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"special" friend

when someone becomes your ‘special’ friend
and others seem more distant
with “SF” the sole bridge, that singular communicator

be wary of what they’ve said you said… 171 more words

STOP Violence

Is wife beating healthy?

Domestic violence as been noted in so many families,it does not only affect the women but also the children.however the main causes of these could be the use of drugs and alcohol. 60 more words

Be Assertive

Our Glorious Dead

Sweet be your rest, O, glorious dead!
May peace eternal o’er you shed
Her benediction of repose
After war’s cruel hateful blows!
You triumph still beyond the grave… 216 more words

STOP Violence


Wednesday, March 25, 2020 | Mississauga ON | Week 2 amidst Covid 19 Emergency

Well better late than never, India could think beyond the success or failures of Janata Curfew and finally have enforced a nationwide lock down yesterday. 854 more words

entitlement taboo

religion sex and politics are floundering
as Australia is about to introduce
a religious discrimination bill
that returns us to the dark ages

sexual promiscuity has never been so rife… 150 more words

STOP Violence

hidden or forbidden

if Adam and Eve had been black
they would have consumed the snake
the apple would still be on that tree

there would be no immortal sin… 55 more words

STOP Violence

You Are Special Just Because You Exist

You Are Great Just Because You Exist

The foundation for a decent world starts with the inestimable value of human life. I’m always stunned by the stupidity of those who advocate killing other humans for the “sake of humanity.” Like bombing some nation into democracy-those who survive will be better off, right? 653 more words

Human Nature