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Culture fit

Do my daily routines and practices need to fit in with the cultural norms of the organisation? If so, to what extent?

This post is not a rant about the organisation that I work for. 113 more words

Stop And Think

"The problem with believing everything you see on social media..."

“Oh gosh, don’t tell me you’re one of those hypocritical, attention-seeking haters who use social media to stand against the use of…social media!”

No, relax, this is not that kind of article. 607 more words


Time does not exist

The above quote is actually a Photo (Jpeg) file. Feel free to share under the CC4 International License.

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Vincent Banial

Alcohol And Other Things

Alcohol sucks. Mild consumption leads to a temporary high. Heavy consumption (or even mild consumption, if you get drunk pretty fast) turns humans into monsters. It also causes diseases- really scary ones too. 535 more words

Goals for a New Year?

Every year it’s the same. We make promises to ourselves about how we are going to change things for the better this year. This year is going to be different. 419 more words

Get Real

The Here and Now

When do we ever actually live in the present? It seems that we are always on our phones, checking our social media, and seeing how other people live their lives instead of concentrating on the here and now. 442 more words

Peace Corps

Growing Up (?)

Yesterday morning, I woke up late (around 9.00 am) and got scolded at by my mother for the same. Some might say that 9.00 am is not all that bad. 1,138 more words