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The Confederacy vs. the PC Confederacy of Dunces

(Note:  This rant was originally going to be published earlier, but got sidetracked with the whole “gay marriage” thing.)

Since that sick, cowardly, vile, racist little piece of excrement shot up an historic black church in Charleston over a week ago, controversy (and not a little bit of hysteria) rages on concerning the Confederate battle flag, which he had posed with in some pictures posted online. 835 more words

Starnes: The Cultural Cleansing of the Southern States Begins

By Todd Starnes, Townhall.com, June 23, 2015

A full-fledged cultural cleansing of the Southern states is underway as lawmakers debate whether to remove Confederate flags and rename schools and parks named after Confederate war heroes. 360 more words

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The GburgJedi "What If?" Policy

Happy Monday, True Believers!

Don’t you love it when you have an idea regarding how things will go down, and then out of nowhere something happens that makes you change your plans? 899 more words

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I'm so confused over religion and war

When I was 10 and told my wise old grandmother that I wanted to be either an anesthesiologist or a history teacher, she advised me to become a history teacher. 748 more words


Creepy, just creepy

When I was 10, I wanted to be an anesthesiologist, but only because I could spell it. What I really wanted to be was a history teacher. 524 more words


Album Review: Dale Watson - 'Cheatin' Heart Attack'

There is no question that country music has changed (some would say “devolved”) over the past 15-20 years to the point that most of the music released today bears little or no resemblance to the music that preceded it. 382 more words

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Virginia regional quarterfinal soccer game goes 11 penalty kicks before winner

The Virginia 6A North regional boys soccer quarterfinals between W.T. Woodson (Fairfax) and Stonewall Jackson (Manassas) kept going and going Friday.

In all, it took 11 penalty kicks before Woodson advanced with a 2-1 victory. 117 more words