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Personal Finance Concepts You Should Know - Concept 3: Insurance

Understanding insurance it critical for managing your finances.  Some insurance products just aren’t worth the price.  Others are critical to have during different periods of your life or you could find yourself destitute.  1,818 more words


Generation Y and Health Insurance

Generation Y has gotten a bad rap, and it really isn’t deserved.  OK, the students protesting for free tuition and a $15 minimum wage on campus obviously haven’t done the math and clearly don’t understand much about economics. 1,451 more words


Option's Greeks

If you’re an option buyer, high gamma is good as long as your forecast is correct.

If you’re an option seller and your forecast is incorrect, high gamma is the enemy. 66 more words

Stock Trading

Personal Finance Concepts You Should Know - Concept 2: Investment Risk

Understanding and using risk to your advantage is how you maximize your investment returns while still making sure you have the money you’ll need to eat next week.  867 more words


TradeWiseFX €25 Forex Bonus No Deposit

TradeWiseFX €25 as free Forex Bonus no deposit when you open new account with them. Forex bonus accounts are available for new clients only.
How to get the bonus? 18 more words


Don't Let Other People Spend Your Money

Probably one of the biggest factors that keeps us from saving and investing is other people. Everyone will talk about how great it is when you go on a diet or start an exercise routine, but they are only too happy to guilt you into eating a jelly doughnut or skipping a morning jog. 663 more words