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Thinking of joining a startup for stock options. Think Again!

So ,are you planning to join that not so known startup over a regular
regular companies because the are offering stock options which seem to… 565 more words


Out of Apple, Rolling WMT options to next week.

Our new website will be up soon, and at that time we will start accepting subscriptions again.
Also, at that time, this WordPress blog will close and migrate to DeepPocketOptions.com. 531 more words


AOL’s CEO will make millions from the Verizon deal

AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong reportedly stands to collect $180 million from the company’s acquisition by Verizon , according to The Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper adds he won’t be eligible for a good amount of that money until a year after the deal closes. 165 more words


My Failed Military Career And Why I'm Thrilled About It

Can you tell me what you remember, Mr Bliss?

Well, they took blood from my arm and then it started to hematoma. The blood under my skin got to be about the size of my thumb.

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GlaxoSmithKline: Still Profiting Off Their Death, Suicide, And Addiction Drug- Seroxat.

This GSK poison Seroxat (Paxil/Aropax) should have been banned over a decade ago.. but with still almost 500 million dollars in sales (most likely because of the long term addicts who can’t quit it)… GSK are not going to give it up anytime soon… And Anyhow GSK CEO Andrew Witty has long made his millions, however it’s all blood-money so enjoy it Sir Andrew, enjoy the GSK blood-money, think about all the deaths GSK drugs have caused when you’re playing with your stock options when you retire..

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WilmerHale discusses Final Section 162(m) Regulations Clarify Transition Rules for Newly Public Companies and the Per Participant Limit Requirement

Following the issuance of proposed regulations in June 2011, the Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations on March 30, 2015 clarifying certain exceptions to the compensation deduction limitation imposed by Section 162(m) of the Internal Revenue Code.  692 more words

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What is Enterprise Value? How do you calculate it?

Enterprise Value (EV) or Firm Value is an economic measure that indicates the total value of a company. It measures how much an acquirer needs to pay to buy a company. 761 more words

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