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All is not happy is Dot.Com land...

Call this the bursting of the second “Second Dot.com bubble.”

As the Nasdaq has climbed back to his its 2000 highs, a rally in that time fueled by the frenzy of the  “First Dot.com bubble’, this latest climb has again featured may internet related stocks, notable long-time leaders like AMZN, FB, and IACI, but also many newcomers. 156 more words


Coal Stocks - the great short of the milennium

The media headlines Monday said the Supreme Court ruled against the EPA on mercury emissions in coal-fired electric generation, “giving the coal industry a victory.” According to the stocks, now pretty much in free fall again, the media got it wrong. 94 more words


The Sun Rises and Sets with greed and fear

The stock market runs up and down on fear, greed and time and, despite massive discussions of fundamentals, not much else.

CNN Money’s “Fear and Greed,” a index made up from a… 238 more words


Greece heading for the exit door? Or is it just a one big pantomime?

In the financial world, the recent hot topic is Greece. Will they or won’t they? Frankly, from my own perspective, I don’t think the EU will let Greece exit the Eurozone, a compromise will be reached in the end and bailout fund will be released. 841 more words

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Where’s The Money Coming From?

Now that we’ve targeted an early retirement date, we need to come up with a way to replace my salary and cover expenses.  Lucky for me, Mrs. 632 more words

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Too many sells, too many oversolds...

From Twitter yesterday (6/29/15):

On my #Nifty50StockList — 48 on sells, 31 oversold…that's the swing bottom or the beginning of the bottom. #SwingTrading #MarketTiming.

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