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Gardens: a free chart for needlework or other crafts

The word of the month is Gardens, suggested by Cathy on Patreon. This version is encoded in base 8.

I usually develop a complicated knitting stitch pattern… 25 more words

Stitch Patterns

Gardens: a free lace knitting stitch

This month, the random number generator chose gardens, suggested by Cathy. In this hemisphere, it’s time to think of gardens, so it’s entirely apt. Also, I see alternating fronds in this stitch pattern. 664 more words


Peace: a free lace knitting stitch pattern

I’ve been working on rewriting my instructions for turning words into lace, and the example word I’ve been using is Peace. This chart and swatch will go into the instructions, but I also wanted to pull it out as a blog post of its own. 489 more words


Patterns that use my stitch patterns

If you like my stitch patterns, but you don’t want to figure out your own pattern for a finished object, you’re in luck! There are several designers who’ve used them in patterns you can buy, including me. 91 more words


The parts of a stitch pattern

These are fairly basic instructions. They aren’t meant to explain how to combine multiple stitch patterns in a single shawl or the fine details of designing something fitted like a sweater, but they should get you started. 1,266 more words


Green: a free lace knitting stitch pattern

This month, the random number generator chose green, suggested by Nim. It’s my favorite color! So this makes me happy. Also, it’s spring in the northern hemisphere, so that seems entirely appropriate. 813 more words


Omega: a free stranded knitting pattern

Omega is a Greek letter, used as the scientific symbol for the ohm,┬áthe unit for measuring electrical resistance. This makes it a useful symbol for resistance in general, and so I’ve made it into charts for your craftivism needs. 149 more words