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What's a good stock to be in for the next 90 days?

I just want to sit out for the next 90 days and get some growth.


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SINO is at a good buy right now.

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Why are stock prices delayed?

From what I understand all the tickers I can access for free on Google Finance and Yahoo Finance and (I believe) even through my value broker site are delayed a bit. 137 more words


Okay... What do I do?

I'm an 18 year going to college and I'd like to try investing a tiny bit of money and see if I can make even miniscule profits. 22 more words


Understanding the Charts?

I'm currently watching Timothy Sykes videos for penny trading and a few other videos he has. I'm planning on watching more this weekend but was wondering if anyone had any good material for how to do chart analysis? 11 more words


What happened at 11:30?

Things seemed to be going well after the yellen speech… What happened at 11:30 that could have caused such a dramatic sell off so quickly? 12 more words