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Designing Knitwear by Deborah Newton - Part 1

Instead of more simple books I’ve done lately, I thought I’d tackle a more “meaty” book. This one I realize will have to be done in a few parts. 351 more words

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No, ……… not what you put around gardens to protect them – in fact, it might have been a good idea if we had used some bearing in mind the events of the last few weeks! 477 more words


Etude no.8: an old asymmetrical pattern, mirrored

Something I’m wanting to work on in the long run is designing lace that has yarnovers on every row. This is intimidating me more than it probably should, so I decided to start with some baby steps. 627 more words


Embers, a cross-stitch pattern

(The chart will work for any craft worked on a grid, of course.)

I’ve been meaning to show how some of my secret code grids look when worked up as other crafts. 133 more words

Stitch Patterns

Embers, a free lace design

This month’s word, suggested by Nim on Patreon, is Embers. I’m pleased with the subtle vertical cables in this one and hope you enjoy it too! 256 more words


Crocheting School

Crocheting School has no author listed. It is a Italian translated book published by Sterling Publishing in 2002.

What did I think? I’ll give this one a… 245 more words

Stitch Patterns

Twice-Knit Knitting and Miniature Herringbone

Christine Guest recently wrote a really fascinating series of blog posts about a stitch from Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury that’s not commonly used: the Miniature Herringbone stitch. 604 more words