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Insight into the Mind of a Bike Thief...

Below is an interview carried out by the Metropolitan Police with a prolific cycle thief. It makes very interesting reading and gives an insight into the behaviour of anyone who is prepared to be involved in this type of crime. 1,462 more words

The Stolen Bike Has Been Returned!

So I was out tonight having a nice chinese food dinner date, when I open up my fortune cookie, and it read: “Luck will find you when you return home.” We jokingly said that the stolen bike will be waiting there when we get home. 95 more words


“Chump” change to “Champ” change & other weekend crime

Stolen jars of coins
Two plastic jars filled with coins at a combined value of $600 were stolen Monday on the 1100 block of S. Oak Park. 221 more words


Day 30: Irvine, CA // Apogee

Not the farthest point from origin geographically, perhaps, but after 6,500ish miles, I am at the end point before I begin retracing my steps.

A brief 18-odd layover in Seattle has left me minus a bike and pair of flip flops, but plus a pair of jeans and a blanket.   145 more words

Your Bike Trackers

Make it simple to identify your bicycle by noting and uploading some key details.

This process only takes a few minutes, where you will input your name, address, phone number, email address, bike model, colour, group set details, wheels, frame number and any other specific details. 47 more words

Loose Lips Sink Ships

I am guilty. It’s not a bragging thing, just informational . . . or so I thought. There is something that is picking up steam in my neck of the woods, and from what I can tell, it is happening in other places as well. 328 more words


Thief steals expensive, custom bike for girl who has spina bifida, right before her 12th birthday

ST. FRANCIS — When a burglar in St. Francis stole a girl’s bike, her family says that person also took her freedom. The bike was customized specifically for the special needs of the soon-to-be seventh-grader. 374 more words