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Stitcher Radio Application

Stitcher Radio is an app, available free for both Android and Apple Operating Systems, that curates podcasts. With Stitcher, you simply search for the podcast you’re looking for, click on its’ page and click the plus button in the top right, then your podcast will be added to a custom playlist of your choice. 254 more words


The ultimate guide to customer disservice - Episode 130


In this powerful episode Jeff tells us all about his license to ill and his epic customer service fail. Dags talks fast food, hipsters and Michael Phelps. 44 more words


Don't Like iTunes? Now We're On Stitcher!

So you want to listen to Kimochi Uncensored but don’t, or can’t, use iTunes on your favorite mobile device? Why not check us out on Stitcher then! 103 more words


Listen | The Last Mixed Tape Podcast Episode Seven

HamsandwicH (photo by: Dara.Munnis)

Episode Seven of The Last Mixed Tape podcast is here featuring review of Ham Sandwich, Leo Drezden, Young Wonder & more. 187 more words


Costume Design

Starting as a professional Costume Designer before teaching theatre, Amelia Figg-Franzoi as designed costumes for Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Summer Dances, and Marquette University.  She also has worked as a Draper and stitcher in Ireland, New York and North Carolina. 82 more words

#ClutchandWiggle Episode 199 - Meatloaf Farts In Your Sunroof [Follow Up]

We started off hitting home runs before we hit record, but the following topics were actually recorded !

* Wiggle ponders, what IS mental masturbation… 277 more words


Listen to RBP on Stitcher Smart Radio

Even though this podcast has only been kicking it for 5 episodes, we’ve already reached a milestone.  Just earlier this week, Donny With Scissors announced on Facebook that… 149 more words

Donny With Scissors