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My STO Fleet experience

One of the big changes that was pushed out with Season 10.5 is the concept of Armadas, allowing up to 13 Fleets to become affiliated (One alpha, three betas, nine gammas). 832 more words


ثمانية وخمسون

Yesterday I went on a hike through the Redwood Regional Park.  It was a boys day out and no girls were allowed to join us.  Just us nature men and the trail.


سبعة وخمسون

On Mondays, I like chillin’ on mulch instead of peeing on it.


ستة وخمسون

Today is this dude’s birthday.  He hangs out with mom a lot and sometimes he tags along to our adventures out to beaches, hikes and walks.   76 more words


خمسة وخمسون

This is a Throw Back post to yesterday when mom and I were chillin’ at the office.


اربعة وخمسون

It’s office Wednesday and it’s HOT HOT HOT by mom’s office! Goodness gracious! It’s supposed to get up to 107 in the Valley! Bernie and I are trying to keep cool here but I think this weather is bullshit.   13 more words


Engagement at Korvat IV

The story of the Determination‘s first fight with the Heralds. 2,334 more words