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a helpful way to think about limiting reactant problems

This can be sort of a tricky concept, so this link might be useful in helping you to understand what we’re trying to do with limiting reactant calculations. 48 more words

Chem V20

Mass-Mass Relationships

Stoichiometry: the numerical relationships between amounts of reactants and products in balanced equation

  • Use the molar ratio from balanced equation
  • Use balanced reactant/product to determine molar mass…
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"Propane Rockets"

SAFETY FIRST: This demonstration must be done with care and adequate ear protection must be worn by all present, along with safety spectacles. The use of commercial ear protectors are advised. 304 more words

Virtual Labs: Classes 16-20

Class 16 Dates (Meet in Classroom)

  • Period B: Friday, February 6th
  • Periods D, G: Monday, February 9th

Classes 17-20 Dates (Meet in the SHP Library) 140 more words


Chemistry Honors - Classes 09 & 10


  • Period B: Thursday, January 22nd / Friday, January 23rd
  • Period D: Thursday, January 22nd / Monday, January 26th
  • Period G: Friday, January 23rd / Monday, January 26th…
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Chemistry Honors - Classes 06 & 07


  • Period B: Thursday, January 15th, Friday, January 16th
  • Period D: Thursday, January 15th, Tuesday, January 20th
  • Period G: Friday, January 16th, Tuesday, January 20th…
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Chemistry Honors - Class 05


  • Period B: Tuesday, January 13th
  • Periods D, G: Wednesday, January 14th

Lab Recap

  • did you read the posted information regarding determining relationships?
  • what did you find?
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