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Nobody likes an upset stomach, luckily there are many ways to help calm your tummy when it fights back at you. I’m just sharing the ways that help me, so this is more advice rather than facts. 179 more words


threat of harm lurking in my mother to whom I finally gave permission to call here in a bad patch last week, I won’t bother to say I shoulda known better.   401 more words

"Ooh my belly hurts" - Indigestion and nature's answer to it

Also known as dyspepsia, indigestion is a blanket term that covers abdominal discomfort, nausea, heartburn, hiccups, and bloating.

It refers to the discomfort in the upper abdomen often caused by eating too much, eating too quickly or eating very spicy foods. 217 more words

What to do during a stomach ache

So if you’re like me, your probably wondering why you just ate all that bread. And your probably feeling terrible hahahahahaha

well, Here are some things that could help with your stomach issues: 109 more words

Home Remedies For Stomach Ache

Since stomach torment is an indication, treatment alternatives rely on upon what the basic cause is. Various diverse normal and home cures exist for overseeing and alleviating stomach torment, yet the correct treatment relies on upon what brought on that torment in any case. 242 more words

Home Remedies

Getting stuff done

I’ve had a setback.  My goal is to post one blog per week.  Hasn’t happened. I have no excuse.

I’ve thought of so many blogs to write about since my first post but . 560 more words

Grumble (50-word story)

Dee’s abdomen churned all day and seemed to bloat by night. She rested in discomfort. Hours later it was no better. A membranous sac of creepy crawly critters burst out of her belly. 17 more words