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Break the Silence, Stop the Violence

YOU ARE A GIRL. “Don’t wear short clothes.” “Don’t go to late night parties.” “Don’t talk to boys.” “What will people say?” These are the despairing words told to every girl when she is not even ready to come out of her cocoon, instead, she is told a thousand rules she could have never imagined. 1,031 more words


A Contemplative life = Can we please take a minute and breathe?

Calla Lily Ckatt 6-2020

Gun violence in Minneapolis has erupted in 48 hours 22 people were shot and 2 people died from their wounds. Police trying to give aid were pelted with objects. 187 more words


oranges and sunshine

Last night I cried buckets for the 130,000 children deported from ‘poor’ uk families, mainly to Australia but also to Canada, NZ and South Africa.  They were literally “stolen” from their parents who were told they’d been adopted into a ‘good’ family.  235 more words

STOP Violence

silence is violence

This is a rap by Meyne Wyatt published on ABC news, deeply profound and so vitally valid … to watch his performance click here. 873 more words

STOP Violence

"special" friend

when someone becomes your ‘special’ friend
and others seem more distant
with “SF” the sole bridge, that singular communicator

be wary of what they’ve said you said… 171 more words

STOP Violence

Is wife beating healthy?

Domestic violence as been noted in so many families,it does not only affect the women but also the children.however the main causes of these could be the use of drugs and alcohol. 60 more words

Be Assertive

Our Glorious Dead

Sweet be your rest, O, glorious dead!
May peace eternal o’er you shed
Her benediction of repose
After war’s cruel hateful blows!
You triumph still beyond the grave… 216 more words

STOP Violence