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IGCSE Chemistry (single subject) notes

These notes were made in 2013 for a syllabus that has since changed; I have moved them here from another online location.

“Chemistry has been termed by the physicist as the messy part of physics, but that is no reason why the physicists should be permitted to make a mess of chemistry when they invade it.” 142 more words


IB Chemistry notes

I have just put up my IB HL chemistry notes. Note that these were made for exams in 2015, and the syllabus has since changed. 124 more words


Chemistry Honors: Class 15


  • Period A: Thursday, February 3rd
  • Period B: Thursday, February 3rd
  • Period F: Friday, February 4th

Limiting Reactants


Chemistry Honors: Class 14


  • Period A: Tuesday, February 2nd
  • Period B: Tuesday, February 2nd
  • Period F: Wednesday, February 3rd

Limiting Reactants

  • start with two kinds of information
  • how do I use this to predict product?
  • 25 more words

Chemistry Honors: Class 13


  • Period A: Monday, February 1st
  • Period B: Monday, February 1st
  • Period F: Tuesday, February 2nd


  • Mole map
  • mole calculations
  • variations
  • homework questions / review…
  • 23 more words

Chemistry Honors: Classes 11 & 12

Dates (Two Class Meetings Per Section)

  • Period A: Wednesday, January 27th, Thursday January, 28th
  • Period B: Wednesday, January 27th, Friday, January 29th
  • Period F: Thursday, January 28th, Friday, January 29th…
  • 104 more words