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My trading journey started back in 2008 during the  real-estate bubble/crash.  I think most everyone knows the phrase “buy low, sell high.”  So when we had that big crash down, I was working a job that payed pretty well at the time.   735 more words


Bull Market Full Steam Ahead!

No Stopping this Rally…we now hit 70 RSI…..let conciliators tell you when to take profits.

Online Day Trading: Essential Techniques Required

Today, online day trading has become very popular. With a convenience that internet has to provide, even trading can be carried out online which results in more number of people involved. 467 more words


Gap Up

Holy Crap!!!

I just had a mental bomb. I’ve heard Tim Sykes talk about the Gap Up strategy but have never really understood what he meant. 136 more words

Day Trading

Easy 100% Return in 1 Month

First week of Trading this year The Money Flow trading system went long JNUG. I have been long for 30 plus days. Long at $6.25 – $6.50 range today we sit at $12.34. 77 more words

Enhance your Profitability with the Eight Rules of Online Day Trading

Often traders ask many other traders to offer them a guide so that it can allow them in rectifying their mistakes and can earn good money with a minimum risk in online day trading. 387 more words


Reliable Tips for Online Day Trading.

There are a large number of ways of generating wealth and one of the successful way is day trading. It can be very successful for people who trade on their own stock market. 426 more words