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Challenge in early gameplay for groups

A good chunk of my gaming time is devoted to playing MMOs with my husband and a close friend, it’s the reason why I often post on this blog about cooperative gameplay. 520 more words


Blasphemy? Carlos Celdran draws flak for Sto. Niño with Duterte’s superimposed face

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Image from Carlos Celdran’s Facebook page

Controversial tour guide again in the crosshairs of Duterte supporters
He drew flak after refusing to remove a critic’s pic of a Sto. 11 more words

New Ground Queue - Miner Instabilities

Included in yesterday’s patch is a new ground queue called Miner Instabilities, which is appropriately 23rd Century and AOY-based. Given the poor performances of the two AOY space queues (which made farming Temporal Marks difficult), and the relative dearth of active ground queues lately, this one is particularly noteworthy. 796 more words


Why some people didn't get the Latinum-plated T6 Grand Nagus Marauder. Unsubscribe is deadly.

Update (1): We’re getting reports of people not having/ or have been unsubscribed to the emails associated with this and other promotions.  See the bottom of this post for instruction on how to check your subscriptions status. 857 more words


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Lootcritter offers a possible explanation on the latest STO controversy -- an unannounced free ship redeem code emailed to some STO players, with a secretive eligibility requirement that got a bunch of players all riled up. Sounds like a case of good-intentions-turned-PR-nightmare to me! In any case, that is one seriously GAUDY ship! It looks like someone suffering from Sudden Wealth Syndrome. Flaunt it, baby! XD

Summer Gaming, something's begun...

Well summer 2016 is looking good for gaming, in the games that I play. It might need a bit of time management to complete all my targets! 743 more words


Santos, Qantas set for sharp moves on oil - CLSA

With Brent crude diving -4.6% to $US46.26 a barrel last night as US gasoline and distillate inventories came in higher than expectations, CLSA anlyst Angus McGeoch says he remains cautious on crude oil from from a technical perspective with a break below the $45.83-$45.91 support level seeing prices headed towards the $30’s. 74 more words


The AOY Queues

In the last week I made it a point to repeatedly run the two new STF queues that came out with the Agents of Yesterday expansion, partly to get the Temporal Defense Reputation going and partly for review purposes. 948 more words