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What is Persistence of vision?

Persistence of vision is the art of creating the optical illusion of moving pictures. When a set of related images are shown rapidly one after another, people see them as one continuous motion picture. 612 more words

Stop Motion

The Noise FM-"Next To You" (Video)

This is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while, so I thought I’d share it with you. The Noise FM‘s take on The Police tune “Next To You” is good, but the stop-motion video they’ve created to accompany it is brilliant. 90 more words


Understanding the techniques and development of Stop Motion Animation

Persistence of vision is the length of time the retina in your eye will retain an image. For example, if we see a light flash every tenth of a second or less, we will perceive it as continuous. 269 more words

Year 2

HairN. - Mouths

For Hairniverous now the props have been finished I am working on the 2D crew. I am apart of the team that add the mouths over the stop motion. 81 more words

Stop Motion Evaluation

The stop motion project has been an interesting experience because of having to build and plan all the resources ourselves. This meant that we involved in all levels of the production and so you feel more connected to the project and I really enjoyed this because I felt that I had a personal responsibility to make sure the work succeed otherwise I would have failed the project. 908 more words

Stop Motion