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Stop: to come to an end or cease to happen

How many lives does it take
to live in peace?
How many shattered hearts does it take
to live with love? 177 more words

Flat Tire City

Okay so after my ride from D’Hanis, TX where I got a flat tire 2 miles away from my final destination and had to go through a lot of help from strangers to get my truck and my trike all back to my home.   912 more words

Recumbent Trike


“The problem is not the problem, the problem is the attitude toward the problem.”-{Unknown}

Show me someone who has done something worthwhile worth being celebrated, and I will show you someone who overcomes adversity, embraces pain and faces problems squarely.

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Promises to Tomorrow #26 Stop signs

Stop signs are there for a reason: to help the traffic flow, keep everyone safe, helps drivers work out who has right of way. They don’t appear randomly, they are placed with considerable attention by traffic engineers who are looking at a whole system of roads and routes. 673 more words

sometimes weird art

Sometimes, all I’m capable of is weird art. It begins with a concept that’s more of a feeling than anything else. Then I attach color and shapes to that, and then I try to put it all on the canvas. 47 more words



Councillor Paone used Other Business to request that something be done about the fact that drivers are driving through the intersection at Portland Street and Welland Street South, barely slowing down despite the stop signs posted there. 399 more words