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Your Home Is A Company

Nothing better than waking up to a positive earnings surprise and big profits. Nothing worse than waking up to an earnings miss and heavy losses in your portfolio. 392 more words

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CryptoWealthFund Future Investments


Cryptowealthfund.com is a Dubai based mining and forex trading company which has an application for mining in different currencies, forex trading, stock option and high yield investment sites. 308 more words

Researchers Find Companies Issue More Stock Options When They're Committing Fraud

Researchers from Arizona State University, Rutgers, and Columbia Business School have found that companies issue more stock options to employees when they’re falsifying financial statements. Because stock prices often tumble when a company is accused of deceiving investors, spreading options around gives employees an incentive to keep quiet. 290 more words


How is short selling different from buying the put?

Two strategies stand out to profit in a bear market: short selling stocks and buying put options.

Both are ways to profit when the market is weak, but that’s where many similarities end. 603 more words

Stock Options

How do companies use derivatives to hedge their bets?

Just like individuals can use derivatives to hedge the bets, companies do the same thing. Their approach is a little more sophisticated, but a lot of the principles remain the same. 531 more words

Stock Options

Stock Books Are Not Checkbooks

Leo Bloom: “She also owns 50 percent of the profits.”
Max Bialystock: “Mrs. Alma Wentworth.”
Leo Bloom: “She owns 100 percent of the profits.”
Max Bialystock: “Leo, how much percentage of a play can there be altogether?” 532 more words

$50-million richer: Trump rally makes stock options great again for some CEOs

BOSTON — Donald Trump once described Jamie Dimon as “the worst banker in the United States,” but the president-elect has helped make the boss of JPMorgan Chase & Co US$50 million richer. 878 more words