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Not Going to Post Others' Recos

It’s a character issue and a matter of propriety. My goal here was to train myself to make good recommendations for Put Sale candidates from out of my own effort, hard work and research. 856 more words

Selling Puts, Generating Income

From a reliable source, I read of selling the General Mills Oct $65 Puts.

I have just Sold to Open 2 GIS Oct $65 Puts for a gross of $274. 48 more words

How's It Workin' Out?

To date, since I started selling Puts on May 27, and closing positions out on June 29, almost 3 months ago, I have netted $2,131 in income very conservatively. 190 more words

So Long, Take the Money and Run!

I had Sold to Open 1 GILD Sept $80 Put to receive a $231 premium some time ago. That one was in trouble, and had me underwater most of the time it was open, but it was never exercised. 142 more words

All Options are on the Table

All options are on the table! WOOOT!!!! But what do I mean by that? As those of you who’ve been following my adventures in the stock market know, I’m currently very cautious when it comes to the market overall. 976 more words

Value Investing

Fixed My Dumb Error

I recently “Sold to Open” 2 RHI Dec $35 Puts… but, I didn’t. I actually Bought to Open 2 RHI Dec $35 Puts, and PAID $233.47 for them. 104 more words

Sold 1 VZ Put

On Tuesday, I Sold to Open 1 VZ Oct $52.50 Put for a gross of $221. I netted $217.75.

I committed a gaffe with my last post about selling 2 RHI Puts. 82 more words