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STO: Free Stuff.

In Star Trek Online (STO) the ships are split into Tiers from 1-6 with Tier 5 having a sub level call U, so you get T5 and T5-U. 686 more words


Star Trek Online 6th Anniversary

If you didn’t know, STO’s 6th Anniversary is in full swing now, with a new feature episode, a bunch of giveaways (some T4 ships), another lockbox (Mirror Incursion), and a special event/event ship to go with it.  667 more words


Happy Birthday Star Trek Online.

So Star Trek Online is running it’s 6 year anniversary, which looks like its going to entice me back into the fold again. Mainly cause there’s a chance to earn a Tier 6 Krenim science vessel but there is also some other give away’s as well. 104 more words

Today's broker rating changes:

Dexus raised to Neutral vs Underweight – JP Morgan

Charter Hall Retail raised to Neutral vs Underweight – JP Morgan

Aveo Group cut to Neutral vs Overweight – JP Morgan… 33 more words


STO and E:D

I got the winter T6 ship, then I busied myself with the R+D event to get most of my equipment upto mark XIV. I’ve not really noticed a great deal of difference, none of my stuff went up in rarity. 343 more words

Which Oil Companies Are Cutting Capex Most?

Energy industry analysts at Wood Mackenzie said Thursday morning that they have identified $380 billion in capital spending (capex) cuts on 68 existing oil and gas development costs. 478 more words

Energy Business


Look at my Christmas sweater!!! Today I’m in the office because it’s Wednesday and I’m already very busy napping and looking out the window.  Mom has a big presentation that she’s kind of nervous about so I’m going to help her later to ease some of her anxiety. Happy Humpday!