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The Personal Responsibility of Immersive Memorials

Three years ago, I wrote about immersive memorials – the idea of places where objects and points of memory are dispersed through spaces, rather than being localized in one place. 298 more words


These stones are made for walking

Various cobblestones in Germany, from Schwetzingen, Weinheim, Mainz, and the last one from Durham, UK.

And these are special pavement stones, so called “Stolpersteine” (stumbling stones) commemorating men and women who have been deported to concentration camps during the persecution of Nazi Germany.  29 more words

Memory Tour of Berlin

I want to take you on a virtual tour of Berlin, where, more than any other city in Germany, or indeed in the German-speaking lands, it’s possible to see history and memory written into the very fabric of the buildings and in the way that buildings have changed their use over the centuries. 66 more words


Through Vineyards to Little Venice

Deciding how to spend summer leave this year was a bit of a pickle. We- the husband and I- suggested and rejected ideas and destinations one after another. 890 more words


It's good to be back

Well that was something of a hiatus!

Somewhere along the way I guess I ran out of research steam. Oh, and had a baby. Which was seriously time and energy consuming. 286 more words

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History written on sidewalks: Stepping on the names of Holocaust victims

Some of the most impressive, subtle and modest memorials in Berlin are the “Stolpersteine”. Translated into English as ”stumbling stones”, they are 10 by 10 centimeters concrete cubes bearing brass plates engraved with the names, life and death dates of Nazi persecution victims. 589 more words