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Peeking In On The ThunderCats

I can’t tell you why I was looking up ThunderCats episodes, not without being ashamed. But there was a time when I was like thirteen when the show was really extremely kind-of important-ish to me and I wouldn’t miss an episode. 722 more words


Stone Protectors (SNES)

Remember Troll dolls?

These bizarre little things have actually been around since the 1960’s. Despite their somewhat ugly appearance, they remained popular well into the 90’s. 340 more words

Video Games

Stone Protectors

I guess the Stone Protectors are supposed to be Troll dolls for boys. I can only imagine the boardroom meetings that led to their creation, and it’s weird I can only imagine because I have this completely real transcript of how it went down: 389 more words


Trollin' along, singin' a song...

While perusing through an action figure archive website, I came across two toy lines from the early 90s that brought back memories of a more innocent time in my lifeā€¦ Troll dolls! 2,054 more words