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On Blurring Genres and Other Divides

“Memoirs are just one form of word delivery. It’s all inquiry, expression, a search to connect. To honestly recognize our mortal selves in others.”

Marc Nieson ( 1,512 more words


Paquito Quote for the Day 38

If we are all created equal, then how come people find it hard to understand each other? Why do people have to resort to arms conflict, acts of terror and deceit?.. 118 more words

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Interesting story

An American man walked into a restaurant

in London. As

soon as he entered, he noticed an African

man (black),

sitting in one corner.

He walked over to the counter, removed his… 227 more words

Godly Lady

Stop being racist to your own race...

I don’t usually watch Loose Women as I don’t get to sit down during the day from running around and teaching. But today I switched on telly and watched a topic they’re discussing – spray tan to look darker. 414 more words


Thoughts for the world in the aftermath of yet another terrorist attack.

No one will probably read all of this, but, what is this world coming to?

2015 the Terrorists attacks in Paris, the first on a satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo office block, and then again, the 13th November terror attacks at the Stad Du France, and in the Place De La Republique area- just a week after the… 434 more words

Freedom of Expression is a Mere Illusion.

It is a mere illusion that we have set with the idea of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech was designed to create a voice of the unheard, a voice of change, a voice of the people in order for them to express what they wanted without having the consent to be judged by others in any way possible. 530 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Terribly tiny tale on Hope~

He said, ” Black, brown, wheatish and white are just colors to me!! What I am looking for is a heart to love! ”

Just at that instant a ray of hope shone for her!!