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Is It Reasonable to Divorce Brad Pitt for Being a Pothead? Angelina Jolie Cites It as a Key Reason for the Split

(Editor’s note: In our opinion, the answer is no. The problematic factors are more likely alcohol and anger management issues.)

Can that really be the final straw? 307 more words


Alphabet Soup

A friend of mine texted me a screenshot yesterday. She said they could work for writing prompts. I dunno, she could be right.

Picture two stoners sitting on an old, raggedy couch, passing the pipe back and forth, a forgotten cigarette smoldering in the ashtray on the coffee table before them. 107 more words


A side-note For Psy!

Just another day I was sitting alone in my room thinking of all the time that we have spent together and the day when we first met. 121 more words


Blog post, photography, etc..

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Move over s'mores...it's BBQ Oreo time

BBQ #6 this year and #6 being vegan… and aside from Linda McCartney sausages and veggie patties, this time I discovered a real gem; WARM OREOS. 89 more words


A ride with English stoners and a poorly driver before finally reaching Kep - Day 175 - 12 July

Well to be fair it all seemed very easy enough before we started just a simple little jaunt from Phnom Penh to a place on the coast called Kep, somehow though we knew it was going to be one of those days. 984 more words