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Nickelodeon's 'Doug' on Hulu; Revistit and Binge

When it comes to different streaming services, each has their own unique series to offer whether it be original programming or shows from certain channels. 410 more words

Missing Mary Jane

Last night was really hard, we both talked about calling our guy for the chron multiple times and eventually did call him in the end. Thankfully he wasn’t able to meet us last night so the decision was made. 440 more words


News | CNN Brings 2018 In Colorado Style #W2TM

Wow is I can say last night watching CNN as they covered “New Years Eve” in Denver Colorado. Check out out


17 Genius Last-Minute Gifts for Your Very Favorite Stoners

Though we’re fast approaching a world in which anyone can just go online and buy a bag of weed, we’re not quite there yet. Products that contain THC—the psychoactive element of cannabis—can’t be purchased on the internet (legally) in most states, but there are hundreds of items out there formulated with CBD, which won’t get you high, but might help with… 165 more words



Text (US) (702) 602-3792 or we’ve got tribes like …. * Green Crack ::::::::::::: Grade: AA * Sour diesel ::::::::::::::: Grade: A + Top Shelf * Grand Daddy Purple :::: Grade: A * x Sensi Star ak47 ::::::: Grade: AAA * ::::::::::::: Afghan Kush Grade: A * Northern Lights # 5 :::::: class: A + * Purple Kush ::::::::::::::: Grade: A + Top Shelf * OG Kush :::::::::::::::::: Grade: A + + Top Shelf * Purple – Urkle :::::::::::::: Grade : A- * Lemon Drop ::::::::::::::: Grade: A + * White Widow Grade A ::::::::::::::: * Hawaii – Skunk :::::::::::::: Grade: AAA * Hindu Kush ::::::::::::::: Grade: A + Top Shelf * Super Silver Haze :::::::: Grade: AAA * Super Skunk ::::::::::::: Grade : A- * Schwag ::::::::::::::::::: Grade: A * Blueberry

Buds For Sale

'Gaanje Ki baghbaani'

Hasratein aisi ki
Tarazoo par
tolni padti hain,
Hadd se jo guzar jaayein
To ye aankhein
mujhe kholni padti hain,
Kyu neend meri
mujhe uth kar… 185 more words


Potato Cheese Soup Deluxe

Potato Cheese Soup Deluxe is ez and cheesy. Peel and cube potato and boil til tender.  Drain and add 2c whole milk, sliced Velveeta almost half loaf, some cubed ham, and some little smokies. Simmer on low for 30 min.