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The Incredible Bulk (stores)

In our pre-rubbish-blog life we already bought some items in bulk or in larger quantities which were then stored in smaller containers for easy use. These items included herbs and spices, teabags, lentils, rice, porridge, shampoo. 637 more words


Carrot Ginger Jam

This is such surprisingly amazing jam and one of my favorites! My oldest son LOVES this jam so much! I highly recommend this on hot, fresh, homemade biscuits with a butter. 198 more words

The Kitchen

Weekly Summary: March 24 - 30, 2018

C’mon aboard! We’re goin’ to math-town!

Regular visitors will know I don’t use many pictures on this blog, but today is an exception. I want you – no, I need you – to look at this big, beautiful bounty. 818 more words


Stocking Up for the Month

This morning, I got word that the parts for our van are in, but the work won’t be done until Monday.

I had hoped to do our big monthly shop with our own vehicle instead of my brother’s.  1,426 more words


The Good, The ... oh F****

Well, now.

First the good stuff.

I have awesome brothers.  I phoned my younger brother today and asked if I could borrow their van for about a week.  1,173 more words


Stock up to Save

It would be nice if I were disciplined enough to just stop buying. I’m not that good. So, what I came up with is an experiment for 2018. 706 more words


the gimmies

Aaagggh! My friend Joan just, or a few hours ago, out of the blue, or I only just noticed it because I was too absorbed in Downton Abbey, sends me a message, and a picture attached, saying… 633 more words