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Will Be Closing

Friends, No doubt selling Put Options is a great way to generate current income from out of the market, and I may certainly continue to do some of this in the future… 316 more words

The Complete Guide to Understanding Equity Compensation at Tech Companies

I’ve hired hundreds of tech employees, and recently started Comparably to make workplace compensation and culture more transparent. Most private tech companies offer equity as part of team members’ compensation package, but employees rarely understand the value and most important aspects of this arrangement. 2,056 more words


That Was Quick!

Just Bought to Close my 2 Carnival Cruise CCL Oct $45 Puts for $25 each. Since I had received $336.51 for them, I will have netted about $285. 98 more words

News to Come

Yes, I have received more recommendations from those 2 sources I referenced earlier, and yes, I have put another position on. As these open positions play out, and particularly as I might Buy to Close any, I will report on the result of each. 83 more words

Not Going to Post Others' Recos

It’s a character issue and a matter of propriety. My goal here was to train myself to make good recommendations for Put Sale candidates from out of my own effort, hard work and research. 856 more words

Selling Puts, Generating Income

From a reliable source, I read of selling the General Mills Oct $65 Puts.

I have just Sold to Open 2 GIS Oct $65 Puts for a gross of $274. 48 more words

How's It Workin' Out?

To date, since I started selling Puts on May 27, and closing positions out on June 29, almost 3 months ago, I have netted $2,131 in income very conservatively. 190 more words