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Here We Go . . . Summer!

OOKKAAYY . . . summer.

That time of year when you’re out in the garden when it’s like, eighty degrees, you’re barefoot, you’re watering the seedlings before they keel over dead, you’re splashing your feet with water just to keep them from blistering because the sun is so hot on the soil . 504 more words


Stocking Your Homestead Kitchen

If you’re like us, running to the store is probably not convenient (especially when we’re snowed in). Making sure our food supply stays stocked is important. 494 more words


Breathe in

Breathe in the scent of spring

The fragrance of new growth

Of verdant leaves

Of rain

Of flowers.

Let new life fill your lungs

Your heart… 35 more words

Anecdotes Of Life

Fun and games at Total Wine

Shopping for wine can be a down right hoot!

We got a Total Wine down the street, so I popped in to check them out. LOTS of wine choices is an understatement. 131 more words

Something Good


Beneath the kitchen counter there is a corner cabinet with one of those two-level turnstile type lazy-susan gizmos which is supposed to allow you to easily view and access your stored canned goods and other groceries. 932 more words

We Love a Good Deal!

March 15, 2017

Tiffany seems to have a niche for finding killer deals and using coupons to make a dollar turn into ten dollars. She frequents some of the local clothing retail stores to find season close outs at rock bottom prices! 150 more words


Stocking Up

When it comes to being prepared in the drag world, it is always best to know to how to stock up on the essentials. These days, it always seems that when you love a product, you go back to the store to pick it up, and low and behold….its gone. 108 more words