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How to feed a dog with stomach ache

Just like us people, dogs can get stomach ache. There is many different causes but mostly it’s related to something they ate. They can pick up something from the ground, sneak a bite of your food in the kitchen, or get infection from other dog in the park. 369 more words

Helpful Tips

Understand your body noises

Rumble, crackle, pop, achhoo … Familiar with that? Yes! Our body makes several kinds of noises and it somehow has a way of picking the worst possible timing. 1,216 more words

Did You Know ?

Day 97

I think I’m getting sick.

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been feeling off all week, and as of the last couple of days it’s been getting a bit worse. 524 more words


When is a stomach bug, not a stomach bug?

A a promising week turned into a shit one due to some strange stomach bug/knot feeling I’ve had since Wednesday evening.

Up until mid week it was all going well, I’d lifted weights on the first day of my work week, with the plan of doing another workout mid week and finishing it off with another weights session today. 518 more words


My Dengue Fever Experience

The virus started with a fever, body ache, headaches on and off around 10 days until I feel my body becomes weaken. I woke up every morning with one worst hangover ever… 310 more words


Bilingual Poem: Should have thought about it before

Waking up,
stomach ache,
ohhhh …
an earnest search …

oh no,
no medicine,

dolor de estómago,
ayyyy …
una busca seria … 7 more words


S'true, it's another symptom

I was recently hypomanic but thought it was just me being, well….. bipolar. But after some advice from a friend and some more research, I’ve discovered that hypomania is indeed a symptom of venlaflaxine withdrawal. 176 more words

Bipolar Ride