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The Crimes They Are a-Changin'

My Grandpa owned the original Stop Thief, the one from way back in 1979 before exclamation marks were considered proper for board games. The ’80s overcompensated by adding the buggers to everything, but for that brief moment in time you could utter that phrase with a gruff flatness. 879 more words

Board Game

How Kim Grimes is running a movement for prevention of Teens & Young Adults.

Living Abundantly Youth Vision (LAYV) is a nonprofit business that brings together the power of God, socialization, development, activities and individualized spiritual growth in comprehensive programs. 112 more words


Game Design Contest: Playtest Results and Revisions

This weekend was quite busy (our Pom Roger got pretty sick, so any help in donations or spreading the word for our GoFundMe would be appreciated!), but I had a really successful playtest of Holy Press on Saturday, and of Green-Circuit Mercs (and… 2,263 more words

Game Design Contest

Running on empty

Of all the dances I can think of I don’t like the Tango. Not least because of the saying “it takes two”. It’s a fallacy. Sometimes, in life, it only takes ONE to upset the apple cart. 186 more words

High Finance


wobbly hatstand
woolly jumper

yellow wellies-
apple scrumpa

copyright Grimbeau 1848


Know about Your Values

Teen years are a time when most struggle to balance the values of their parents, and those they observe as peers. Some teens end up rejecting their parents’values for awhile. 78 more words