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Days of Inspiration

This week has only been two days long, yet invigorating.

Yesterday I started into Stoichiometry in my senior Chem class. Rather then me lecturing I had screencast the episode from Khan Academy (our internet lags too much during the school day – recording it is my insurance). 221 more words


Gases and their laws

When you’re a pro at these worksheets, you’ll be able to explain how your dog manages to stink up the whole room in a matter of seconds. 160 more words

Practice Worksheets

Equations, reactions, stoich

If you want to practice¬†balancing, word equations, predicting products, stoichiometry, or percent yield, you’re in the right place! ¬†Let’s get started:

Writing equations worksheets: 186 more words

a helpful way to think about limiting reactant problems

This can be sort of a tricky concept, so this link might be useful in helping you to understand what we’re trying to do with limiting reactant calculations. 48 more words

Chem V20

"Propane Rockets"

SAFETY FIRST: This demonstration must be done with care and adequate ear protection must be worn by all present, along with safety spectacles. The use of commercial ear protectors are advised. 304 more words

Virtual Labs: Classes 16-20

Class 16 Dates (Meet in Classroom)

  • Period B: Friday, February 6th
  • Periods D, G: Monday, February 9th

Classes 17-20 Dates (Meet in the SHP Library) 140 more words