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NO tobacco, BAD mix

Do you put tobacco in your joint? Gramps got something to say…


Weed vs you having a cold?

How do you go tru a cold with weed when you keep choking?
Watch grampa talk about it!


What is your high dance?

Watch gramps dance to the snoop dogg music. Got any high move?


Stoner Level

I recently performed at a cannabis club, and if you’ve never been to one of these, I highly recommend watching the 1930s cinematic classic REEFER MADNESS, because that’s where I told jokes recently. 194 more words



For as long as I have been aware of Key and Peele I have been loudly complaining every time I see them play a supporting role in a film, because they have deserved their own starring roles in a film the whole time. 294 more words


Wax Hash Art!

That’s right, wax hash art. I have seen it used for advertising and just as creative expression. I don’t really care why they do it, but I think it’s pretty awesome. 7 more words