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Stolen Children - Australia Shamed

Australia is in the throes of a critical increase in the number of children held in foster care! Currently, that number exceeds 40,000. At the same time, there are huge shortages of people willing to foster children, so they have lifted any potential obstacles to being approved to be a caregiver. 1,279 more words


Your Own Private RICO? A Guide for Family Court Litigants Considering Action

We’re grateful that the materials at Weightier Matter have been well-received by so many families and children who have been harmed by Family Court professionals.  Among the hundreds of emails and phone calls we receive each month, the most common question is “how can I file a RICO action in my jurisdiction?”  It’s a great question, and we’re eager to help, but unfortunately the answer is complex and depends greatly on factors unique to each jurisdiction.  218 more words

Stolen Childhood: Slave Youth in Nineteenth-Century America

Wilma King sheds light on a long-overlooked aspect of slavery in the United States – the wretched lives of the millions of young people enslaved in the nineteenth-century South. 113 more words

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Kate & Gerry; Where's Maddie??

A question on everybody’s lips since May 2007 “Where’s Maddie McCann”?? Well I know there have been many theories and misleading clues by the wheelbarrow full, so many now that the chances of finding that poor little girl are probably less than 1%. 681 more words

The McCanns

Baby thieves

“Baby thieves” a poem by Stu.

I miss you my babies.
To welcome you home.
Playing world of Warcraft.
Listening to music on our phones. 80 more words

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