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A Thoughtful Response to Speculative Options Traders

I hope my readers have noticed that I do not endeavor to speculate on how you can make a ton of money if the stock goes in a certain direction and if the market does so-and-so if you theoretically bought a call and the stock soared, or bought a put and the stock took a dive. 327 more words


Is It Time to Retire Securities Act Form S-8?

Every securities lawyer knows that offers and sales of securities must either be registered under the Securities Act of 1933 (Securities Act) or made pursuant to an applicable exemption.  4,005 more words

Securities Regulation

Things to Consider Before 2017 Ends

We are coming in the close of the year, which means I need to consider how I want the timing of the last round of purchases to go. 428 more words


PSA. Hurry! 

Act now! Don’t wait! Great investment! Don’t miss out! This is what you see from advertisers that are selling something, they push and push and act like they have your best interest at heart. 78 more words


How does Options work?

An option grants certain rights to its owner. An option imparts certain obligations on the seller.

Rights of an option owner

If the option owner chooses to do what the contract allows, and if that decision is made before the expiration date, then the option owner is said to exercise the option. 214 more words

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Go for the Gold and get out of the Ford

There has been a lot of talk and activity around the recent dip in the market, some of it associated with apparent political uncertainty. There are two items that stood out to me, among the morass of items that one can find in the financial news, amongst the blogs and gossip mongers. 668 more words

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