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Venture capital crowdsourcing websites

I realize that venture capital is a crap shoot in itself but I was wondering if anyone has ever used and or profited from using websites like wefunder, Kickstarter, seedinvestment, so on so forth… 86 more words


Question regarding TD Ameritrade and weed stocks

Can anyone who uses this broker tell me if you can trade stocks such as TWJMF and APHMF with TD Ameritrade? I only ask because I have a scottrade account, and it looks like Ameritrade just bought them out. 33 more words


Portfolio Charts

I stumbled across this site last night and thought you guys might find it interesting:


There's a gold mine of information about each portfolio. The site mostly focusses on explaining each portfolio through the charts the author created, which are quite nice. 69 more words


Can you hold unlevereged inverse etf for the long term

I understand that there are rebalancing and expense fees but are they inefficient enough for long term hold?

By long term, I mean 1-2 years… 11 more words


huge quarter for visa

are they really going to fall because of guidance, ignoring the fact they had a successful quarter?

Submitted October 24, 2016 at 03:21PM by j205988… 6 more words