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There's a Guinea Pig in That Bag

There’s a supermarket that’s about 30 seconds from my front door. Which is great convenience-wise, but the problem is it’s geared towards mountain tourists and you’ll pay $8 for a Hot Pocket and $15 for a jar of Vaseline. 460 more words

Bagel and Lox with Avocado

Bagel and lox with avocado is ez. Just toast a bagel and spread with cream cheese, top with smoked salmon, avocado, and purple onion.


Napa Cabbage Pad Thai

Fry onion and sliced Napa cabbage in pan, add add grated ginger then add cooked rice noodles, cooked chicken and shrimp. Then add an egg and mix in with fork. 10 more words


Salsbury Steak

This salsbury steak leftovers for lunch is comfort food at its best. Just fry up some sliced mushrooms in butter then add to bowl. In another bowl, add a third can of French onion soup, One egg, 1# ground beef, 1/2 c bread crumbs and salt and pepper and mix with your hands to form 4 patties and brown in pan. 34 more words


Somewhere in Britain

(2 young men are sitting side by side getting high in their apartment late at night, windows open)

Bob: (inhales bong) Do you remember that time a pig gave David Cameron head? 89 more words

420 🔥🌳

Inebriated off the green

Honoring mama Gaia with a toke

Often we get lost in this materialistic world

That we forget to connect

Or smoke… 31 more words

'Broad City' Has A New Mobile Game To Help Your Favorite Stoner Celebrate 4/20

Broad City is a hilarious and brilliant ode to navigating your 20s and the beauty of female friendship, but it’s also at times a zany love letter to marijuana. 257 more words

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