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Gather In A Time Of Plenty

My Grandparents were raised during The Great Depression and it had a huge impact on them. One of the attitudes ingrained in them from living during that time was stock up on things when prices were good. 228 more words


Stocking up on sale items!

When you are at the grocery store next check sales on can goods; the dates are usually one year or more, such as cranberry sauce, green beans, corn, carrots, sweet yams/potatoes and any other vegetables you like. 117 more words
What's New?

Trying something new

I struggle to find the energy to cook dinner and clean every day. In an attempt to make it easier to have real home meals more often without having to worry about cooking so much, I have decided to try freezer meals. 156 more words

Chronic Illness

Weekend Roundup! - Stocking Up Advice, SEO Help Success and Gift Wrap On The Horizon!

Whew. It’s currently 8:15pm on a Sunday and allll I can think about is my bed. But no! We battle on!

I’m trying to be as active as I can with this blog so I’ve decided Sunday can be a little summary post of how I feel the week went and what’s up and coming next week! 752 more words


Thrifty Thursday - Bulk Buying

We were two months overdue in renewing our Costco membership but we finally renewed it over the weekend. I love Costco, I constantly see things that we can use, but can’t buy because our bill adds up quick or we don’t have room to store whatever it is. 357 more words


Why I love Meijer!

In my area, the cheapest places to do your grocery shopping are Walmart and Aldi. There is a Meijer along the same road, but their prices are more expensive so I don’t shop there on a regular basis. 524 more words


Tomato, Tomahtoe

I’m giving in to the stink bugs and calling an end to tomato season. They have proven super-resilient and are giving me tomatoes that aren’t so great, so the plants will be sacrificed to make way for more pepper plants. 45 more words