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I need this Spongebob Stoner Mug ...

This is a need. Not a want.

“Stoner Spongebob” from Upton Studios on Etsy

Check out the whole store — lots of dope stuff!


Toke it easy,



I like my vegetables ... totally fried! Like me!

Look Mom! I’m eating right! … All thanks to Harvey’s!

Veggie burgers. Deep fried pickles and onion rings! Vegan-fast-food-heaven!

I’m so proud of myself for eating vegetables.


Toke it easy,



Jimmy Kimmel Brings His 'Pot Quiz' To The Brilliant Stoners Of SXSW, Plus One Celebrity Stoner

Back in January, Jimmy Kimmel introduced a new segment called “Pot Quiz,” which put some Los Angeles stoners on the spot and yielded predictably silly results. 74 more words


Stoner culture

All stoners smell like dirty socks. I sometimes hope that marjuana will never be legalized just to hope that it stops the spread of board shorts, old tie dyed t shirts, and white people with dreadlocks.

– Orion Coltrane

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