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Promise me son, not to do the things I've done

The kids were meant to be back up on site this week but the weather was not Nintendo DS friendly. Like a lot of archaeologists I am not sure how I feel about my children becoming archaeologists in their turn. 544 more words


The Day of the Triffid

Is over. Thomas was pasture topping all day Thursday so I took a final shot of our mutant thistle with the approaching tractor of doom in the background before it got sliced down. 427 more words


Breakfast of Champions

We had a site visit this morning from class 3 at Chatburn Primary School. We had them do some digging in the new trench, where they turned up quite a lot of nice worked chert, and I spent most of the morning showing them round and having an extended discussion about which breakfast foods could be replicated using only crops known in the Early Neolithic ( 530 more words


Gaps are good

John was smug this morning. They have managed to beat the weather all ends up and get both the mowing done and the sheep sheared in the gaps over the weekend when it was pretending to be summer. 471 more words


Farming Today

When we got to site on Thursday we knew the weather had taken a serious turn for the better. Since we left on Wednesday night, John, Daniel and Thomas between them had mowed about 100 acres of pasture and they were already well on with turning it all to dry. 534 more words



The best thing you can say about the weather at the moment is that it is moving fast. It is also providing a good test of how well our students understand the archaeological process. 538 more words


My hand axe

By today’s date, around 1.3 million years ago, Acheulean tools are well developed in Africa, and found in India too. Sophisticated tools like the Acheulean hand axe probably tell us something not just about cognition in relation to tool making, but also about social cognition. 318 more words