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Lifted ladies sept box!

Lifted ladies is a monthly subscription box that is $32 a month. It comes with 8-10 Things every single month ,I’ve been getting these boxes for a few months now and I really enjoy them. 61 more words


Welcome Mommy stoners!

Welcome Mommys,

I’m trying something new on this blog i want to try to make this for a lot of different reasons i want to be open about my postpartum also about being a… 57 more words


Fajitas are easy and delicious. Fry sliced onion, pepper, and garlic in pan. Grill skirt steak on grill, slice against grain and add to cooked vegetables. 16 more words


Peanut Butter and Jelly Dip

Peanut butter and jelly dip is ez and yummy. Just drop a large spoonful of peanut butter in a bowl then add a spoonful of raspberry jam, mix and serve with Ritz crackers. Yum.


Seafood Salad Sandwich

Seafood salad sandwich is ez and delicious. Just get a package of fake crab and mix in bowl with real mayonnaise. Spread on soft roll and serve.


Book Review | Hell's Titties by Robert Bevan and Steve Wetherell

Whaaaat? A  collaboration between two of my favourite authors – Robert Bevan and Steve Wetherell?

Or more accurately shut up and take my Kindle Unlimited payment in about 8 week’s time. 463 more words

Book Review

Hemp Wraps vs. Tobacco Wraps

Hemp Wraps vs. Tobacco Wraps

Today was the very first time I got my hands on some hemp rolling papers and I have to say that I was very impressed. 189 more words