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First blog post

So I was recommended WordPress by StrangeCodex, aka the other JB, and I thought I’d post something. Now I don’t know what to post…

How do you decide what aspects of your daily life are noteworthy? 288 more words

Granny Squares

In Ellie’s words:

When I first started crochet, granny squares was all I could do. After being shown the ropes at stitch n bitch, I improved my technique by watching Bellacoco on YouTube.

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Glitz and Glam

Diyana definitely wins the prize for the shiniest, most glam project in our Stitch & Bitch group. It’s not all crochet and deaf old ladies, Aaron! 124 more words

Tea Cosy

In Ellie’s words:

. As the first crochet project that I actually fully completed, I’m pretty pleased with it. Having worked on granny squares exclusively before, this required following instructions and counting.

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