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Over 1,000 Ancient Stone Tools, Left by Great Basin Hunters, Found in Utah Desert....

An array of stone tools discovered in northern Utah — including the largest instrument of its kind ever recorded — may change what we know about the ancient inhabitants of the Great Basin, archaeologists say. 1,068 more words


Cosmic Balance

It was all words and no pictures last week. This week I have been generating many finds distribution plots to even things up. These are based on the results of some work that Dan has been doing on last summer’s finds. 397 more words


Making Stone Tools - My Adventures in Obsidian Knapping

KNAPPING is the process of making stone tools, also called lithics. The process is technically referred to as lithic reduction. In lithic reduction, a person uses… 275 more words

Yo, Ho, The Archaeologist's Life For Me

Battling the Water Table

I mentioned previously the surprise occupation located 185cm below the surface, it turned out to be a rather good occupation level with ample bones and artifacts. 633 more words

Hard labour among clay and cobbles

Every job has its routines and over the past few days ours has involved intensive use of spades, trowels, handpicks and dustpans. An air of determined concentration descended at the expense of small talk. 649 more words

Working On Sites

PHOTOS: Holy Filth, A Traitor's Pact, Capture the Sun, Ruin, and Stone Tools

Last night, we made so many trips between Geno’s and Empire, the sidewalks are probably rutted like the Appian Way.

Between two simultaneous events, we managed to catch… 129 more words


Snow falling on Burnley

Especially on the Towneley Hall museum, where I went yesterday to look at finds from the Early Bronze Age ring cairn at Moseley Height, near Cliviger. 543 more words