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A few things...

I know content has been light lately, and I do have an explanation: I’m job hunting! Job hunting is more than a full-time job, so my focus has been pulled around quite a bit. 421 more words


Nocturnal Notes: The Prequels

Drift Plume proudly presents NOCTURNAL NOTES

Returning for more, Nocturnal Notes is joining in a grand revival – a radio revival – the radio drama revival! 114 more words

Azure Lorica

PODCAST - #1: Don't Copyright "Happy Birthday to You"

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note: we are not live on iTunes or Stitcher yet, so follow us on twitter (@kaiandtyus) to find out when! 322 more words


Get Happy: How to Use Your Mind to Change Your Brain

Lewis Howes interviewed Dr. Rick Hanson on episode 207 of the podcast The School of Greatness and I listened when I woke up unusually early this morning. 424 more words


Give The Flak Podcast! (Promo #1)

Here at Give The Flak, we give you our opinions on the various types of entertainment in word form. This is of course fine if you’re reading this, but there are people out there who don’t like reading, and instead watch and listen to things. 164 more words


Upcoming shows! & Guests!

Hello lovely listeners!

We’ve got some amazing guests coming up for you! Our next episode with Steve Lubitz @WickedGood will be live on Wednesday August 5th! 88 more words

Podcast Update - iTunes, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio

We interrupt this semi-steady stream of Evangelion reviews to announce that 4kYeah has┬árecently been listed on iTunes and Stitcher! We’re working on also getting listed on iHeartRadio and a few other places as well, so hopefully you’ll soon be able to listen to our podcasts on your web radio platform of choice. 21 more words