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The Walking Dead.

Another night at the usual bar. I don’t often go out anymore but I ran out of stash so I need to get some. No sellers here so I just grab a beer and wait inside since it’s empty. 675 more words


An Incredible Discovery

You can’t drink the bong water, but by golly, you sure can smoke it. Those globs of resin in my bong that form in the water when it gets to be… 24 more words

Grandma's Boy (2006)

(Unrated edition, viewed 9/8/2015)

Starts slow, but delivers consistent lowbrow humor. Predictable, but a solid entry for its genre.

Allen Covert puts in a dopey but lovable performance as Alex, a middle aged video game tester who moves in with his titular Grandma after losing his apartment. 183 more words


Funky Friday

You know Kali tomorrow is the Carnival at Cat Scouts.  I should be gone all weekend.  This means I can tell our friends a story bout you they haven’t heard before.  142 more words

A Stoner's Point Of View Limerick

Well, it seems that marijuana is here to stay. It is the D.O.C. of many baby boomers and now their kids, It is legal in two states and California has medical marijuana. 157 more words

The Underrated Genius of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

I’ve written before about how much I love this movie (the sequels, not so much) but it’s not for the absurd comedy and stoner jokes. There’s more to this movie than you might notice, especially if you’re high, and let’s face it, when you watched it, you were probably high. 923 more words