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Al Gore just sold $29 million of Apple stock (AAPL)

Former US Vice President Al Gore sold 215,437 shares of Apple this week at an average price of $136.72 per share — a transaction netting him about $29.4 million.  49 more words

This Rally in Stocks is Doomed: Goldman

From Wolf Street, by Wolf Richter

Hoped-for tax reform & infrastructure spending will disappoint.

Stocks have surged to new highs since the election, from already very lofty levels, on the theory that the Trump Administration and Congress would create policies that would pile enormous benefits on Corporate America – and do so pronto. 739 more words


Stock Markets Go Up And Down

The stock market fell sharply one Thursday last year, but staged a partial recovery before the closing bell. On Friday, the market continued it’s downward trend with another 112 point slide. 19 more words

An Introduction to Stock Market Data Analysis with Python (from Curtis Miller)

If you’re new to doing data analysis and Python, Curtis Miller put together two great posts from one of his collegiate lectures. They show how to leverage Python, the Pandas library and open source data to conduct an analysis. 120 more words

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Morton Investment takes $9,930 stake in Alphabet (GOOG)

Alphabet (GOOG) is officially the first company to gain investment from the Morton Investment virtual portfolio.

Morton Investment bought 12 shares of Google’s parent company at market open today at a price of $827.50.  35 more words


Here's who is going to get rich from the Snap IPO

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Snap’s hotly-anticipated IPO is going to make a lot of money for its founders, investors and early employees. 

The company is seeking to price its share sale… 611 more words

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恆指呢排都一路升, 24000點附近. 見手上建行由5個幾升到6個幾, 以往我係無理會,繼續持貨. 但呢排都有諗如果組合入面有啲股大升都應該減持下, 下啲現金. 遲啲可能要用錢.

心郁郁係6.4附近想放幾次, 但都不成功, 最後係22/2/2017 沽4000 #939 @6.44 (後尾再升上6.47), 用以前買入平均價計差差等於今年會收到既息, 咁好似安心左, 之後建行再升就由佢一路升, 跌就好似平時咁持貨.

同日22/2/2017買入2000 #883 中海油 @9.36 . 做左個換馬動作, 今次係第一次咁做, 一沽一買.

中海油本身有貨,都要買得唔平, 所以再增持下, 油價慢慢升緊. 不過日日消息都唔同, 日日新聞都可以唔同, 琴日預期仲有好多油, 又話下跌, 今日又可以話出乎預期減少產量, 跟住又話升.

所以我都無理. 做左呢個換馬暫時今日睇都仲OK, 岩定錯決定真係過一排先知.