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Promoting Healthy Digestion in Your Little One

If your child seems to have an unhappy belly, look more closely at the balance of fiber, fluid and exercise in his/her daily regimen. Children need these three essentials in their diet in order to promote a healthy digestive system. 309 more words

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Crispy Cakes and Stomach Aches ~ #OctoberWriting #poetry

They came in all flavors

So what’s a frog to do?

Butterscotch, chocolate

And plain vanilla, too!

I could try only one

But that wouldn’t be fair… 47 more words

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Rhythm honey, an Quick reliever for diarrhoea and gastro problems

A sudden stopper for dysentry, the rhythm honey collecting by the honey bees pure and natural product. When you suffer from diarrhoea, drink a glass of water with rhythm honey for instant relief. 41 more words

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Busted brighton

So the beach was a total bust yesterday…. after I had made my post yesterday and came back from lunch I came down with a terrible stomach ache that lasted all day…. 27 more words

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How to Give an Abdominal Massage

Massage of the abdomen is an important part of the massage routine as we can hold a great deal of tension in our stomachs and many people experience stomach problems of some kind when they are stressed, such as indigestion, stomach ache, constipation or diarrhea. 20 more words

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Have you ever woken up earlier than normal and felt nauseous?

There’s a good reason. Internist Dr. Keri Peterson says, just like our daily sleep and hormonal cycles, our stomach and digestive processes run on a daily rhythm. 76 more words

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Why you should not use every sex enhancing pill

Most sex pills are safe to use unless you don’t know how they work and how to use them. 419 more words