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The World of “Scooby Doo” Explained In 10 Easy Steps

Think of how much character this show would be lacking as a result if the characters weren’t such total stoners.

The world of Scooby-Doo is—let’s face it here, people!—weird. 1,268 more words

5 Highly Successful Americans Who Defy Every Stereotype of Being a Stoner

That stoner kid who hacked the CIA director’s personal email is the latest to give the lie to the stupid pot smoker stereotype.

By Phillip Smith… 951 more words


Men You Meet When You're 20

So I’ve noticed in 2015 most people are desperate to not be themselves and play into some sort of bizarre stereotype. Thought I would discuss two of these because man ain’t got a life so may as well write a blog post and just talking about men because girls suck. 967 more words


Driving While Black (2015)

“As a black man, I have to deal with an extra layer of bullshit on top of regular life.”

The same year the aggressively crass (and surprisingly touching) … 855 more words


An open letter to stoners

Dear stoners,
I write in peace, and I wish you well, and I’ve been sent as a representative of the non stoners association, (which I’m a proud members of) to give you little advice 501 more words


Eddie Royal x Weed and Alcohol ft. Dre (@er215)

Here’s a new stoner’s anthem for all you potheads out there lol.

Eddie Royal released the new visual for his track Weed & Alcohol on Monday, and it does indeed set the mood for that environment. 28 more words