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A Roadside Shrine

The best thing about Almost Iowa is the view.

Out here on the prairie, the rise and setting of the sun fills the entire sky and thunder storms, rolling across the Dakotas, reveal themselves hours before they strike – which is nice, but what’s best about the view, is you can always see who is coming. 458 more words


Toronto cycling advocates want 'the Idaho Stop' made law

WATCH ABOVE: Toronto cycling advocates calling for legal ability to run, roll through stop signs in residential areas. Mark Carcasole reports.

TORONTO — Cycling advocates are calling for a change to provincial government regulations to allow them to do “The Idaho Stop.” 388 more words


Mesquite Bend: Intersections

Where Lives Collide

This town of very few streets
has many stoplights, the places
where more than roads
cross each other.  Bob Briggs,

the first man to put an oil drill… 182 more words


The Plan of God

Having grown up in small towns, I’m intimidated by big city streets and freeways. So many traffic signs everywhere! Look out for “One Way,” or more importantly “Wrong Way,” “Yield,” and “Maximum Speed Limit.”   I’m definitely not a fan of “Detour” and “Road Work Ahead,” but I do realize they are a necessary part of the street designer’s plan. 449 more words

Life Lessons

Adam's Fun Facts: Male Cheerleaders, "Sudbury School", Stop Signs First Color & More

What color were stop signs originally? What is a “Sudbury School”? Ever been to Buda? Pest? Here are your Fun Facts for today!

1. Budapest, Hungary used to be two separate cities: Buda and Pest. 138 more words


David Niven Quote.

Niven, D. (2014). It’s not about the shark: How to solve unsolvable problems.


Many Kelowna drivers not noticing new stop signs at downtown intersection

KELOWNA – The new stop signs on a busy downtown Kelowna street were put up Monday to improve safety.

But they seem to be creating more of a safety problem. 185 more words