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White Powder and Unknown Liquid #2

In class we experimented with the White Powder and the Unknown Liquid once again to try and figure out what was the limiting reactant. The reason we knew that there was a limiting reactant was because the graph began to plateau which meant that one of the substances stopped reacting at a certain point. 192 more words

Stoichiometry Video Project

This artifact is related to INTASC Principle 2. This artifact is a PDF copy of the video project I assigned my chemistry classes in conjunction with our stoichiometry unit. 8 more words


Measuring photoactivation efficiency at the single molecule level

R&D – The ability to determine protein stoichiometry and monitor changes in the balance between monomeric, dimeric and multimeric proteins allows scientists to see the difference between a properly functioning cell and a diseased cell. 77 more words


Systhesis of Magnesium Oxide

In this task, our aim was to synthesize Magnesium Oxide and use stoichiometry to determine percentage yield. Stoichiometry is the relation between the relative quantities of substances taking part in a reaction or forming a compound, typically a ration of whole integers. 626 more words