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It's a Wrap!

Wendy features a guest, Sarah Fischer, and she talks about her book Elton Hall Chronicles: First Semester. Wendy talks about Joan confronting Kara about saying things about her behind her back.

Make Monday Great! Podcast Edition.

Yup, the weekend is over, you are back at work, and you don’t want to be. Thankfully I have some Podcasts for you to listen to so that you can survive the day (and week). 223 more words


Dying For Attention

In this episode of Pancakes and Milkshakes, Mo’Chris, Yo’Camz, and Sir Berry discuss attention seeking on social media. Tune in, write, rate, review, and subscribe!


Trying to Learn

For 2017, I made tons of resolutions. I realized that I have been so complacent with my life that I forgot that there is more to it than just working. 441 more words

Beardcast for April 20th 2017 Hymn Talk

This week we talk on the Beardcast we talk about Hymns and some of our favorites.

Find more of our Beardcast here.

Add us on your Apple Podcast  16 more words


My Brother Wrote a BOOK!

UPDATE TO POST- His book is now available on AMAZON also! Buy it here- Hi Diary

If you listen to the podcast then you have heard my brother, Todd. 82 more words


Becked out Monday👌

Listen to “4/10/17 -Syria Business…Dragged off a flight…because it’s full???” on Stitcher