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Grated Apple for Little Tummies

Remember the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” My daughter was recently complaining about a stomach ache. I remembered my mom grating an apple, letting it turn a little brown and then giving it to us for stomach upset, so I tried this first. 96 more words


When a Stomach Ache May Be Serious

Over the course of his medical career, which spanned more than a quarter century, Dr. John Lupiano treated patients as an internist and preventive medicine specialist at several hospitals in and around New York City. 209 more words

John Lupiano


I hate it when you are doing so well, then BAM Lasangna for dinner and you eat like its the last meal on Earth.

Belly ache 😔 #firstworldproblems


Just Desserts

In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that the fried oysters, trout almandine, beignets and Sazeracs  of NOLA caught up with me, or my stomach more precisely. 117 more words

2015 New Orleans LA

TreatYoSelf&Plan #8

Welcome to TreatYoSelf&Plan, a community to remind ourselves we matter! If you have some treats or goals to share, add your link to the link-up by clicking the button below. 502 more words

Written In Italy

Oh my Life!

Hello guys!! Sorry for being gone for so long, life has been beyond nuts! To spare you the crazy, boring details. Just know I am soo sorry and will do my best to get back on my posts! 292 more words

Appendicitis or normal stomach ache ?

Appendicitis or normal stomach ache ? . I’ve been thinking about this two thing ever since this morning when i get a really-real-hurt-stomach ache… 357 more words

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