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Not your story to tell

My intercessor has encouraged me to share what I wrote on my personal Facebook page on April 28, 2017 about the passing of my Dad in regards to those who feel the necessity to share someone else’s story without their permission and the need to be “first’. 291 more words

Jagged edges

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I’ve watched the recent events in Charlottesville with a mixture of fascination and horror. As I’ve been doing so, two quotations have strayed across my path. 251 more words


Behold ... and consider

Behold … and consider

These photos are two sides of the same piece of stone/installation. (I recommend clicking on them to see them more clearly.) 121 more words


Sabbath Mind

Today, I purify my mind of the false claims of church and state, to love without reserve and to stop pretending life has any other purpose. 137 more words

Sabbath Rest

My Blue Funeral Jacket

There’s nothing particularly unique about it. It’s a fairly standard navy blue blazer. It hangs in my closet with a clear plastic protector over the shoulders and a disc of cedar around the neck of the hanger. 442 more words

Get Real

The Great Cover-Up

Are you involved in a cover-up? I’m not talking about spies, or corporate espionage. I’m referring to a spiritual cover-up.

Our society has made it so easy for us. 600 more words

Spiritual Walk

FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES... Using conflict resolution in stressful situations.

We have all been watching the news and have seen the video of the United Airlines passenger getting dragged off of an overbooked flight. The outrage and the backlash is mounting as United scrambles to do damage control. 475 more words