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Stoichiometry 1

Do you ever find that you can’t get joy from something you sometimes get joy from? And when you do get joy from it, you feel this immense need to share it, but you deny that need and then the joy seems to go away? 1,323 more words


Honors Chemistry 12 - Stoichiometry

Today’s lab, Simple Stoichiometry from Ian Guch’s 24 Lessons that Rocked the World, was fairly straight forward after the complexity of last weeks experiment.  Stoichiometry just means that we are going to calculate the amount of product we expect to produce in a chemical reaction.   371 more words


Stoichiometry-Remembering the order of steps?

Has anyone come up with a good way to remember the order of steps in a stoich problem? I can do it with the hand out, but I can’t remember without it. 22 more words

Let's add helium gas

Last week, we put 1.00 mole of hydrogen gas into a cylinder. The resulting pressure was 243 kPa and the temperature was maintained steady at 20°C.  388 more words


Screw you, stoichiometry

I really, really wanted a grain elevator explosion in the screenplay.  But it’s hard to justify when a crucial plot point revolves around the atmosphere having about two percent oxygen. 40 more words


Chemistry, Geography, and Kids...Oh My!

Have you ever had one of those days where you think to yourself, “Oh, man…my brain is seriously going to implode. Like, right now this second,” or even “My brain is stretched as thin as a noodle on a pasta rack”? 420 more words