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Rival Stocks

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What's My Reason To Trade Stocks?

Of all the things I could choose from to start with no experience or prior history or interaction, trading stocks for quick gains is what I choose. 725 more words


Knowing What You Own Is Hard Enough. Snug Your Focus. 5 Market Topics You Can Skip, Responsibly. Mostly.

Learn the major dynamics of the market, but don’t waste time digging for a fine understanding of everything.  That’s a mission no one can afford.  Take a clue from the nail.  1,572 more words


Why Stock Trading and Blogging?

Most of everything that I will be sharing with you isn’t necessarily because I want to share with you. It’s so that I slowly start to get my mind uncluttered. 707 more words


5 Tips of Online Trading for Beginners

Share trading has become a popular source of income for many. It involves buying and selling shares in the market to gain profits. However, in this internet generation, it has become a rising trend of… 325 more words


February 1, 2018 -- A Dip But Still Going Up

Well, here I am again, trying to handle things for my poor elderly mother who now cannot get out of bed. The decline has been pretty fast, and I live 2,000 miles away. 67 more words

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