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Teen Stoners... ASSEMBLE

Teen stoners, I think its time that we have came together to tackle a question or issue if you may , about “our” personalities. Being a stoner is pretty much synonymous with passive-aggressiveness in society nowadays. 139 more words

Stoned Drivers

As I was looking through the paper (old school term for the internet) I came across this interesting article in Forbes.  In an age when research can be thrown around and misunderstood by some and purposely twisted by others the real question is: Do you believe in freedom?

Stoned Drivers

IMO (Knowledge)


Hmmm says a million words, sure most of them ain’t sweet.

I feel it somewhere.

I can never be a perfect lover but I’m a perfect friend. 273 more words


ye this goes out to everybody;
who don’t know when i was born but act like it matters.
Those who think a brova has no class, 469 more words


Mapping Stoner Slang

Stoner Linguistics

As an avid marijuana enthusiast I’ve become very interested in exploring stoner culture. What are our symbols, history and ideas? Most interesting to me might be the linguistics. 939 more words



My favourite Indian comedian Kenny talks about people who smoke weed. His description of them rolling the joint is hilarious. People thought he is a stoner, to be honest even I thought so. 14 more words