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Feature Episode: Echoes of Light (and other stuff)

The new feature episode that came with the giant patches is “Echoes of Light”, which focuses on the Lukari’s (who we met in the episode “Sunrise”) first steps towards interstellar travel. 538 more words


2016-10-25 Tuesday

A) Group Stretch

B) Back Squat

Teams of Two
20 min Cap
150 DU
100 WB 20/14
100 STO 95/65
100 WB 20/14
150 DU


Gymnocalycium achirasense ssp. echinatum STO 540

Gymnocalycium achirasense ssp. echinatum STO 92-540/1 *

Argentina: El Volcan, San Luis, 850m

* Gymnocalycium achirasense ssp. echinatum (Neuhuber) V. Gapon 2010 = Gymnocalycium monvillei… 22 more words

San Luis

Agents of Yesterday Catchup II

Hey, who is this thick, formidable-looking woman, you ask? Why, this is my AOY toon Foxy Brown, with a new look and a new role in my STO head canon! 1,427 more words


Adventures of the Oculus

Captain’s log, Supplemental – The last six weeks had been a flurry of inquiries and investigations around what happened on the moon of Aphis VI. Regardless of the fact that we saved over 6,000 colonists, and made friendly first contact with the Aphisians as a result, we still interfered in an interstellar conflict that crippled the Cassini… and resulted in the loss of twenty two of my crew.  1,147 more words


Fistful o' Ships

Many  proud owners of the Galor, Jem’Hadar Dreadnought and Jem’Hadar Heavy Escort were left in tears, as yesterday’s patch came out with T6 versions of those three ships! 465 more words