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Buffet Blunder

“Ack! My stomach! I really shouldn’t have gone for fourths at the buffet”

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Probiotics & IBD: What You Need to Know When Choosing

Despite what the cheery commercials would have you believe, all probiotics (good bacteria) are NOT created equally. The human body contains over 500 strains of good bacteria that help your body perform different functions. 457 more words

The Worst Thing I've Eaten This Week

There is a huge rave going around Bellevue Square employees right now about this amazing treat that the Nordstrom Cafe sells called a Magic Bar. Monday, a few co workers and myself took a trip up to the cafe to grab some lunch and while we were there we decided that we absolutely needed to try this treat. 60 more words


I hadn't slept in a week, I was weak

Today marks my first month in Colombia!! Yay!! I can’t believe that I’ve already been here for a month and at the same time I wanna say to my family “ 1,191 more words


C. Diff and IBD: Watching Your Flare Ups

Flare ups are times of discomfort. With time, you can identify the exact spots that flare up, predict how long it will last, and hammer out a preventative diet. 246 more words

stomach ache

guts grumble:

it happens more often than I would like
for a plethora of humdrum reasons

a new bacterium decides the walls of my colon… 107 more words