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Mapping Stoner Slang

Stoner Linguistics

As an avid marijuana enthusiast I’ve become very interested in exploring stoner culture. What are our symbols, history and ideas? Most interesting to me might be the linguistics. 939 more words



My favourite Indian comedian Kenny talks about people who smoke weed. His description of them rolling the joint is hilarious. People thought he is a stoner, to be honest even I thought so. 14 more words


High, Frankie

Well, this week I was going to write on the views that many older generations have toward “millennials”. Though, in lieu of resent events, I’ve decided to write on something else— getting ditched. 479 more words


High, Frankie

#LukeCage Live Write

Ok, I’m starting Luke Cage. The writing is fucking great so far. I was afraid that, with an all Black cast, it’d be stereotypical. 358 more words


Is It Reasonable to Divorce Brad Pitt for Being a Pothead? Angelina Jolie Cites It as a Key Reason for the Split

(Editor’s note: In our opinion, the answer is no. The problematic factors are more likely alcohol and anger management issues.)

Can that really be the final straw? 307 more words