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CP49 - Wrapping Up


  • Wednesday, May 16th

Lab Recap

  • two graphs – what do they mean?
  • what kind of relationship is shown?
  • turning in lab work

New Idea – Gas Stoichiometry… 23 more words


CH47 - Stoichiometry


  • Monday, May 14th

Recap Homework

  • Partial Pressures
  • Changing Gases
  • questions? comments?

New Idea – Gases and Stoichiometry


The Impact of Variable Phytoplankton Stoichiometry on Projections of Primary Production, Food Quality, and Carbon Uptake in the Global Ocean


Lester Kwiatkowski, Olivier Aumont, Laurent Bopp, Philippe Ciais

Ocean biogeochemical models are integral components of Earth system models used to project the evolution of the ocean carbon sink, as well as potential changes in the physical and chemical environment of marine ecosystems. 220 more words


Day 146: Multiple Choice, Speed of Sound, & Whiteboarding

AP Physics: Multiple Choice

With the AP exam tomorrow, I asked students which of several options they thought would be most useful and both classes requested we use… 172 more words

AP Physics 1

Day 143: Mistakes Game, Wave Whiteboarding, & Assessment

AP Physics: Mistakes Game

Students put the finishing touches on their whiteboards from yesterday, then presented to the class for the mistakes game.  I gave students copies of the scoring guides to use during the discussion today. 94 more words

AP Physics 1

Day 142: Mistakes Game, Standing Waves, & Lab Results

AP Physics: Mistakes Game

We spent about 15 minutes using Plickers to discuss some multiple choice from the practice test students took last week, then started working on the 2016 free response. 213 more words

AP Physics 1

Day 141: Free Response, Longitudinal Waves, & Limiting Reactant Lab

AP Physics: Free Response

Students whiteboarded some released free-response problems, then reviewed their work with a scoring guide and presented to the rest of the class. 283 more words

AP Physics 1