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PSA The Art of Mindin Your Own Muthaf%%kin Business


This is a PSA for all of the meddlin, nosey, and messy folks who need to get them some business and stop worrying about what everybody else is doing! 159 more words


Ep 39 Hump Day #WildOutWednesday


In today’s episode Lish and Lindsey discuss 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for some one you like but really don’t want anything serious with…at all, also a really great alternative gift that may change your life. 109 more words


Episode 09 - Video Games

Video games have been part of popular culture since their inception, and as a group, we bloody love them.

In todays episode, we debate what the best and worst video game franchises were. 158 more words


Ep 38 Parks and Rec #TurnUpTuesday


*Warning Jo and Lindsey are on 1000 on this episode!!!!!*

Happy #TurnUpTuesday!!!

In today’s episode Jo, Lindsey, and Lish discuss Lindsey’s options for her new HD tv and her celebrity college friends,Jo does voice impressions, and the ladies share their semi serious ValentiMe’s gift ideas. 100 more words


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Consequence of Sound's Relevant Content - Relevant Content Episode 35: Yr Subway’s a Sucker | Listen 

Consequence of Sound’s Relevant Content

Relevant Content Episode 35: Yr Subway’s a Sucker 26 MINS 0:01:330:26:33 Episode Info James Murphy joins to discuss Subway Symphony. EMBED Show Info Consequence of Sound’s Relevant… 21 more words

Consequence Of Sound's Relevant Content Relevant Content Episode 35: Yr Subway’s A Sucker 26 MINS 0:01:32 0:26:33 Episode Info James Murphy Joins To Discuss Subway Symphony. EMBED Show Info Conseque

Is a podcast 'reading'?

So…. Last year I became obsessed with the wonderful world of podcasts.  You can probably guess what caused the sudden infatuation.  “Serial.” Yep, I followed along with the rest of the world the case of Adnan Syed and his life-long prison sentence.   297 more words