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Knowing Your Limits

Everyone has their limits.

For example, some folks swear that they can’t knit drunk, whereas I’ll happily plod away at colourwork whilst sipping Chablis. However I… 621 more words


Sunday Hijinks at the Theater

As happens, if I’m really lazy one day of the weekend, I tend to actually get out and do things on the other. While I completely spaced on having my car looked at, I did venture out to do Sunday afternoon fun things. 529 more words

Everyday Normalcy

Playing shop

Yesterday, instead of our usual crafty exploits Clare ( read her blog here) and I played shops at Norwich Gift Emporium.

As part of our contract with them, we are required to volunteer to man the shop one day a month. 325 more words

Furry Testicle Scarf

I’m going to start off with a question. I’ll let you decide if it’s hypothetical or not. What on earth is the purpose of a long skinny knit scarf? 1,092 more words


Day 206: Learn to Knit

From Stitch and Bitch to queues to join the WI what used to be considered old and fuddy duddy is experiencing a bit of a renaissance in the UK. 202 more words


December 3rd

Today’s little instalment is what can only be described as a stitch and bitch…

My only issue being that I’m working while my friends are all out having fun. 37 more words


Day 165: Learn to Use a Sewing Machine

Back in the day, when you did your GCSE’s, you had to choose one subjects from each major category. One of those was from Design and Tech. 240 more words