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This Guy Tied A String To A Bike For A Prank And The Results Are Hilarious! (VIDEO)

This guy decided to tie a string to a bike and wait for people to steal it. The results are not only hilarious but are also going viral! 22 more words


Hot Ride

I never quite knew whether I was better off being owned or stolen, but having been in both camps I think I’m now entitled to have an opinion. 47 more words


Last night I totally forgot I witnessed a crime … well sort of.

There was so much hoo-har about something I posted on Facebook, see last post, that I got wrapped up in several conversations and forgot all about it. 329 more words

Did you get a place in London Marathon?

I had to go out and run some errands today, but as my hybrid is currently stuck behind a couple of old sofas in my garage, I had the choice of driving or walking. 643 more words


Lock Up That Bike Good

Two Saturdays ago, I learned a little more about security. Not cryptography, which is what usually occupies my mind when it comes to security, but with bikes. 766 more words

Daily Health

WATCH: Late-night thief quickly takes off with bicycle locked on front porch

Surveillance video shared on social media showing a man going to the front porch of a Toronto home and quickly cutting away a lock to take a bicycle at 3 a.m. 418 more words


Nasty Spill & Stolen Bike )o:

So, I had a nasty spill on my bike at 10 am, right before the bike was stolen at 12 pm.

What a day!

My day started off well. 850 more words