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Globe Inn, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire

The Globe was almost too local, one of those menacing places where it seems no one trusts a stranger.  As such, I liked it immediately and took my lager off to the games room to observe from afar while the assembled crowd warily assessed the threat I represented; to be fair, they seemed more interested in assessing a panoply of interpersonal aspects of the 20-30 more familiar faces in the room but this is my blog so I can make the story about me if I want to. 88 more words


www.weacceptpets.co.uk Stonehouse Court Hotel, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire

The Stonehouse Court Hotel is an incredible manor house from the 17th century with large 6 acres of gardens with a magnificent view of the Stroudwaters navigational canal and the Stroud Valley Hills… 190 more words