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The Role of Climate Change on Early Human Society & Creativity in Kenya’s Olorgesailie Basin

Based on the following three recently published Science studies, in order to survive the climate chances 320,000 ago, early humans in East Africa created complex tools, traded and maybe even developed symbolic language. 384 more words


Qesem Cave's 400,000 Year Old Stone Tool Making Classroom

Israel’s Qesem cave is approx. 12 km east of Tel Aviv. At 420,000 to 220,000 years old, it is a lower Paleolithic site. Qesem cave has flint blades, scrapers, knives, as well as flakes and hammer stones. 289 more words


Giant handaxes suggest that different groups of early humans coexisted in ancient Europe


Multiple waves of migration, ebb and flow of civilizations. Cooperation and co-mingling… all anathema to academic arrogance and cultural superiority… well, suck it!! It isn’t either or, it is AND… 21 more words

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The Shape of a Point

by Elizabeth S Paynter  – CART Lab Director

There are many characteristics that help categorize a projectile point and identify what time period it was created. 417 more words


Polished Pretty

It was the product of tireless hand motions. The glassy grey surface had a lustre to it imparted by days of polishing. The worker did his duty when it came to the edge. 180 more words

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Hominid Tools; Giant Gemstones Maybe? A Science Discovery in India

Archeologists are mystified by recent discovery of a series of stone tools found in Attirampakkam, India. Researchers are unsure about the creators of these sharp-edgy collection. 164 more words

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