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Stop and Frisk

In the 1968 Supreme Court case Terry v. Ohio, the court ruled that stop and frisk laws were constitutional on the grounds that an officer “is entitled for the protection of himself and others in the area” to search individuals for dangerous weapons that could be used against the officer. 543 more words


Black folks' demands for DA Larry Krasner

There was a celebratory feel to Larry Krasner’s inauguration as Philadelphia’s new district attorney, because, as Krasner phrased it, his ascension to the office was the culmination of a movement. 125 more words

Heather Mac Donald: The Critics of Proactive Policing are Wrong 

Public order creates a virtuous circle that enables neighborhoods to flourish.

Heather Mac Donald is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of  1,028 more words

Crime & Corruption

Stop And Frisk is an Excuse to Stop People Based on Race

Racial profiling and policies like Stop and Frisk are far too common forms of institutional racism, which target our communities of color. The disproportionate rate of incarceration for blacks and Latinos can best be explained by policies that target their community, rather than the myth that people of color are more deviant. 433 more words

Locking Up Our Own Chapters 5 and 6

For class today, we read chapters 5 (The Worst Thing That Happened to Us Since Slavery) and 6 (What Would MLK Say) of Forman’s Locking Up Our Own. 1,042 more words

I Voted on 11/07/2017

My Bishop said “If you don’t vote, don’t complain”.


3 Reasons DOJ Will Ignore New Evidence That Stop-And-Frisk Is A Failed Policy

An analysis of the Philadelphia Police Department’s use of the tactic uncovers its overall ineffectiveness.

An analysis of the Philadelphia Police Department’s use of stop-and-frisk uncovered racial bias and ineffectiveness, the  436 more words