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Congilla's new Jungle theme

I just saw the new 2016 Jungle Book on Netflix. Wow, that was a well-made movie! Have you seen it yet? If not, what are you waiting for? 588 more words


Q's Winter Wonderland

Holiday season on Star Trek Online, means earning a free tier 6 Breen ship. A few minutes a day, a quick race on the ice, turn in the vouchers be given a new ship. 10 more words


Phoenix Prize Packs and Dilithium Exchange Rates

Fair warning: This is not a happy post. Skip this if you don’t feel like reading my rant.

Last night the Phoenix PrizeĀ Packs… 1,263 more words


Faith Walking: Giving Beyond Where You Are [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about her long-established habit of giving. She discusses giving to the ministry at events, and recalls an event where the speaker was preaching about giving beyond where you are; giving in your faith. 148 more words

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T6 Escorts Comparisons

Whew! I pretty much blew my entire Zen reserve this Black Friday, and got myself a couple of new toys. Yes I got the brand spanking new T6 Science ship bundle, but no, today I want to discuss the… 1,174 more words


Just under halfway there...

Last weekend marked the half-time for earning the Boilermaker regarding time anyway. The easy operations have been completed and now the operations increase in difficulty turning from a few hours gameplay to investing in maybe 4 or 5 hours sessions over multiple days. 849 more words