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Understanding stress-induced gastritis

Three main things usually cause gastritis: over-intake of NSAIDs, H. Pylori infection, and excessive alcohol consumption. However, none of these things fit my lifestyle. Therefore, when I had an endoscopy and received a gastritis diagnosis, I was very confused. 495 more words

Stomach Explodes

There’s plenty of cinnamon in the role. when you love them and they don’t love you back… roll. Don’t stick around for them to realize you’re the one. 150 more words

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How To Get Rid Of Lower Abdominal Pain

Most of women experience pain in the lower abdomen due to their periods. But abdominal pain is not a ignorable issue.
Simple problems like swallowing excess air… 276 more words

Abdominal Pain

A stomachache… is it really just the food, or is it the circumstances?

Post-a-day 2018

School lunch woes

Jack: ugh I ate too much at lunch today. It made me kind of sick.

me: What did you have?

Jack: Stomach pains.



Promoting Healthy Digestion in Your Little One

If your child seems to have an unhappy belly, look more closely at the balance of fiber, fluid and exercise in his/her daily regimen. Children need these three essentials in their diet in order to promote a healthy digestive system. 309 more words

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Crispy Cakes and Stomach Aches ~ #OctoberWriting #poetry

They came in all flavors

So what’s a frog to do?

Butterscotch, chocolate

And plain vanilla, too!

I could try only one

But that wouldn’t be fair… 47 more words

Night Owl Poetry