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Manbag #14 - Up & Running

I don’t normally post a picture of race medals. The race medal normally gets chucked at the bottom of the post race kitbag and languishes there, unloved, until the next race, normally about a year later. 617 more words


Stoma bag change 101

Using this platform to raise awareness and share how I care for my little warrior, I thought it best to share how I prepare for a bag change. 1,194 more words


Beach Bag Lady

I’m at the beach, bikini is on. Looking around me I see beautiful women, confident in their skin. Suddenly I’m overwhelmed with grief. It doesn’t matter what I look like, how much effort I make with my appearance, I will always have the bag. 329 more words

Middle School Biology 06 - Stomata

I asked students to bring leaves to class today and they took small pieces of them and looked at them in the microscope.  Since most leaves are too thick (many layers of cells) to see much with the light coming through the leaf, I had students turn off the microscope light and shine a flashlight on top of their leaf sample.   372 more words


Mental Health Day

Yesterday was #worldmentalhealthday and for this the Hubs, Sherlock and I went on a rather long, but slow, walk on the sea front.  You see we don’t often take time out of our busy days to focus on ourselves.   902 more words

My first "member" to lose: girl finds healing in a community of "misfits."

I’m currently on medical leave at work, but I typically spend my days working, or really just living, at a non-profit. The only thing I consider work there is the paperwork. 483 more words

Stella And The BIG Knickers: Hernia Supports

A long long while ago I said I’d update you on my progress with prescribed hernia support garments. Way back then there was simply a danger of a hernia appearing, and sadly I didn’t receive the first set of light support garments I’d ordered as the request from the nurses got lost in the system! 737 more words