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Why Stoners Eat Siri L. Technology Packed with Vitamins Said Life

sounds delish!

Cereal gets a bad rap in this country.

Breakfast of champions? Mikey likes it!

What fucking successful person eats fucking cereal?

A sucks S full person eats omelettes with avocado! 362 more words

To All Young Ambitious Stoners

When it comes to marijuana, there are usually two reigning beliefs. One is that its horrible. It is the gateway drug from hell that will have you shooting stuff into your arm within a week. 468 more words

Flying Chariot, Terminal 2, Heathrow

My flight was early as mentioned before, Passport Control only took 45 minutes, and the coach booking to Swindon was rigid so I had a couple of hours to kill before escaping these inner circles of Hell that are Heathrow Airport. 214 more words

Public Houses

Random Thoughts: The Little Things

The little things… That’s where it matters. After all in everything in life it’s the little things that without we would not exist. Cells, for example. 296 more words


The 'Almost 30' Paradox


This is the age I will be in a few months.


This is how many things I feel like I’ve accomplished.

Is this true?

592 more words


How stoned do you have to be to sing to your dog with an ice cream cone? Oooppps dog stole the mic.