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Quickie Post: Stop SOPA 2014!

Hi, guys. I have kind of some bad news. There’s this law thing called SOPA which might be past which would stop us frombeing able to talk about all the things we loved on the internet. 148 more words

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The Possible Return of SOPA

So I was on the internet, as usual, when I cam across something very interesting. It appears that part of SOPA is trying to make it’s comeback. 457 more words

My Thoughts

Stop SOPA 2013! (goal has been met)

So, the politicians are at it again.  They want to make it impossible to do anything on the internet…again!  Well, that’s about all the info I’m gonna go into.  75 more words

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#Cartoon - Remember #AaronSwartz (1986-2013)

Business Insider: Now MIT Is Investigating Its Role In Aaron Swartz’s Suicide http://www.businessinsider.com/mit-investigation-aaron-swartz-suicide-2013-1

Remember Aaron Swartz http://www.rememberaaronsw.com/

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What Can The Games Industry Learn From The Faults of The RIAA and MPAA?

For all the hardships that come along with being a young medium, many of which have been hashed over quite thoroughly by the gaming press, there’s also some advantages that come with being the new kid on the block. 636 more words



..when they will make it work,I’ll vote for it.Till then,I say NO F***ING way! 

    It concerns all of us,all individual using Internet. I know I’M SMALL, but maybe the MANY will have something to say.. 26 more words