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Where to start

I know that I mentioned in the last post, that I’d be talking about Final Fantasy XIV, but as it stands I feel that I’m not far enough in, to actually make a fair assessment of it. 1,193 more words


Half Your Wood and Half Your Hay by Groundhog's Day

There is an old New England tradition of getting one’s wood in for the winter. I’m sure it’s the same for all people who live in northern climates, but since I’m a lifelong New Englander and French Canadian by heritage, it has an even stronger force on me. 648 more words

Cream Of The Crop

7 Apr 2015 (AFR) - Corn surplus - US corn harvest increases just as demand slumps

(7 April 2015, AFR, p12, by Megan Durisin, Bloomberg)

‘Chicago The world is awash in grain, prompting the most bearish outlook ever by speculators. U.S. corn stockpiles at the start of last month were the biggest in 28 years, adding to signs of a glut that’s driven global food costs to the lowest since 2010. 32 more words

1.Market Observations


Stockpile by all means except you’ll never have enough.

It’s a fortress mentality you are building too!
i.e. I’ve got loads. Now all I have to do is keep it safe. 335 more words


It's OK to have an off day

Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Two days ago I had the headache from hell. Not a Migraine, Thank Goodness, but one that had me in bed after work at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and not getting up until 5 o’clock, and even then I could barely stand! 274 more words

Prepper Myth #4: TEOTWAWKI will be fun!

Their Myth Reasoning – A rarely-discussed but obvious undercurrent in survival circles is the general idea that somehow a serious survival situation will be great for those who have prepared adequately, and likely good for the world in general. 571 more words

Opinion & Observation

Prepper Myth #3: I only need X number of days of food.

Their Myth Reasoning – I was motivated to write this article by a thread I saw on a message board where people were comparing the contents of their bugout bags. 527 more words

Opinion & Observation