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What to do about our friend Stew
loses the plot a lot ..
will we book him into the zoo*
PSTD he has got!

can’t sleep at night… 133 more words

STOP Violence

Mob Lynching – an Another Populist Religion hatred chorus

Stop Mob Lynching…Stop Violence

Mob lynching
is the term used in connection of attacking someone, or physically
assaulting someone leading to death, by
a group of people connected to each other, on the basis of some false… 375 more words


“As a kid, I was told ghost stories”
“Growing up made me realize these tales were real.”

“They exist within me”.

“I aimlessly strolled downtown and found myself wandering besides the city’s cemetery. 274 more words

Take A Stand To Protect Violence against Women.

I saw this video this morning and couldn’t help but to want to make it public on my website, because even though my focus is violence against youth and young adults, until there is an aggressive call to action I will use the materials catered toward adults. 16 more words

Worship Women

Women are more than half our population
without whom we could not procreate

everyone grew from a mother’s womb
or we could not be here today… 233 more words

STOP Violence


Right wing extremists and other fanatics

are making life more unpredictable

we feel insecure and often threatened

Yet real respect for each other

no matter our race, religion or age… 127 more words

STOP Violence