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A New Timeline -- and an Old Brain -- for Homo Sapiens

Anthropologists recently made a fascinating discovery: Homo sapiens fossils found in Morocco date back 300,000 years. Until about a week ago, we thought our species reaches back only 200,000 years. 180 more words

1. Human Origins & The Paleolithic

The Duke and I, on being human

Corporate grit. That’s how I think of the myriad little things that used to irritate me when I worked in corporate world.

One of those bits of grit was the term, ‘human resources’.  1,646 more words

Thinking, Or Ranting, Or Both

Experimental and model-based approaches to studying artifact use-life

Matthew Douglass and colleagues recently published a paper entitled Core Use-Life Distributions in Lithic Assemblages as a Means for Reconstructing Behavioral Patterns in the Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory… 463 more words


Homo Erectus Had Human-like Cognition 1.8 mya!!

A new study by the Indiana University suggests “human-like” ways of thinking may have evolved 1.8 mya.  This conclusion was reached, “By using highly advanced brain imaging technology to observe modern humans crafting ancient tools…” 394 more words


Humans In N. America 100k Years Earlier!!

A new study and find has come out and in my mind it is MAJOR NEWS when it comes to ancient human ancestors being in North America. 1,421 more words

Ancient Man

Lithics Series, Part 7: Shatter

Shatter consists of the angular fragments/waste from flint knapping/creating stone tools.  Shatter can’t be used for anything and aren’t diagnostic.  Poor shatter.


Stone Tool Making EXPOSED!

As some of you know one of my big interests is Primatology. Yes I LOVE apes, monkeys, and the whole 9 yards! :) Back in 2016 an article appeared in the international weekly science journal “Nature” reporting that monkeys “flake stone tools.” 685 more words

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