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$PCG - A huge dip investment opportunity?

Sad news coming out of California, but the dip in PG&E due to supposed liability is an overreaction (imo).

With a huge market cap and a consistently bullish performance over the last five years, I can't help but think this is a golden opportunity to buy into a profitable blue-chip at a very low price. 37 more words


Global Equities Markets Have It All Figured Out - The Reason Nothing Seems to Matter

A major Bloomberg article gaining traction essentially lays out the case for why nothing matters anymore in risk asset markets. Just keep calm and buy the dip–and by dip, that means any dip you can find. 728 more words


The Effect of Global Rise of Obesity $APEN

The days of laughing at Americans being obese seem to be diminishing every year. This "epidemic" is now spreading across the globe, becoming an issue in Europe, South America, and even Africa ( 173 more words


Anybody hear that TD Ameritrade is pulling the Vanguard ETFs from the no-commission list?

Saw this link on a Bogleheads forum:


For some reason, the post was removed from Bogleheads earlier today. I have TDA as a brokerage and no mention was sent to me by them that they were changing their ETF list. 40 more words


Fairholme's Berkowitz leaves SHLD board. SHLD -12%


So, it would appear the beginning of the end. Berkowitz has owned Sears since 2005 and has had huge losses in it. Fairholme has lost 89% of its AUM since 2011. 13 more words


7 Traits Found in Successful Entrepreneurs (2 min read)

1. Passion

It’s commonly assumed that successful entrepreneurs are driven by money.

But most will tell you they are fueled by a passion for their product or service, by the opportunity to solve a problem and make life easier, better, cheaper. 243 more words

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