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Hedging your Money with Calls


What if your stock goes down?

What if your company has some bad news and the market reacts?

While investing in my ESPP has given me the 10% discount, the stock has never once dropped so far that it wiped out my headstart. 669 more words


A Bird In The Hand...

… doesn’t take four years to “vest”.  A bird in the hand is an actual asset, not a promise to let you gain an asset later at a locked in price! 328 more words


STCG & ESPP, Pros and Cons


In this post, I try to answer the question, “Is it worth it to go through this process if we have to pay so much money in short term capital gains tax?”, and I think I am on to something in my justification, but it is never easy to see the money leave. 545 more words


Sell the Call! An In-Depth Intro and Example


Options are contracts. 1 option contract represents 100 shares of stock. Like any contract, it is between 2 parties that are in agreement, and there is a mediator that charges a fee. 779 more words


Q and A (with myself) About my Process


Q: What does ESPP mean?

A: ESPP means Employee Stock Purchase Plan, and it’s a program that(possibly) most large publicly traded companies have created as an added benefit to their employees. 467 more words


Why Uber may see a fresh flood of departures in the not-too-distant future

Last year, we told you about the employees at Uber who were seemingly handcuffed to the company, noting that those whose shares were vested can’t afford to quit. 461 more words


Step 1: ESPP. Step 2: Diversify


I have been using my ESPP to “Filter” money into my IRA. Since I like to keep an even 100 shares of company stock that I can use to sell call options on, about once per year I will be assigned the option, and instead of rolling it back in through the ESPP, I put about half of it into the IRA. 243 more words