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Microbial ecoenzyme stoichiometry, nutrient limitation, and organic matter decomposition in wetlands of the conterminous United States


Brian H. Hill, Colleen M. Elonen, Alan T. Herlihy, Terri M. Jicha, Gregg Serenbetz

Microbial respiration (Rm) and ecoenzyme activities (EEA) related to microbial carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus acquisition were measured in 792 freshwater and estuarine wetlands (representing a cumulative area of 217,480 km2) across the continental United States as part of the US EPA’s 2011 National Wetland Condition Assessment. 208 more words

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Characteristics of the elemental stoichiometry of submerged macrophytes and their relationships with environments in Honghu Lake (China)


Huang Wenmin, Liu Jinling, Shi Qiao, Xing Wei

Ecological stoichiometry is the study of the balance of energy and elements in ecological interactions. We investigate 18 representative sampling sites in Honghu Lake (China) here to compare the elemental stoichiometry of submerged macrophytes and the corresponding environments in different parts of a large lake. 228 more words


The temperature dependence of phytoplankton stoichiometry: investigating the roles of species sorting and local adaptation


Gabriel Yvon-Durocher, C.-Elisa Schaum and Mark Trimmer

The elemental composition of phytoplankton (C:N:P stoichiometry) is a critical factor regulating nutrient cycling, primary production and energy transfer through planktonic food webs. 272 more words

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Does The Methane Recapture Rule Make Sense?

I don’t intend to make every blog post here in my about climate change, but it’s such an interesting subject that sends so many numbers flying around that’s it’s hard for a math, science, and energy nerd like me to ignore. 1,200 more words

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IB Math and IB Chemistry

Mr. Bishara is tutoring Eric, an 11th grader at International School of London (ISL Qatar), in IB Chemistry HL (stoichiometry) and IB Math SL (sequence and series).


CP46 - Stoichiometry


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Recap – Ideal Gas Law

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New Idea – Stoichiometry & Gases

  • Balanced Reactions
  • Gaaseous phases in reactions…
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CH46 - Reactions & Gases


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Recap – Ideal Gas Law