS. Nah, pertanyaan berikutnya, apa saja yang mesti dilakukan untuk memperbesar kemungkinan diterima? 1,311 more words


Safer-sex in the over-60s

As part of our project Sex, Age & Me which we recently carried out in Australia we talked to 53 women and men* about their safer sex practices. 320 more words

Project continues: making our collections available

Our project to make available the archives related to the treatment of sexually transmitted infections held at the Royal London Hospital continues.

We have started a second phase of redacting these records in order to anonymise them. 407 more words

Reducing Your STI risks

Since we’re already embarking on the new year, I thought it only fitting to make my fellow chaps aware of one thing and one thing only… the prevention of STIs. 510 more words