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The Land of the Midnight Sun

We thought Fjord Norway was picture perfect. Then we ventured further north, second stop, the Lofoten Islands. Wow! We were bedazzled! As pretty as it can ever get, the very epitome of the image you may have in your mind of Nordic villages with red, wooden, seaside cottages, perched on rocky outcrops, basking in the sun. 1,926 more words


September Melbourne Audio Club meeting

AKSA amps  presented by Hugh Dean including his latest, first half of the meeting with the 100 Watt Aksa, then the new all MOSFET version which sounded even better. 91 more words

Melbourne Audio Club, Osborne and Rockian

Greg Osborne http://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/ demonstrated some of his latest electronics: a new CD player top of the Consonance range and some great sounding amps. His big speakers sounded as good as ever, some highlights were SACDs from Mobile Fidelity (Stevie Ray Vaughan) and a new Stockfisch sampler. 27 more words

Melbourne Audio Club and top quality CDs

Great meeting last Wednesday, Ian and Bev from Rockian had lots of specials for sale, including plenty of vinyl. The equipment provided by Greg Osborne was excellent too. 93 more words