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AP Chemistry - Class 06


  • Thursday, September 3rd

Stoichiometry Review

  • reaction stoichiometry
  • limiting reactants
  • yield

In-Class Work Practice

  • so, what do these problems look like?


  • Textbook Problems Ch. 3 (19, 20, 23af, 36, 46, 66, 78)
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AP Chemistry - Class 05


  • Wednesday, September 2nd

Class Business

  • turn in LNB
  • questions about the lab
  • Note – see the “Grades” post linked from the blog if you have questions…
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Stoichiometry and Knitting

I don’t get to use my college degrees very often (they’re in a couple fairly impressive-sounding branches of biology and chemistry), but sometimes I get to use a technique I learned in school.  593 more words


Limiting Reagent

Limiting reagent is the follow on from stoichiometry you can’t learn one without the other, luckily this one is less daunting well that’s what my maths disliking wife thinks, so it must be true. 365 more words

Break Downs


Ok so here it goes this is my first proper post stoichiometry, I agree this is a random thing to start on and not the easiest thing to start with but it was keeping me up all night trying to figure out how to explain it to my wife who in honestly hates anything that involves letters, shapes and maths combined. 887 more words

Break Downs

Days of Inspiration

This week has only been two days long, yet invigorating.

Yesterday I started into Stoichiometry in my senior Chem class. Rather then me lecturing I had screencast the episode from Khan Academy (our internet lags too much during the school day – recording it is my insurance). 221 more words