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Bunnies & Bulldogs

…And here we are – modelled by Jennifer rockin’ her new ‘do :D
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Can’t wait to start working on more Gothic & Stitchpunk designs ^.^ 319 more words

Planet Neon Bunny

Number Seventy Four

October 20, 2009

…no, I have not seen the Movie 9 yet, but that didn’t keep me from whipping out one of those little goomers from the movie for my very own… 95 more words

Dennis Jones

Movie; 9

I’ve been finding alot of good movies lately haven’t I? Don’t worry, I go back to the shitty ones soon enough. Too be honest I didn’t want to review another movie that I liked, just for the purpose of it not being entertaining enough. 524 more words

Movie Review

Review: Nightmare Before Christmas

Before seeing this movie, I believed it to merely be a way to sell t-shirts and accessories to young girls who believed themselves to be quirky or creepy, but in a cuddly way. 1,443 more words


9 (2009)

“Sometimes fear is the appropriate response.”

* * * *

When I first saw 9, I was distracted, preoccupied, cranky. Something happened that almost never happens to me when I watch a movie. 446 more words

Grushenka Geusebach


As I have alreadt stated, I am a great fan of Steamounk and Clockpunk. Less so with cyberpunk, but there are some very good ones (Serial Experiments Lain, Vurt, etc). 167 more words

Eccentrics And Oddities

No.9 No.9 No.9

Last night I watched Tim Burton’s film ‘9’ on Blu Ray. I enjoyed the movie and the high definition picture really did the animation justice. I’ve heard it described as being ‘Stitchpunk’ which I assume is a derivation of Steampunk. 102 more words