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Lithics Series, Part 7: Shatter

Shatter consists of the angular fragments/waste from flint knapping/creating stone tools.  Shatter can’t be used for anything and aren’t diagnostic.  Poor shatter.


Stone Tool Making EXPOSED!

As some of you know one of my big interests is Primatology. Yes I LOVE apes, monkeys, and the whole 9 yards! :) Back in 2016 an article appeared in the international weekly science journal “Nature” reporting that monkeys “flake stone tools.” 685 more words

South America

Libya's "Calico Hills": Artifacts Galore O MY!

The esteemed Paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey, as I’ve noted many times, left his work in Africa and came to America fully expecting to find evidence of prehistoric humans just as he’d found much evidence for in East Africa. 1,864 more words

Climate Change

Move the date back on the first humans in North America -- another 10,000 years!

Click to enlargeBourgeon et al

❝ The timing of the first entry of humans into North America across the Bering Strait has now been set back 10,000 years.

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ARCH365 Podcast: Lithics and Lithic Analysis- Episode 12

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My second contribution to the ARCH365 Podcast!  Episode Summary: On this episode, Emily Long defines and describes lithics and the different ways lithics are analyzed.


While cataloguing the Frank Heyward collection of Tasmanian Aboriginal stone tools I came across two examples marked: C Coghlan, Lake Leake, 1937.

A search of… 127 more words


Lithic Analysis or "Meet the Flint-stones"

This is Jonas and in this short contribution I would like to introduce myself and the research I am conducting. In the frame of the Göbekli Tepe project I will be responsible for the documentation and anlysis of lithic materials. 117 more words

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