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#OptionsTrading - with a dazzling 10 days up in the Nasdaq...

Just a side note on options with the Nasdaq up 10 days in a row (chronicled in the posts below) for the fun of it. 263 more words

$SPY and $QQQ - not good behavior...

Both SPY and QQQ gapped up today but both meandered all day pretty much below each’s respective open. That is not good behavior despite the gap gains. 275 more words

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$TQQQ and company - up 9.8%...

Simply, the market will go up until it goes down.

The general market, measured by the Nasdaq, continued up today for the ninth day in a row. 246 more words

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$QQQ - Ain't got nothing but love, babe, eight days a week...

The Nasdaq Composite and its relevant ETFs – QQQ and the 3x-leveraged TQQQ – are now up eight days in a row.

Said in yesterday’s entry here that the momentum in an index that can rise seven consecutive days often only allows a one-day dip before resuming its rally. 221 more words

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$RACE - Ferrari racing up the Darvas stairs...

At the risk of oversimplification, the most effective ways to trade stocks is to keep it simple.

One of the best ever at this was Nicholas Darvas. 231 more words

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Trading Alert - Calling a Stock Market Crash Between End of August, End of September

I explain why here.

Read that first.

Yesterday I entered the following positions in order to prepare:

4 contracts XBI Sept. 15, 2017 61 PUT, at $0.19 a contract, total cost $76… 83 more words

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TOP Questions About Stock Market

Listed below are the top questions I commonly heard from my families, friends and loved ones when I mentioned about stock market investing. I wrote down here as a guide for other readers who might have the same questions… 888 more words

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