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How To Naturally Slow Aging

Increasing age is a complex process which involves many areas of your body. It’s not likely that any one product or pill could get rid of all of the… 431 more words

Glenn Gration

7 Rules to stop aging

I can’t believe that I am at a place in my life where an article in the AARP magazine resonated with me.

The article is from the a book  “ 200 more words

Healthy Living | 8 Nutrition + Lifestyle Tips To Slow Down Aging

Most people believe that aging is just a fact of life and something that’s out of their control. But modern science is painting quite a different picture. 1,536 more words

How Not To Get Sick

Living tissue and oxidation equals to sickness and aging.

What I’m going to cover today will help you with acid reflex, arthritis, joints, diabetes, sleep better, back pains, cancer, skin conditions, sickness and aging.   1,337 more words

How To Cure Disease

Disease comes from one root:  Too much Acid in your body.

How To Cure Disease

Sickness and aging is  a result of too much acid in your body.   1,045 more words