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For as long as I have been aware of Key and Peele I have been loudly complaining every time I see them play a supporting role in a film, because they have deserved their own starring roles in a film the whole time. 294 more words

A Car Chase

Wax Hash Art!

That’s right, wax hash art. I have seen it used for advertising and just as creative expression. I don’t really care why they do it, but I think it’s pretty awesome. 7 more words


Adam's Awesome Waffles

What you need:
Ego (or any toaster) Waffles
Peanut Butter (Adam recommends crunchy)
How to:
  1. Toast waffles
  2. Add peanut butter to one, fluff to the other…
  3. 8 more words

Behold: Your Ultimate 4/20 Playlist

It’s 4/20, people—the unofficial holiday that honors all things weed, not that you need a calendar to tell you when to smoke. 4/20 may be a random date ( 222 more words


Stoners Decide to Glaze It, Not Blaze It

SIMPSON— The largest annual pot day in the USA, 4/20, is looking a little different this year. With 2-3in of rain expected, it’s literally putting a damper on stoners most celebrated day. 189 more words

Simpson College

Top 10 Kenyans Who Should Celebrate 420

I have received many questions from “curious onlookers” on which Kenyans should rightfully celebrate 420. Well, worry no more, BuddahMonroe ako hapa kujibu hili swali nyeti. 218 more words