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Are There Any Extreme Couponers Out There?


A little over a year ago, my daughter and I saw this show called Extreme Couponing (I’m sure this is nothing new to anyone). 486 more words

July 31, 2015: Quick Journal

I get up at seven and watch more Impractical Jokers and Carbonaro Effect before work. I leave for the hut at twenty till nine and grab myself some drinks while I wait to get in. 234 more words


At any time you care to name, there can be at least five of these chocolate biscuit slab cakes under our roof. As odd as that sounds, it is the plain truth, and if you would like this to be your reality, read further. 553 more words


How To Store Bulk Items

One of the ways that we have saved money in the last few years is to cook at home. Many families do this to stick to their budgets but I try to take it a step further and make most of our grains/legumes based foods at home, too. 103 more words

Meanwhile in Kazakhstan: Foreign Ministry Hails Iran Deal

While the western and middle eastern worlds explode in polarized views of the JCPA Iran deal, the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan congratulated the diplomatic achievement as a good step for easing tensions not only in Mid East, but also in Central Asia (Interesting!). 35 more words

Two Sentence Politics

June Savings Challenge

I have been thinking long and hard about what to do for this challenge.  The only thing I keep coming back to is my food bills.   376 more words