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Sooo... uhh, when? :)

  • The Motion Picture interiors
  • Sovereign full interiors
  • Scimitar/more romulan interiors
  • Defiant frigates :)
  • Disco interiors
  • Disco klingon outfits/species visuals

I know interiors have been neglected in the past years because of… 122 more words


Canadian Shield with Roy with Guest TacehT

Canadian Shield with Roy with guest appearance TacehT
I have been asked Join Roy on his show ” Canadian Shield” on http://kirtangpirateradio.com/  Come join us for music and fun Sunday 18th 12pm|2pmCST|3pmEST


Incoming T6 Allied Pilot Escorts

Rumors about the new T6 Allied Pilot Escorts have circulated for a while now, and it’s finally announced. Here is the official news.

About time the old Kumari gets a T6 upgrade! 2,681 more words


Fiction - Star Trek Online First Contact (Speculative Exobiology)

I finally finished the boring and frustrating Omega Event grind and got the Bajoran Interceptor for all my toons. While I have no intention of flying it, any ASS card is good and the console that comes with it looks pretty useful… especially on Phaser builds and I have 3 toons who can benefit from it. 947 more words


Salt by @Lamboginny

Based on popular demand, Afro – dancehall star, Lamboginny succeeding the release of his debut SALT album late last year has officially unleashed the iconic fashioned Afrobeat tune “Salt” off the loaded album. 68 more words


Honored Dead starship trait got nerfed too far

So here is the thing, before nerf stacks were easy to get even to max stacks and I know that was too powerful and it had to be nerfed, so this is not a rant… 136 more words


random rant about some random flaws in STO's ground gameplay...

ground trait Stubborn: "activate to escape from any hold", etc. – except: pretty much any hold NPC's inflict on players. such a mighty ability that it requires a 4 minutes cooldown to balance for that it does pretty much nothing ever. 314 more words