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Minimalism | Too much of something is not enough

Right now, we have enough toilet rolls in our house that if we used one a day we wouldn’t need to buy any until, wait for it, the first of June. 318 more words


My cache flow problem (or I'm not really a hoarder. Mostly)

I have a tendency to keep a lot of food in my home. Way more than I need. Not in a wasteful way. In fact, I have such strict portion control that I throw away very little food. 675 more words


Fill the Freezer

Looking for ways to stock up with delicious home-cooked freezer meals? Look no further!

I have to apologize to you, my dear readers. I haven’t published a new post in nearly a month.  810 more words

Freezer Friendly

Stocking Up for Baby

One of the best things about having a second child is knowing what is coming. Sure, each baby is different, and each situation is different, but at least having a general idea of what to expect makes the whole experience a little less terrifying. 421 more words

How to go on a savings spree!

I think a savings spree sounds way better than a shopping spree, especially when it means that you get to go shopping! As a personal finance blogger, most of my time is spent skimping and trying to figure out where to cut back without too much of a pinch, but if there’s a week of the year to cut a little loose and spend a little to save overall throughout the year, it’s this week, and here’s how to get the most bang for your buck. 1,158 more words

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7 Things Our Ancestors Stockpiled To Survive Winter – https://wp.me/p6EcZV-ceh


Stocking up?

One of the basis of minimalism is to live minimally, with the essentials.

Stocking up of stuff doesn’t seem to go in line with minimalism. 251 more words