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Overly Ambitious

I recently had to write a paragraph about myself, for a Who’s Who type thing at work. I ended it with the line ‘she also enjoys getting lost in a good book and taking on overly ambitious DIY projects’. 469 more words

Meaning Of Life

A Stoic Friday The Thirteenth (It’s Just A Number)

Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. Friday the 13th movies are scary. Buildings often omit to name the 13th floor and instead skip straight to 14 from 12. 273 more words

Navigating the Untraveled Path in the Darkness

Nobody asks to be born. We show up, completely unable to read, think, or otherwise defend ourselves at all. Our parents are to guide us and they have no user manual or proper way. 2,373 more words


Terrible, lovely photos, for which I apologise...

These photos really are bad.
The lighting is bad. The angles
are bad. The quality is bad.

But they are meaningful to me and, of the thousand words… 277 more words

Meaning Of Life

Thinking is hard work (and so it should be...)

This post should have been titled ‘Shades of Grey’ but that
phrase has been ruined by a terrible book about an abusive relationship,
written by someone with no concept of what informed consent is. 888 more words

Meaning Of Life

If you’re listening…

I recently enquired of a trusted partner in crime whether or not the NSA would start following my blog if I wrote a post slagging off ‘president’ trump.  205 more words

Meaning Of Life

It CAN be done

A while ago I decided to start
avoiding the ‘news’ (or whatever passes for it nowadays) and critics. I was
growing tired of having to constantly defend my brain against fake news, 651 more words

Meaning Of Life