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Appendicitis or normal stomach ache ?

Appendicitis or normal stomach ache ? . I’ve been thinking about this two thing ever since this morning when i get a really-real-hurt-stomach ache… 357 more words

My Problems

Ginger For My Tummy Aches

I don’t believe in a lot of “natural remedies” but ginger has worked for me whenever I have belly aches and cramps. When my stomach is feeling unwell I usually make a drink that my mom has taught me. 154 more words


10-year-old girl gives birth at school

A 10-year-old girl has given birth at school after complaining about having a stomach ache.

Teachers took the girl, who has not been named, to hospital where doctors discovered that she was in the late stages of labour. 209 more words


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Stumbling Around

I find myself wandering around my house every day trying to find something to do that will make me happy. I didn’t realize it right away but I am depressed. 89 more words


Outclassed and Outsmarted

Getting our kids off to school used to be a dance with the devil. The devil definitely knew all the steps. I always laid out shoes and clothes, (no substitutions allowed) lunches, backpacks packed, papers signed with everything ready to roll the night before. 264 more words


Don't Overdo!


~»VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS- do not over-pop these into your mouth, most of us think the more of it we take the more vitamins and supplements we get in our bodies, that’s a lie, taking overdose of it only puts you at risk, children could have diarrhea and stomach ache (especially iron overdose ) overdosing could cause liver damage too. 75 more words

Healthy Habits

Nothing Bundt Shameeee

So I ate healthfully all day and then I passed Northside Cafe on my way home from work. Last week I had gone into the cafe at least three times to check if they had bundt cakes in stock, but alas they didn’t. 87 more words

Food Is My Weakness