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Bare feet vs. stocking feet

What do you prefer? bare feet or Stocking feet?

I love both haha. I really love to watch a lady removing or putting on their pantyhose. 96 more words

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Stocking Legs


I take comfort in my socks. No, not just because they’re “comfortable”… it’s more than that.

I take comfort in the thought that my feet are going to be warm and protected and if they get wet—I can get a new pair. 65 more words


The Pleasures of Winter's Imprisonment

I do think that readers and writers and poets like winter, that quiet contemplative season.  (However, I’ve noticed that painting and drawing are more of a challenge because of the lack of light.)  Writer Timothy Egan recently wrote an interesting blog post about just this theme of creativity in winter — you can read it… 177 more words


Peter the Elf

Long time ago deep within the forest

Lived an elf by the name of Pete

He was dressed in all his finery

Wearing clogs upon his feet… 111 more words

Poetry Written By Malcolm Bradshaw

Not Sensing Anything Newly Tragic

When he awoke he was stiff from lying in the back seat the whole night.  Light was just beginning to creep into the van in the predawn hours of what was promised to be a good weather day.  576 more words


Furious Friday

Main Entry: black

Part of Speech: adjective

Definition: angry

Synonyms: enraged, fierce, furious, hostile, menacing, resentful, sour, sullen, threatening

Antonyms: happy

So, BLACK Friday is properly named then, isn’t it? 673 more words