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What I've Learned Trading Options - So Far

I just recently started trading options. I have been trading stocks as an individual investor for many, many years. In all my years of trading I always invested in stocks in a very straight forward way. 1,631 more words


Why CEOs make over 300 times more than workers

By David Nelson, CFA

Income inequality will be a central theme for Democrat and Republican candidates as we head into the election cycle. Both sides of the aisle know what’s at stake and the importance of positioning their policies as a cure for what some call a cancer sweeping the nation. 1,053 more words

David Nelson

stock buybacks: the curious case of IBM

Regular readers will know that I’m not a fan of stock buybacks by companies.  I believe that even though buybacks are advertised as returning cash to shareholders in a tax-efficient way, their main effect–even if not their purpose–is to keep the dilutive effects of management stock options away from the attention of ordinary shareholders.   731 more words

Stock Market

Share Buybacks - Good or Bad?

   By Bob Shapiro

Buy Low and Sell High!

Though this is what investors aim for, many (most?) wind up doing just the opposite. Companies buying or selling their own shares are notorious for their awful timing. 829 more words

Paying for Long-Term Performance (a normative view)

Bebchuk and Fried wrote in 2009 a since then classical article on “Paying for Long-Term Performance”, in which they addressed one of the problems that if not at the roots of the 2008 economic crisis, nevertheless helped increase the damages generated by it, (particularly within the financial sector). 1,000 more words


Too Big to Change: A Look at Canadian Executive Compensation

Brynne Moore

A recent report released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) found that the compensation levels of Canada’s wealthiest 100 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) 929 more words

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