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Here’s a quick fix for an upset stomach:

Grab some oregano! It contains the digestion-boosting plant compound ursolic acid – which speeds food from the stomach to the intestines faster… And helps reduce gas production. 38 more words

Intelligence For Your Life

GERD: Gastro Eosophageal Reflux Disease

Today we had a customer with chest pains complaining that it wouldn’t go away..

Handing me two scripts: one for Gaviscon and another for Somac…I put on my detective hat and asked her about any history of stomach issues starting with the questions: 835 more words


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Cramping abdominal pains, bloating, diarrhoea or conversely bouts of constipation: these are all common symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  It’s a pretty common problem thought to affect 10-15% of the population with only 10-20% of sufferers ever going to see their GP.  1,736 more words


Being Women:Painful days

It’s that time of the month,the thought of which makes every woman cringe…yes you guessed that right..Aunt flu our dearie that makes us lethargic,cramp full and many times moody. 172 more words


What's not to like about traveling?

Don’t get me wrong, the following is definitely not a complaint about the discomforts of traveling. We were just thinking that we only posted positive stories of our travels. 620 more words


Stomach-ache at Suiter House

I’m sitting here wondering if my upset stomach is due to the piece of leftover pizza I had for lunch or to nervousness about tonight’s murder mystery.  301 more words


STOP..or else!! 🤨 Completely addictive roasted cauliflower

Lack of self control, and its consequences, are sometimes so obvious and simple to correct:

Trump, stop tweeting!

And yet, when it’s our own lack of self control, the obvious repercussions are often ignored. 89 more words

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