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Becoming stock broker isn’t easy. It is stressful, but financially rewarding and EXCITING. Hey, all I can do is motivate you. A career as a stock broker needs some years of education, commitment to clients success and training of course. 318 more words

The Markets, China, and Charts

The Talking Heads are all a-twitter about China. It is the Story du Jour. Please remember:

“There is always a story. -E.M.Smith”

At one time I spent a few years trying to figure out The Stories. 1,903 more words

Economics - Trading - And Money

Invest Like a Champ, Not Like a Chump. Starting From the Beginning

Once the 401k is maxed out per year, the debt is gone, well, maybe there’s still that mortgage, and a nice little nest egg is growing, it’s time to have your hard-earned money start working for you.   1,184 more words


"Rafi, you'll have come up with your own topic today, we're too busy with the market collapse."

I just called one of my editors for a topic. He answers the phone and I hear screaming in the background. I ask if everything is OK. 33 more words

The Jewish Libertarian Blog

Tweeting PSE Traders

I generated a word cloud from the tweets generated by key traders (Philippine market) and finance people in the Philippines for the whole month of August. 30 more words

Stock Trading

August 2015 Portfolio Update #2

Given the recent volatility in the market, and the fact that I haven’t posted anything in almost 2 weeks, (been busy at the bar, no joke) I’ve decided to write a second August portfolio update. 765 more words