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Designing Knitwear - Chapter 3

Ah, Chapter 3. This chapter almost killed my blog writing. I didn’t think I’d get through it. Don’t get me wrong – good info – amazing info as a matter of fact. 283 more words

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Buttercup, a free lace knitting pattern for five-petaled flowers

I’ve done one last set of outtakes from Wilderness. I found a five-petaled flower shape in it, and I haven’t seen many of those out there. 447 more words


Out of the wild, two free stitch patterns

When I designed Wild/erness, I was struck by various motifs I saw within it. Reading¬†Creating Original Handknitted Lace by Margaret Stove has given me more confidence about isolating motifs from lace, and so I thought I’d pull them out as stitch patterns in their own right. 754 more words


Wild/erness, a free chart for any craft

This chart or layout is suitable for any craft that’s worked on a grid. I’ve included ¬†a two-color grid as well as an idea for a way to work the design in many colors. 124 more words

Stitch Patterns

Wild/erness, a free lace knitting pattern.

Every month, my backers on Patreon can suggest a word for me to encode, and I use a random number generator to pick the word of the month. 681 more words


Designing Knitwear by Deborah Newton - Part 1

Instead of more simple books I’ve done lately, I thought I’d tackle a more “meaty” book. This one I realize will have to be done in a few parts. 351 more words

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Spikes and Posts 1

No, ……… not what you put around gardens to protect them – in fact, it might have been a good idea if we had used some bearing in mind the events of the last few weeks! 477 more words