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The Best Reason to Stop Yelling

Most of the time I can keep the yelling under control. When I hear the frustration and impatience rising in my voice, I try to modulate it back down to a more reasonable level. 360 more words

Simple Ways to Be a Better Parent

Originally Posted 7/24/13 on Blogger

I’ve noticed how much time I spend learning how to be a better parent – books, blogs, the Bible, audiobooks, podcasts, articles on Pinterest, etc.  1,020 more words

Nicole Krube

Can You Go A Year Without Yelling at Your Kids? The Orange Rhino Interview Part 2

Welcome to part two of our interview with Sheila McCraith, the author of the upcoming book, Yell Less and Love More. McCraith, the mother of four sons, challenged herself to go a year without yelling at her kids. 744 more words


Soul-Building and The Tongue


Build your house with wisdom. Take it so very seriously. The little souls, the man-sized soul, the old souls. They are eternal. The labor invested in these souls lasts forever. 271 more words

Girls' Night In The Word

The "Stop Yelling Challenge"

While browsing some of my favorite blogs this weekend I stumbled upon this post that I couldn’t ignore.  Stop yelling at your kids? Who’da thought?  So, thanks to… 309 more words