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10 Steps You Can Take To Slow Down Aging

Aging is a complex process that involves many areas of your body. It’s unlikely that any one product or pill could cure all of the ailments of aging. 462 more words


Dry skin care tips

The essential treatment for dry skin is put water back in it. The best way to get water into your skin is to briefly soak in a bath or shower and to moisturize immediately afterwards. 183 more words


Deprogramming The Cells From Aging

by Rhiame I Supra Healing

Aging: a word that creates such distress in people, especially after a certain age, because with it come disease, weakness, suffering and death. 2,494 more words


Ten Simple Tricks to Not Look Old

People who meet me always think that I am younger than I really am. I don’t feel 43 years old and I have no desire to look that old. 1,141 more words

One Tired Working Mommy

Stop Aging...Now!

Okay ladies, admit it. You hate aging. I know I do. And I have a remedy for aging that you are going to LOVE. First, a few legitimate complaints. 382 more words

Foods That Keep You From Aging

If you are worried about fine lines on your face and want to keep that youthful look you should eat fresh foods. Take some time to read the info below and make a trip to the store. 89 more words

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Stop Aging with the Secrets of Pranayama

Stop Aging …by  Pranayama

Air regards age ‘centenarians’ motion to exclude turtles and humans breathing is far more protracted. It is also the secret of the ages of whales. 470 more words