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Catscort Stats

Alright, following up on yesterday’s announcement of incoming Catscorts, here is theĀ post about their stats. 1,474 more words


Season 13 Announced

Cryptic just announced Season 13, Escalation, will be incoming. That’s an interesting picture though… where is this, exactly? Those neon signs look kinda like katakana, written by clueless gaijin with poor pensmanship! 587 more words


Star Trek Online Build Theory on Console

Star Trek Online has been out now on PS4 and Xbone for almost seven months, and over the course of the last seven months, myself and several others that I play regularly with have worked and researched on how to build good ships for running elite and advanced queues. 2,362 more words

Star Trek Online

Cat-Scorts Time

Something new for today: The kitties get new ships! S’right, the Caitians and the Ferasens get their first T6 ships in STO, and they look to be coming with a new play mechanic as well. 944 more words


Nothing Endures but Change

Ground combat changes came out a couple of weeks ago, but… not to marginalize you groundpounders out there… I’m sure the majority of players are more interested in the space combat changes. 1,482 more words


Star Trek Online Getting Patch - J&J Show (Ep. 6)

So, it appears STO is on PS4 and Xbox One is getting patched today, along with getting The Breach Event later on this week. 270 more words

STO - Turret Fun - Crystalline Cataclysm Adv.

On a whim, coming back to STO after a 12 day vacation into the lands of Horizon Zero Dawn, I decided to lazily through some turrets on the T6 Keldon and give her a whirl. 191 more words

Star Trek Online