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How much can we support?

Support is one of the most amazing concepts in stock trading. A concept that once learned can create so many plays. Some entire strategies are based solely off of support. 298 more words

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Teaching Personal Finance in School

A dyed red-haired rapper criticizes the public education system in a viral YouTube video, “Don’t Stay in School“.  Looking back at my education, I remember learning the capitals of the states for no apparent reason.   1,090 more words


Silicon Valley’s Real-Life Walter White Now Sells Coffee to Millennials

Fans of the show Breaking Bad will notice a few parallels between real-life entrepreneur Chris Cooper and Walter White, the series’ teacher-turned-drug-dealing protagonist.

Like White, Cooper graduated from the California Institute of Technology and, just like White, used his chemistry skills to run a meth lab. 683 more words


$TSLA and market timing...(updated)

Not confirmed yet but if the market stays down it appears after 45 days of rally, the market may begin to take a tumble today.  And if today’s downside trigger follows through, there could be a full-blown correction in the making. 257 more words

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Financial Options for Paying for Retirement

So perhaps you’ve been saving and investing for years, and now retirement is in your sights.  The question now is, “How do I use the money in my retirement accounts and other savings to pay for things in retirement?”  Today I thought I’d discuss some considerations and ideas. 1,466 more words


Artificial Intelligence, Part 1 (IBM)

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing. It is no longer sci-fi but a tangible reality which is affecting business and the economy, albeit on a limited scale. 967 more words


#MarketTiming - the rally gets long...in the tooth

TREND TRADE: Long from open, 1/4.

SWING TRADE: Long from open, 1/4.

DAY/SCALP TRADE: Buying the dips…

PRICE TREND: Nasdaq up 6 days.


The rally, which began on the open of 1/4, is now five days old.  268 more words

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