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C. Diff and IBD: Watching Your Flare Ups

Flare ups are times of discomfort. With time, you can identify the exact spots that flare up, predict how long it will last, and hammer out a preventative diet. 246 more words


stomach ache

guts grumble:

it happens more often than I would like
for a plethora of humdrum reasons

a new bacterium decides the walls of my colon… 107 more words


Crohn’s and Kids: When it’s More than an Upset Stomach

It seems like a run of the mill part of parenting to nurse a tummy ache or irritable bowels with rubs, maybe tea, and some TLC to do the trick. 317 more words


What's New — Stomach These Remedies

Your stomach is an amazing organ. It takes just about anything you throw at it, breaks it down and reroutes it through the proper channels for digestion, nutrient absorption, and toxin extraction. 104 more words


Well I had my visit with the GP who told me that I should have gone straight to Accident & Emergency, Urgent Care Centre not good enough, after my seizure. 1,132 more words

Vicious Circle!

Round Two , Day three:

Nausea and fatigue has set in. I don’t mind the fatigue , if I am asleep I can’t feel any other side effects. 203 more words