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Bot to Close POT Sep $16 Put

In keeping with my rule of securing at least 80% of my received premium, I just Bought to Close the Potash, September $16 Put, so as to net 80+% of the premium of $172.75. 85 more words

Reco to Sell LH Nov $135 Puts

I learned from a well established options pro that it might be a good time to Sell to Open LH Nov $135 Puts for about $4.30. 42 more words

My First Stock Find Put Sale

As per an earlier post… I do stock research and stock market timing on another blog. That’s here: https://dividendgrowthinvesting.wordpress.com/

I put all 23 of my stock selections into a watchlist with stockcharts.com. 306 more words

It's All I Do Here!

This just came my way, and I thought it an excellent explanation. Perhaps you will, too!

How to Become a Stock Market Landlord
By Dr. 941 more words

Let Me Try This On

Received word from a reader of my stock blog, who also reads here. He goes by the handle, “Olddog”. He correctly perceived from this blog that I want to sell Puts on stocks I’d be willing to own, so why am I not selling Puts on this blog on those stocks I identify a few times a week on my stock investing blog, found here?:  https://dividendgrowthinvesting.wordpress.com/ 230 more words

Warren Buffett and Dow Chemical (DOW)

Today’s Wall Street Journal contains a front page article that will be widely viewed on Wall Street, I think, as a bit of comic relief. 300 more words

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Bot to Close 2 CSCO Sept 30 Puts, kept $100

The 2 CSCO Sept $30 Puts I sold on July 22 for $.66 each, to net $128.52, were just Bought to Close for $.12 apiece, plus commission and fees, I should have netted just a bit more than $100. 140 more words